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000 Statistical Quality Control 6 171 What Is Statistical Quality Control? 172 Links to Practice: Intel Corporation 173 Sources of Variation: Common and Assignable Causes 174 Descriptive Statistics 174 Statistical Process Control Methods 176 Control Charts for Variables 178 Control Charts for Attributes 184 C-Charts 188 Process Capability 190 Links to Practice: Motorola, Inc. 196 Acceptance Sampling 196 Implications for Managers 203 Statistical Quality Control in Services 204 Links to Practice: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.; Nordstrom, Inc. 205 Links to Practice: Marriott International, Inc. 205 OM Across the Organization 206 Inside OM 206 Case: Scharadin Hotels 216 Case: Delta Plastics, Inc. (B) 217 Before studying this chapter you should know or, if necessary, review 1. Quality as a competitive priority, Chapter 2, page 00. 2. Total quality management (TQM) concepts, Chapter 5, pages 00 – 00. Statistical Quality Control LEARNING OBJECTIVES CHAPTER OUTLINE CHAPTER After studying this chapter you should be able to Describe categories of statistical quality control (SQC). Explain the use of descriptive statistics in measuring quality characteristics. Identify and describe causes of variation. Describe the use of control charts. Identify the differences between x-bar, R-, p-, and c-charts. Explain the meaning of process capability and the process capability index. Explain the term Six Sigma. Explain the process of acceptance sampling and describe the use of operating characteristic (OC) curves. Describe the challenges inherent in measuring quality in service organizations. 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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