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Presentation for MediaCom Engage conference, Edinburgh 23/10/12


  • 1. Building betterconnections across mediaNick Cohen, Head of MediacomBeyond Advertising23rd October 2012

2. Vs 3. Vs 4. Vs 5. Media multi-tasking 20% Multi-taskingSource: Ofcom Digital Day research 6. Connected Media 7. Mobile & social are now a part of all campaigns,whether we plan it or not! 8. So how do respond? 9. Connected Content 10. Skoda: British cycling programme 11. Skoda: British cycling programme 12. Volkswagen: See Film Differently 13. Volkswagen: See Film Differently 14. Green Flag: Notes from Hidden Britain 15. Connected Planning 16. Building connections between platforms has to startwith the original idea TV SocialPrint MediaCOREIDEA DigitalRadio Experiential 17. To build connections between media, you need toconnect disciplines CONTENT +DIGITAL + MEDIA 18. Connections need to be made throughout thecampaign lifecycle Ideation & Campaign Strategy concept ProductionEvaluation Livedevelopment 19. Thank you