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    Nikki [email protected] Viking Dr Apt 404Rexburg, ID 83440

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    LetterheadDescription:An professional letterhead designed using Illustrator and InDesign.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson

    Programs/ools:Adobe InDesignAdobe Illustrator

    Objectives:Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image.Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead.

    Use the basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign.

    Process:I started out creating 6 different logos in Illustrator and this one was my favorite. I went througha series of steps to be able to have the bars from the logo in a different color. I then edited fontand layout to match the message. For my stationary, I aligned the text with the logo and theadded a water mark of the partial logo. I made the water mark not the full graphic because I

    think it adds an interesting element.

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    Business CardDescription:An professional Business Card designed using illustrator.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson

    Programs/ools:Adobe InDesignAdobe Illustrator

    Objectives:Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image.Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead.Use the basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign.

    Process:I started out creating 6 different logos in Illustrator and this one was my favorite. I went througha series of steps to be able to have the bars from the logo in a different color. I then edited font

    and layout to match the message. For the business card I then enlarged the logo, took out threebars, reduce the opacity, and rotated it to fit in the design. I added a gradient to one half of thedesign.

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    Description:Tis is a duplex folded, double sided brochure.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson

    Programs/ools:Adobe InDesignAdobe IllustratorAdobe Photshop

    Objectives:Set up and align a two-sided, folded document.Create an original company logo and use it in a brochure.Incorporate quality images. (Incorporate at least four quality images (Not including the logo).One should be clipped in Photoshop and text-wrapped in InDesign so the text follows the cut-out shape of the image.Write at least 250 words of original copy with at least three paragraphs, headers, and subheaders.

    rim for a full bleed and print in duplex (two-sided) color.

    Process:I started out by deciding I was going to create a new company for this project. I decided Iwanted to create a water filtration company that focused on all things clean. I chose to create asimple logo and have clean lines. I went with a grey font color to have it be a little lighter thenthe traditional black. I created the rain drop and copied it for the other two drops. I chose to gowith an informational brochure and chose pictures that had a story with them. I then created theline graphic and then cut the water cup photo with photoshop. Once I had the basics, i went inand added the grey boxes to add another feature. I added text, and the text wrap. I used Illustra-tor, Photoshop, and InDesign.


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    Description:Created three different logo designs for the same company.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson


    Adobe Illustrator

    Objectives:Create three completely different, original logos to fit a company or personal image that willappeal to the audience. Do not imitate existing logos or use previous designs.Use only the Illustrator tools to create and draw your logos. (No Illustrator pre-fabricated flares,symbols, etc.. No photos or live-tracing. You may use an image or drawing as a guide to trace itwith the pen/pencil, but delete the image before submitting.)Gather opinions from at least ten people about which logo appeals most to them.


    I first started out by creating the company Hollys Shake Shack. I started out by creating theshapes the sun, waves, and drink container. For the sun I combined circles withe triangle shapes,I then altered some of the triangle shapes to make the design more interesting. I created curvedlines and then added points so then I could alter the shape further. I then joined the path andcarefully altered the crossed lines with the selection tool. I then typed an S and merged it in theshape, then I erased the bottom half of it. I then created the shake shape with lines and a oval. Iused to rotator tool on the second and third designs. I used Adobe Illustrator.


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    H llysShake Shack







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    Description:Tis is a event ad for a fundraiser created only using Microsoft Word and a scanner.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson


    Microsoft WordCanon Scanner

    Objectives:Comprehend image sizing (how pixels and inches work together)Find, scan and import a high-quality image.Create a full-bleed design.Choose a color scheme and typeface(s) that work for your message and audience.Learn to use only Word design features without using any Adobe programs, including Photo-shop.

    Process:I started out by scanning an image and editing the color in Word. I chose to make the color ofthe picture pink to reach out to the audience and to help make the background picture less busy.I added the title up top in a different font to draw in the viewers eye. I then created a ribbonshape over the picture and add light transparency to it. I added information about the event intothe shape to make it easier to read. I decided to capitalize the words to make the words sophis-ticated and like a phrase since there are not a lot of words in the design. I decided to leave thespace below the ribbon empty to emphasis the slice of cake and to have the viewer feeling likethey are open to join the event.

