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Chapter - 6 A Technology Innovation Company of Reliance © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore Mohan Tambe Next Generation HDTV Video Internet

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    A Technology Innovation Company of Reliance

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    Mohan Tambe

    Next Generation HDTV Video Internet

  • HDTV Revolution

    Leela: "Fry, you're wasting your life sitting in front of that TV. You need to get out and see the world."

    Fry : "But this is HDTV. It's got better resolution than the real world."

    (Episode 1x12, Title "When Aliens Attack")

    A videotape played on a VCR is about 200 lines of resolution

    A very good TV broadcast over regular cable or an antenna on a standard TV is a little more than 300 lines of resolution

    A DVD is a little more than 700 lines of resolution

    High Definition Television is 1080 lines of resolution.

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore1

  • HDTV Revolution

    Resolutions of and SDTV, Computer Monitors HDTV.

    Not only does HDTV outputa much sharper image,the wide screen standardshows 30% more pictureas compared to a SDTV set

    High-Definition Television (HDTV) is the most technologically advanced form of Digital TV:

    The astonishing picture clarity and lifelike audio of HD creates a realistic experience that fully involves the senses.

    The picture is wide and sharp, more like a movie theater screen than a TV screen - you'll feel like you've walked right into the program.

    The adoption of this exciting new technology is rapidly accelerating as more and more HD programming becomes available.

    Picture Quality Difference

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore2

  • HDTV Revolution

    HDTV is fast making inroads in USA, Europe with million of HDTV sets being sold every month. HDTV programming is available currently through:

    Terrestial HDTV Broadcasts in USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and Australia.

    DTH HDTV broadcast from DirecTV, Dishnetwork, VOOM etc.

    HD Digital Video Recorder from TIVO-HD, DishNetwork's DVR 921 etc.

    Cable HD STBs from Scientific Atlanta etc.

    Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players from all the major manufacturers.

    HD Camera from Sony (HDR-FX1) records 1080i69 on a Mini-DV tape.

    consumers had to wait more than one year to get a unit at the $1,000 retail price.

    A 26" Wide Screen HDTV from Samsung is available for $600. The Prices for Flat Panel LCD HDTV start from $300, and Plasma start from $1800. These are expected to fall rapidly.

    When HD TIVO was offered by TIVO, the demand was so strong that some

    Market Spread

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore3

  • HDTV Revolution

    HDTV, will get a major push from availability of movies in HD format, both through VOD and through DVDs. HDTV broadcasts will catch up soon, with increasing availability of HDTV sets.

    Countries which were the early adopters of HDTV, faced the problems of incompatible, unwieldy standards and high costs of the TV sets and transmission equipment. Today the world has converged towards MPEG4-19 (H.264) as the universal standard for HDTV and the support for it is becoming as cost effective as SDTV.

    This is the right time to usher the HDTV revolution in India. DUO CHOISpad, even if it is initially used along with SDTV sets, will

    make India Full HD.

    HD DVDs India can become Full HD

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore4

  • DUO CHOISpad




    Multi HDTV Chip



    The DUO CHOISpad is Future Proof, for all possible SDTV and HDTV requirements. It contains all possible peripheral interfaces, and its software can be upgraded in field from time to time.

    The HDTV chip supports apart from MPEG2, MPEG4.10 (H.264) for HDTV applications.

    DUO CHOISpad can give simultaneous outputs for SDTV and HDTV.

    NEWS onBBC


    It can display an SDTV PIP within an HDTV Video.

    SD & HD TV Outputs with PIP

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    HDTV and SDTV with DUO CHOISpad


  • Due to efficiency of MPEG4.10 compression

    compared to MPEG2.

    DUO CHOISpad gives two to three times video streaming and Hard-disk storage capacity

    CHOISpad SDwith 40 Gb HardDisk

    DUO CHOISpadwith 40 Gb HardDisk

    DUO CHOISpadwith 1 Tb HardDisk





    10 SD Movies

    30 SD Movies or

    10 HD Movies

    720 SD Movies or 250 HD Movies

    Expanded Storage for Movies

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    Higher Storage with DUO CHOISpad


  • With the CARP technology, the DUO CHOISpad can serve three to four videos simultaneously to other CHOISpads.

    The CARP technology also allows each CHOISpad to be used as Server for hosting Pictures/Videos which can be accessed by any other CHOISpad without any congestion.

    Netway CHOISpads and CARP together give rise to a "Video Ocean"




    Video Ocean with CARP Technology

    CHOISCluster Server



    t r Ser rClus e ve

    CHOISCluster Server

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore7

  • DUO CHOISpad can record 6 MPEG4 channels simultaneously, compared to 2 MPEG2 Channels.

    The contents are always stored in an encrypted manner using a DRM. The decryption is done on the fly using a Secure CPU which is inside the MultiHD Chip itself.

    Digital RightsManagement

    Secure CPU for DRM

    Multiple Channel Recording

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore8

  • SD/HD TV with DVD Menu

    HD DVD Loader

    Optional DVD Loader can be used for playing all popular DVD formats, including the new HD-DVD and Blu Ray DVDs.

    DUO CHOISpad has Linux based software, which can be remotely updated. New third party applications such as Games and Home utilities are run in a protected memory space.

