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  • 8/3/2019 News Bulletinjun~Dec2011



    NEWS BULLETIN June ~ Dec 2011




    USJ Family Day 2011

    CETDEM participated in the USJ Family Day 2011. The MPSJ Sport Complex at USJ5, Subang

    Jaya, turned into a carnival, with stands selling food and trinkets, as well as bouncy castles, face

    painting and hot air balloon rides. There were also live music and dance performances byresidents for the public to enjoy.

    This event, which traditionally focuses on bringing the community closer, had a distinct green

    message this year. The theme of the day was Loving Our Community; Caring for Our


    CETDEM was in the Go-Green Zone, together with some of our OF Project members

    Wellness Concept, Legenda Madu, Cottage Farm and A.Clouet & CO (KL) and we were all

    there to do our part. The USJ Family Day was an opportunity for CETDEM to get in touch with

    a new community to raise awareness about sound environmental practices, especially organicfarming and household waste compost ing. Sadly the response was not so good.

    Wellness Concept (R) and Cottage Farm (L) promoting their products.

    Our volunteers manning the s tall.

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    [Friday]EcoOils Sdn. Bhd,Pasir Gudang, Johor

    EcoOils S/B, a Palm Oil Recycling and Recovery Plant, engaged CETDEM to study the

    possibility of recycling their canteen food waste which generated about 50kg daily into compost

    at their premises. The OF Coordinator was assigned to undertake the task and visited the site on




    thHari Organik

    Tesco Kepong, KL

    CETDEMs trademark event is now on the road! The 7th

    Hari Organik was for the first time held

    outside of Petaling Jaya. This event was hosted at the Tesco Village Mall in Kepong, Kuala

    Lumpur, and was sponsored by Tesco.

    The successful formula of the Hari Organik remained the same; namely, it was a platform whereorganic retailers, farmers, producers and consumers exchanged views and experiences on

    sustainable living through organic food. There were more than 30 exhibitors displaying and

    selling everything from organic fruits and vegetables to organic household and skincare


    The event was launched by YBhg Datin Nafesah Raja Nong Chik Abidin, wife of YB Senator

    Dato Raja Nong Chik bin Datuk Raja Zainal Abidin, Minister of Federal Territories and Urban

    Well-being. She spoke about her personal experience with organic food to improve her health.

    Datin Nafesah tours the booths

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    As this was the first time HO was held in Kepong and we also believe that poor publicity mighthave resulted in the poor response compared with the past Hari Organiks. Nevertheless, it was a

    consolation to notice the crowds were of new faces and this has fulfilled CETDEM s objective of

    increasing more people to be aware of what organic is all about!

    As usual, our appreciation to all CETDEM members /volunteers for their time, energy and effort

    as well as those who donated generously for the lucky draws and children activity. Last but not

    least, TESSCO for sponsoring the event and Datin Nafesah for the launch.

    JULY20th ~ 21

    st[Wed ~ Thur]

    Phillips Lumileds Lighting Co., Penang

    At the invitation of Phillips Lumileds Lighting Company in Penang, CETDEM participated intheir annual Environment Health Safety Campaign on 20

    stand 21

    st. In this event CETDEM also

    roped in Wellness Concept to partake.

    Aside from the usual set up CETDEM invited Mr and Mrs Lee, an expert in making his unique

    Penang Curry Mee, and the response was good. The price of the curry noodle was madeaffordable (RM5/) to the factory workers /staffs so as to provide an opportunity to taste organic

    food. It was also a very interesting experience for many of them to eat ulam with different

    condiments instead of with the usual sambal belachan.

    Mr & Mrs Lee with their unique curry laksa Bestvegetarian pau from Wellness Concept?!

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    Vegetarian Food Carnival, Briedfields, KL

    CETDEM was invited to participate in the Vegetarian Food Carnival held in Kuala Lumpurorganized by the Yoga Society. Maxlife was invited by CETDEM to also take part in the event.

    Thanks to Lim Teow Meng, a regular KGG member who was there to help man the store.

