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How Mendeley illuminates a broader definition of impact William Gunn, Ph.D. Head of Academic Outreach Mendeley @mrgunn tps://

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  • 1. How Mendeley illuminates abroader definition of impactWilliam Gunn, Ph.D.Head of Academic [email protected]://

2. ...and aggregates researchdata in the cloudInstallMendeley DesktopMendeley extractsresearch dataCollecting rich signalsfrom domain experts. 3. Cloud LibraryHome Work Mobile 4. Shared Folder 5. Read papers + keep track of notes470M documents 6. Taking some misery out of writing 7. Mendeley Research Catalog 8. Mendeley Research Catalog 9. New forms of discovery Mendeley Suggest personalized recommendations based onreading history related articles relatedness based on document similarity recommender frameworks implement recommendations as a service third-party recommender services serve niche audiences 10. Information Extraction 11. We are publishing this data to the LOD cloud 12. Connecting researchersSearchReadAnnotateOrganizeImportWrite 13. Data we collect Metadata about the papertitle, author, tags, annotations,reads, shares, groups Metadata about the researcherdiscipline, educational status,country, papers theyve authored,presentations, expertise 14. 2.7M researchers 15. Defining readership Each document addition is aread stamped with metadatadescribing the context of the readevent a read is like a citation, but fasterand captures more 16. research impacts more than authors 17. Problems with Impact Factor 18. The higher the impact factor, the morelikely the research is to be retracted. 19. Problems with Impact FactorDuring discussions with ThomsonScientific over which article typesin PLoS Medicine the companydeems as citable, it became clearthat the process of determining ajournal's impact factor isunscientific and arbitrary. 20. Citations are slow 21. Mendeley is fast 22. Readership vs. citations it comes with a payload ofmetadata it accrues faster it illuminates previouslyhidden impact 23. show broader impact 24. 25. altmetrics show broader impact 26. Issues To Be Addressed Identity Privacy Attribution Gaming Filtrationstandards/best practice 27. There is no gold standard Amgen: 47 of 53 landmark oncology publications couldnot be reproduced Bayer: 43 of 67 oncology & cardiovascular projects werebased on contradictory results Dr. John Ioannidis: 432 publications purporting sexdifferences in hypertension, multiple sclerosis, or lungcancer. Only one data set was reproducible 28. Cultural skew is importantSouth America is weak on N.A. social media, strong on Mendeley 29. What would people build if theycould get the data? Impact Story get credit for all your work PLOS ALM article-level metrics forpapers Plum Analytics bespoke analytics forlibraries (EBSCO) altmetrics for publishers.(Digital Science) 30. [email protected]@mrgunn