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Newport Quarterly Spring 2011


  • Whats Your ONE STEP?

    As Christians, we are called to live honestly

    before God and make ourselves available to

    the people around us. God uses each of us

    and our unique personalities and abilities to

    participate in His work in the world.

    This has become increasingly true over the

    past few months here at Newport. On Sun-

    day, March 13 we had our two morning ser-

    vices join together to share in the stories of

    those who have taken steps of faithfulness

    as believers, and to witness the current

    steps that people in our church are taking in

    obedience to Jesus. We heard stories from

    people of our church that were here when

    Newport Covenant Church was just an idea,

    and they were faithful to take one step at a

    time that led to the purchase of some land,

    and the initial building of a sanctuary that

    has led to what we know now as Newport.

    We also stood with those who made the

    decision to be baptized, and those who be-

    came members of our church,

    and those who were being commissioned

    as Community Group Leaders to serve our

    church and community.

    Theres no doubt that God has an incredi-ble future planned for Newport Covenant

    Church, and that future will be lived into

    one step at a time by people like you. We

    are excited to set out on some bold minis-

    try initiatives to live into the Vision that

    God placed on our hearts earlier this year.

    During the month of May we will be explor-

    ing this Vision in a sermon series that we

    hope will be challenging, encouraging and

    faithful to Gods purposes for our church.

    A friend shared this verse with me earlier

    today: Then you will know that I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be

    disappointed. Isaiah 49:23b

    Whats Your ONE STEP? Pastor Adam, Interim Lead Pastor

    Spring 2011

    Quarterly Newsletter

    Spring 2011

    Special points of

    interest: Pastors Article

    Childrens Ministry

    Youth Spotlight

    Japanese Culture


    Cotton Patch Gospel

    Womens Prayer


    New Members Class

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    Day Camp 2011 2

    Youth Spotlight 2

    Japanese Cultural

    Night 2

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    Users Guide to Newport


    Spring Calendar 4

    15 New Members Welcomed on Sunday, March 13

  • Keith and Celia Olson, missionaries

    to Japan, will host a Japanese Cul-

    ture Night on Saturday, April 2 at

    6:00 pm in the family center. Enjoy a

    Japanese meal and learn more about

    Japan and Keith and Celias ministry

    and ministry needs. There will be a

    cultural presentation, a slideshow,

    and a mini-concert of Celias hymn

    arrangements that she plans to per-

    form at evangelistic concerts in Ja-

    pan. Tickets are available for dona-

    tion which will go to benefit Japan

    earthquake and tsunami relief.

    Please reserve your tickets in ad-

    vance to help us get a head-count

    for food.

    Newport Children & Families Ministry-DAYCAMP 2011

    NCC Youth SpotlightMeghan Anderson, Youth Events Coordinator

    Page 2 Quarterly Newsletter

    Day Camp will be held July

    11th-15th this year and we

    are looking forward to a

    great time! Each year

    around 300 campers and over

    150 volunteers of all ages come togeth-

    er to experience Gods love and truth in a fun and safe environment. This summer our theme is

    PandaMania where God is wild about you! and will be based on Psalms 139. Our leadership team,

    comprised of Sonja Smith (director), Phyllis Davis,

    Meghan Anderson, Liz Mitchell, Kelcey Kiehn and

    myself, has begun meeting to prepare for this out-

    reach event. Although we usually have many chil-

    dren from Newport and other churches, we have an

    increasing number of campers who come from un-

    churched families, often invited by the church fami-

    lies and our NCC Preschool. We were encouraged

    that 115 campers made some sort of spiritual deci-

    sion last summer!

    Just recently a mother of a child who attended Day

    Camp last summer shared her appreciation that her

    son had made a commitment to Christ at camp.

    This family will continue to nurture him in his faith.

    She also explained that her son had then proceeded

    to lead his younger brother to Christ. It doesnt get any better than this!

    Please pray for us as we plan, and consider helping

    out in some way (we have lots of ideas!) during our

    week of camp. We will be asking for volunteers

    starting in April and will begin camp registration on

    May 1st. Dont miss out!