    Mrs Neo & Teow Meng busy attending to the crowd Maxlife [Rt] promoting its product


    stOct. [Sat]

    Wellness Concept (M) S/B

    Congratulations to Wellness Concept for the

    recent grand opening of its new office & Caf in PJ

    Opening Ceremony

    Slow Food

    2 ~ 3 Oct. [Sun~Mon]

    Slow Food Klang Valley Convivium hosted the

    visit of 2 officials from Slow Food Internationalbased in Bra who were here on their mission toSarawak as well as meeting up members of Slow

    Food Klang Valley. Thanks to Wellness Concept,

    EcoGreen & Woods Macrobiotics for theirhospitality.

    Press Conference

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    [Sat]8th Hari OrganikJln SS 2/63, PJ

    Hari Organik [once again

    in SS2] certainly kicked

    off with a bang this time!

    Ms Tan and a team ofvolunteers painstakingly

    set up the tables the day

    before in preparation for

    the big day, only to see araging thunderstorm come

    along and blow down

    almost all of the canopies a few hours later! Never one to be fazed, the team including Hari

    Organik committee members Charles, Li Yoon and Teow M eng - worked into the night to ensure

    that we were able to get everything setup in time for the kick off in the morning.

    And so despite initial hiccups, the day ran as smoothly as ever: not only did we provide a spacewhere organic farmers, goods producers, and retailers could interact directly with cooks and

    consumers, we also provided a platform for people to share their experiences in all areas of

    sustainable living. There were talks on dyeing your hair in a natural way, composting andenzyme making demonstrations, and most exciting of all, a Slow Food tent selling traditional

    recipes with a creative and delicious twist. There was ulam with nuts, plum jam and seeds, a

    variety of soya and mixed grain drinks, as well as Chee Cheong Fun made by Mr & Mrs Lee,

    two very talented chefs from foodie heaven Penang.

    There were 10 canopies in total, with almost 50 exhibitors our largest number yet - showcasing

    a multitude of products to an eager crowd, and the usual lucky draw, as well as childrens

    activities to keep the little ones amused throughout the day!

    The emphasis more and more has been on encouraging local and sustainable products, and wefeel that with each Hari Organik CETDEM is encouraging p eople to make wiser buying choices

    to support particularly the local organic businesses. Our warmest thanks to the volunteers that

    helped on the day, without whom we would not be able to run the event! Also thanks to Mr Tan

    Yew Leong for sponsoring the delicious lunch as well as to all he speakers and the exhibitors

    who gave prizes for the children activities as well as lucky draws


    and 30th

    [Sat & Sun]4th Eco-Film Festival, University Malaya

    CETDEM was once again invited to this Eco-Film festival, now in its 4th

    year, organized by

    EcoKnights whose aim is to support sustainable living both on a national and international level.

    We were there representing our activities and showcasing our publications, as well promoting

    Slow Food with our original take on Ulam (as p remiered by M rs Neo at the 8th

    Hari Organik).

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    Although there were not as many visitors as we had hoped for, nevertheless it was heartening tosee the younger generation f ired up and full of enthusiasm for sustainable living and care for the

    environment! We were also glad to see that these youngsters were keen to try the ulam and we

    hope that many of them go onto make healthy greens a significant p art of their diets.

    Thanks to Lali from UK and our never get tired Lim Teow Meng and Lee Chuy Fong for helping

    out in the two days event!

    Good to see young people waiting patiently to try the ulam ulam

    November6th ~ 8th [Sat ~ Mon]

    International Health Fair, PWTC, KL

    CETDEM participated in the 3 days International Health Fair sponsored by the Life Magazines,

    a subsidiary company of Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd. Though it was a 4 days event, however

    CETDEM was there only for 3 days. With the consent from the organizers, CETDEM invited

    Legenda Madu [Sat & Sun] Biococo Marketing and Maxlife [Mon & Tues] to also take part atthe event. Mrs Neo and Lim Teow Meng were there to entertain the crowd with the wonder ofeating ulam in an unique way. The crowds were fascinated and came back with friends to ask for

    more. Unfortunately we did not serve the ulam on Monday!