    Event Ad

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    Description:Tis project was to take a photo, have a specific color scheme and incorporate a relating theme.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson

    Programs/ools:Adobe PhotoshopCanon PowerShot SX40 HS

    Objectives:Learn basic photography skills.Choose a color scheme, take a photo to match those colors, then incorporate the colors into thelayout.Use a digital camera to take a quality image, then download it.Adjust image levels, saturation, color balance, sharpen tool on separate layers for NDE (non-de-structive editing.)Size and crop the image, then place on an 8.511 page layout.

    Use layers to design text, and repeating graphic elements in Photoshop.Print with full-bleed margins. rim only 1/8 (0.125) from all four sides.

    Process:I first started out by deciding that I wanted to shoot in a natural setting. I started out takingpictures using a Canon PowerShot SX40 HS camera. I liked this shot because I like how thelines of the elements play with each other. I really like the glow of the sun coming through thetrees. I started editing it in Photoshop by adjusting the levels, colors, and sharpening some ofthe leaves. Tis design was sized at 8.5 x 11 and includes an original photo, text, and a repeatingcolor scheme. I wanted to focus on the light in the picture and with the quote. o create thecolor swatches, I overlapped three of the same custom shape. I then edited the shapes by erasinga different line of each shape. I then changed the color of each shape to correlate with the colorscheme.


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    Description:A webpage layout for a company using an original logo.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson


    Objectives:Size and optimize an original logo as a .png for a web page so the long side is 300 500 pixels.Write content to describe the process of creating your logo and how it appeals to a target audi-ence. (Minimum of 200 words. Include rationale for colors, appeal to target audience, designskills, etc,)Design a web page using HML to display the logo and content. (Use extWrangler)Identify hex colors for web design. (Find and use hex colors in Photoshop to match your logo)Compress multiple files in a zipped folder to attach as one file.

    Open your HML page in a web browser, and capture a quality screen shot with .5 inch mar-gins for printing. (See tutorial below.) See the sample projects on this page as examples (contains3 files: .css file; linked logo .png; .html file of web page.)

    Process:I created this webpage using the text wrangler software. I used as anHML validator. I first created a basic HML template and while placing my logo up at thetop. I started out with a pre-made CSS template that I later edited. I then used fonts Verdanaand imes New Roman, I select back up fonts in case the person viewing the page does not havethose fonts on their computer. I changed the color scheme to go with the logo. Since my logowas monochromatic, I decided I did not want a monochromatic web page so I made it triadic

    color scheme. I used padding around the logo and the header. I changed the border to be squareinstead of curved edges. Tere are 258 words in my post.

    Web Page

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    Description:ATis is a photo montage where I took two photos and combined them to create an inspiration-al image.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson

    Programs/ools:Adobe Photoshop

    Objectives:Use the FOCUS design process with strong focal point and flowUnify a layout with a consistent theme and dominant messageLearn to blend two or more images together gradually, using masksDemonstrate more advanced Photoshop skills for layout with multiple elementsUse a mask to apply a filter to one part of the imageApply typography principles (titles, quotes, events or scripturesyour choice)Format type: Legibility; Small copy & itle with varying text size. Teme word(s)

    Select good quality images

    Process:I used Adobe Photoshop to create this image. I first started out by finding two photos and Iedited the first layer by balancing the colors, light and dark levels slightly. I then masked thefirst layer and added the second photo on top. I flipped the second photo to give lead room andbalance to the shot. I then used the paint brush to blend the photos together. I used differentopacity levels to blend the image at different points.


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    Description:Tis is a promotional flyer advertising a Leadership Conference for Graduates.


    Course/Instructor:Comm 130 Section 2Julie Perterson


    Adobe InDesign

    Objectives:Apply the design principles and use appropriate typography.Incorporate basic InDesign skills to improve basic flier layout.Retrieve image and logo from links on this page.Create a project folder with image, logo and InDesign document to keep links in InDesignintact.

    Process:I first started out sketching multiple design layouts. I then went into Adobe InDesign and start-

    ed to play with new shapes and started to duplicate my sketches onto the program. I decided touse triangle arrows to help add fluidity and an interesting element to the design. I deciding tohave small body copy, with the top sentence having a heavier weight to pull the reader in. Tedate, time, and place are a larger size to add emphasis to it. I decided to highlight leadership inthe title, and decided to make it in all caps to provide adequate space between the two parts ofthe title. Te logo, theme, and picture were given to me.


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