    Japanese Cultural NightKeith and Celia Wilson

    I think I am a walking oxymoron when

    it comes to Spring. I love spring and

    the budding flowers and trees, but

    dont like the allergies they bring. I love the extra daylight we get when

    daylight savings starts, but dont like fighting with my boys over why they

    have to go to bed when its still light out. I love the excitement of new-

    ness, but also embrace tradition.

    This spring will be full of both for our

    youth group. Perhaps the biggest

    new thing that will be going on: while

    Nikki is on maternity leave, Ive been asked to step in and be the youth

    events coordinator for the spring and

    summer. I am looking forward to this

    new opportunity, as it combines two

    things that I love: youth and events!

    I love the tradition NCC Youth has of

    their enthusiasm to serve. While Im looking forward to this years 30 Hour Famine, and serving with some of our

    favorite organizations (Union

    Gospel Mission, Bread of Life,

    Northwest Harvest, Regina

    House, etc); I am excited for

    those involved in Linda Peter-

    sons and Leslie Hergerts com-munity group that will be going to

    Chicago over Spring Break. It will

    be great to hear the stories the

    youth have to tell after stepping

    out to meet Jesus, as Adam

    preached about a few weeks ago.

    If youd like any additional infor-mation about what we have planned

    for the Spring, please check the web-

    site, or contact me at 4ander-

  • COTTON PATCH GOSPEL, Based loosely on the Biblical Books of Matthew and John, is a down-home Southern ver-

    sion of the life of Jesus Christ. The light-hearted script is

    tender, funny and meaningful while the music is blue-grass

    at its best. This is the timeless story that is at the heart of

    Christianity, yet it is interpreted in such an off-the-cuff and

    hilariously charming way that it breathes new life into the

    message. Come join us as we go to Atlanta, Georgia where

    you will find a little bit of Yee Haw and a lot of heart.

    COTTON PATCH GOSPEL will be held on April 29 and 30, 2011 at 7:00 p.m., with the doors opening at 6:30pm. An

    additional Sunday matinee performance is on May 1, 2011

    at 3:00pm with the doors opening at 2:30pm. There will be a

    free-will offering received. Invite your friends and neighbors

    to this toe tapping musical.

    Help Needed:

    We will be having

    a set construction

    party on Friday,

    April 8 from 5:00

    to 9:00pm. We

    need people who

    can use ham-

    mers and paint-

    brushes. Come

    join the fun! Thenfor the days of performance we need people who will serve as greeters and hosts. We

    also need lots of people to make cookies and bars for

    our guests. To offer any assistance with the above

    needs email Tom, Director of Worship Ministries, at

    Fellowship hall at Newport

    Covenant is a busy place

    on Tuesday afternoons

    from 3:45 to 5:15pm,

    filled with a rainbow of

    children wearing big

    smiles and heavy back-

    packs. Fifteen children

    come every week for

    KidREACH, where each

    works with his own tutor, who encourages his

    academic progress, builds her self-

    confidence, and loves her in Jesus name. These tutors and students regularly celebrate

    successes. In the fall, third grader Daniel

    didnt do his homework and lost most of the papers that went home. Now he is successful-

    ly completing his

    homework on a

    regular basis.

    Sosans reading test results re-

    vealed that she

    made the largest

    gain in her class.

    Early in March

    the students,

    families and tutors joined together

    for a Cultural Celebration dinner.

    With every family and tutor bringing

    food from their native country, the

    group enjoyed a delicious meal

    that included tamales, curry and

    Swedish meatballs. One family

    brought a collection of items from

    Mexico, and their two young boys

    wore elaborate jackets and hats.

    Everyone was pleased to celebrate

    their cultural heritage, whether

    they were first- or many- generation


    Con tac t Joann Wi lson a t if you

    would like to learn more about


    Worship & the Arts Presents:

    KidREACH Joann Wilson

    Women Ministries, Womens Prayer GroupJune Barker

    of Thursday. We start the meetings

    with a short devotional and then pray