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    Coffee Lovers18 coffee lovers got-together on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy a cuppa of different varieties oforganic coffee! It was supposed start at 2.30pm and end at 4pm, however people only started to

    leave at 5pm! It was fun as we all were making fun of one another. Charles, Loh and Mrs Neo

    brought in their coffee makers and showed off their expertise at coffee making! Wow, we got to

    taste the civet coffee, thanks to Stella as well as Li Yoon & Charles for the yam kuih/curry puffs

    and Sherene & Mr Wong for carrot cakes and not to forget the organic rambutans fromJosephines garden

    Charles & Loh


    th~ 11

    th[Sat & Sun]

    Fun Trip to Muar, Johor

    5 of us finally made it to Muar after it had been postponedseveral times. It was supposed to be a fun trip easy and

    relaxing.and a lot of makan M uars speciality!

    We arrived at about 9.30am After breakfast, our tour guidemy sister-in-law, guided us to to visit the C&C Mushroom Cultivation Farm, (SOM certified) inGerisek, supposedly the biggest mushroom farm in Muar with 8.7 ha located in 4 different lots.

    We were supposed to vist another SOM certified fruit orchard in Segamat. Unfortunately the

    orchard was inaccessible due to the reconstruction (since our vehicle was not a 4 wheel drive) of

    the road leading to the farm which was damaged during last years flood.

    The following day, after a hearty breakfast (though havent digested last nights sumptuous

    dinner) we visited the home garden in the heart of Muar town, we were impressed with the effort

    the owner has put in. After having Muars famous curry fish

    lunch, we proceeded to the Nasuha Species Farm, also SOMcertified in Pagoh, Muar. Kam and her husband finally got

    their wish fulfilled.relaxing in the sauna before leaving for


    Thanks to Mr & Mrs Tan and Madam Tan (Mrs Chew) fortheir hospitality during our 2 days stay in Muar.

    Home gardening

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    [Thur]Presentation of SALM & SOM 2011 Certificates

    Dept of Agriculture [DOA]

    The Organic Farming Project Coordinator, among other invitees, witnessed the presentation of

    SALM & SOM2 011 Certificates to the farmers from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). This

    year saw 70 farms obtaining Salm/GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) and 29 organic farms for

    SOM (Standard Organic Malaysia).

    Whats up at the OFCC Garden?

    Note: Various types of vegetable seeds / herbs & vegetables seedlings are available for sale.

    When the papaya tree was still small, the leaveswere constantly infested with suspected wooly

    bugs. After giving the leaves a g ood bath withthe eco-enzyme as well as spraying the wooly

    bugs off the leaves with water sev eral times thetree survived. When it started to fruit (seepicture) the stems of the fruits were also

    attacked by the wooly bugs and funguscolletotricum gleosporides on the fruits. I usedthe same method applied to the leaves and they

    all recovered except that the yi eld was low.

    Sweet corn intercropped

    with bayam

    Cabbage intercropped

    with wasahbi


    Wasahbi seedlings Eggplants & Cabbage seedlings

    Papaya trees

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    2012 Calendar Events - Highlights

    GAP = Good Agricultural Practices


    Details of planned activities will be circulated in January, and will also be posted on our website:

    Merry Christmas&

    Have a Fruitful & Meaningful New Year!


    CETDEM would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals/companies for the

    donations made to COFP:

    Jess Chong RM 50; KL Lee RM 200, Biosurge Asia S/B RM 100; Josephine Ng RM 50;

    Ecoland Enterprise RM 30; Eliza Loo RM 5;Bendahan Negeri Selangor RM 10,000;Biococo

    Marketing RM 100; Kedai Wing Hing Leong RM 50; Organic 4 U RM 30. Wellness Concept forsponsoring the job advertisement and last but not least M BPJ for continuing supporting the HariOrganik.

    Donation in kind: Matahari S/B, Radiant Code S/B, Health Paradise S/B, Charles Tan ,Elegant

    Green Trading, Legenda Madu S/B, Alive Development S/B.

    Apologies to those whose names may have been missed in the above list.

    March April June July September October December

    Saturday 24t

    Hari Organik

    Sunday 8t

    Hari GAP

    Saturday 23r

    Hari Organik

    Sunday 8t

    Hari GAP

    Saturday 22n

    Hari Organik

    Sunday 7t

    Hari GAP

    Sunday 9t

    Terra Madre