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The Viewfinder Photography Gallery is pleased to present ‘New Portraiture’, an exhibition highlighting provoking and contemporary examples of the medium of portraiture. Daniel Bosworth, Colm McCarthy, Pablo Conejo and Peter Spurgeon express various perspectives on groups and individuals.


  • Daniel Bosworth Colm McCarthy

    Pablo ConejoPeter Spurgeon

    NeW Portraitu


  • Photographs by:Daniel [email protected]

    Colm [email protected]

    Pablo [email protected]

    Peter [email protected] Curated by:Kathleen [email protected]

    Edited by:Kathleen [email protected]

    Design by:Mandana [email protected]

    Also available as a colour,

    Published by:Viewfinder Photography Gallery52 Brixton VillageLondon SW9 8PS

    First published April 2011

    The artists and authors.The views expressed in thispublication are not necessarilythe views of the publisher orthe editors.

  • 5Daniel

    LonDon CyCLing

    the project has been running since late 2009, working with the London Cycling campaigns bi-monthly magazine to create a cross section of Londons cycling community. We ran 4 portraits in the back of each issue alongside information on the subject and their bike. With cycling booming as an alternative, clean, cheap and healthy way to get around it seemed a relevant subject with social and political substance.

    Working with a 5x4 camera means the process is much slower and removes any notion of a decisive moment. the distance to subject is measured out, the camera always at the same height and levelled to remove a layer of subjectivity. the process is quite mechanical and gives a dry image that avoids any pretense of the photographers input. the series set out to create a democratic view of contrasting characters pulled together by their relationship to a common interest.

  • 9Colm McCarthywww.


    I wanted to choose images which did not fit the classical definition ofportraits. The first two, of photographer Liz Mares and actor AidanGillen, are of people I know quite intimately, so I wanted to usefragments, details, and body language to convey their personalitieswithout actually showing their faces.

    The second two, while highly contrived and stylised, are very much honestdepictions of the subjects' inner conflicts. The first described herselfas "the scientist of broken things. I can fix other people, but I can'tfix myself". I thought that was a beautifully sad sentiment, so Iconstructed the picture around it. The other wanted to convey theconflict she felt as a biracial person. I hated making this picture. Itwas a very long, angry and confrontational session. I couldn't look atthis picture for a long time, but in retrospect it's a very disturbing andunsettling image which very much captures her mental state at the time.Sadly beautiful.

  • Aidan Gillen 2007

    I Am What You Are Made Of2010

  • Liz Mares2010

    The Scientist of Broken Things2009

  • 13

    Pablo [email protected]


    The metropolitan railway is a mode of transport for relatively short distances where its users tend to get immersed into their thoughts. It is a place where millions of different people are forced together for a short time, where every kind of individuals intertwine without any interaction. Train carriages are square spaces where something intangible as thoughts

    constantly flow around them with freedom since they start running every day. Whether its travelers carry out a frenetic rhythm or not they must stop until their destination is reached. Due to its mostly underground condition, a particular atmosphere is created.

    The fact of being a total outsider from Japanese society allowed me to depict such impressions in different Japanese metropolitan railways from an external angle, perceiving the atmosphere as something dreamlike.

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    Peter [email protected]

    SiPSon anD thE thirD runway

    the village of Sipson lies just North of London Heathrow airport. it was threatened with demolition by proposals to build a third runway and sixth terminal which emerged in 2002. this project documents the village, its residents and their protests against the runway.

    the portraits in this exhibition show some of the long-standing residents in December 2008. Lynne Davies had lived in Sipson for 39 years and was determined to face the bulldozers if the demolition went ahead. Jack Clark was the oldest resident of the village and remembered going poaching in the fields surrounding the airport. He passed away in april 2009 aged 97. Linda McCutcheon moved to Sipson road in the village 42 years ago when she married her husband, terry. She chaired the Harmondsworth and Sipson residents' association.

    in March 2010, a High Court judge has upheld an environmental coalitions case that a third runway at London Heathrow would breach Britains legally-binding climate change targets. the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government dropped the third runway proposals two months later.

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