    Game Controller

    Game on TV

    DVD Option Linux OS

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore


    inside Loader

    DUO CHOISpad Options


  • Cinema Multiplex can now use DUO CHOISpad for screening Digital Movies with 1920x1080p resolution.

    The experience can be better than with conventional film projectors.

    DUO CHOISpad

    Digital LCDProjector

    Digital Movies in Cinema Multiplexes

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    DUO CHOISpad in Theatres


  • Home Theatres with HDTV and Dolby 7.1 sound can now actually create the same experience as in a cinema hall.

    Left Surround

    Left Right



    Left Rear Surround

    Right Rear Surround

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore


    DUO CHOISpad Home Theatre


  • DUO CHOISpad allows a normal phone to be used as a VoIP phone.

    By attaching a Digital Video Camera, Video telephony would be possible between two CHOISpads. Using MPEG4 Codec this can be achieved at less than 1 Mbps.


    DUO CHOISpad

    Digital Camera


    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    DUO CHOISpad Video Phone


  • Video Lectures can be disseminated to select audience through out the country.

    An HD Camera can be fixed on a Tripod and can cover all the details on a black board without the need to Zoom or Pan.

    Audience can see every detail on the black board on their HDTV.

    They can record the Lecture for later review.

    The Lecturer can get CHOISer feedback from the audience and can ask one of them to speak.


    Lecturer in a Class Room

    Student 1with Phones & MIC

    Student 2with Phones & MIC

    Student 3with Phones & MIC

    Students in a Remote Classroom

    HD Camcorder

    Preview Monitor

    Remote HD Classrooms

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    DUO CHOISpad in Education


  • With multiple CHOISers in each home, TV Channels can become Participative TV channels. The Host can now conduct audience poll at any time.

    Cricket Poll

    Q1 : Who will Win (I) India (S) S Africa

    CHOISer Remote with LCD Display

    LCD Display allowsOnline Polling on yourFavorite Programs

    r s"


    P es A" "B"

    or "D"

    eth n OK

    Participative TV Channels

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    DUO CHOISpad with Interactive Remotes


  • It provides full UNICODE Font support for multiple languages. The fonts are rendered using graphic accelerators.

    DUO CHOISpad, provides the resolution necessary for Internet browsing experience to exceed that on the PCs. It has got graphics accelerators for rendering JPEG 2000 with HD Resolution.

    It has got enough protected Virtual Memory for running Macromedia Flash, JVM and its applications.

    The CHOISer provides a full keyboard functionality. An optional IR Keyboard can be used for faster typing.

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    DUO CHOISpad for Full HD Resolution Internet


  • Duo

    DTneH Tu r

    Phone 1

    Phone 2

    IR DomeSide facing

    4:3 Standard TV

    InternalUSB Ports

    (CDMA, Wi-Fi, Flash Drive)

    I ternaln

    SA A DriveT

    1 :6 9 HD TV

    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    SingleDTH Tuner

    InternalSmart Card

    & DVB-CI Slot

    Headphonewith Mic

    External USB Ports

    Karaoke Mic






    r ve



    IR DomeFront facing

    Citizen Card

    1. Dual TV (HD + SD)

    2. Triple DTH Tuners

    3. Dual Mic (PC Mic + Professional Mic)

    4. Dual Phones (with 4 Party Conference)

    5. Dual Disk (Internal ATA + External SATA)

    6. Dual IR Dome (Internal + External)

    Plug & Play for all JacksAuto Configuration

    7. Dual IR Transceivers in a IR Dome

    8. Dual External USB Sockets

    9. Dual Internal USB Socket for

    CDMA, Wi-Fi, Flash Drive

    10. Dual Mounting with Dual Orientations

    (Table Top & Wall Mounting)

    11. Dual Smart Card

    IR DomeTop facing

    Duo CHOISpad Wall Mounting


  • © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore


    Triple Tuners, Dual TVs DTHDish Antenna


    Rear Side of DTH DUO CHOISpad with Triple Tuners

    HD TV


    Cable toDTH Dish Antenna

    Cables toDTH Dish Antenna

    Tuner 3




    e 2Tun r1&

    Video Cableto SD TV

    Tuner 3

    SD TV



  • It is possible to add one to three Digital Tuners to the DUO CHOISpad, inorder to convert it to DUO CHOISpad DTH.

    It is possible to conserve bandwidth on DTH channels with MPEG4.10 and pack in two to three times the MPEG2 channels.

    It is possible to include a MPEG 4.10 HDTV channel, in place of two existing MPEG2 channels.

    The Secure Media processor along with Secure Media DRM allows all encryption of pay channels.

    DUO CHOISpad DTH can have one DVB-CI slot complying to EN 50221 with DVB-CSA Conditional Access. (Alternatively it can supports ARIB & ATSC).

    DUO CHOISpad DTH is compatible to DVB-S2 (EN 302 307) with legacy support for DVB-S (EN 300421) reception.

    It can also decode DVB Subtitles (ETSI EN 300 743).

    Channels with Pause/Play


    Satellite Radio


    © November 2007 Innomedia Technologies Bangalore

    DUO CHOISpad