nikki style magazine - giancarlo filartiga interview

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Nikki Style Magazine - Giancarlo Filartiga interview


  • 'r text rLeigh de Armas

    with Europe's largest indoor ski slope' a b-evY -oqbowling alleys and d Formula 0 race track, Xanadrit'the newest shopping destination makes shopping


    "We focused on developing these types of proiects in

    Sp"in .nJ ltaly, because they are locations with-:1t-"-""n'

    l ' " ."gt"phi. t and under-retai led' in part icular for thel

    brand of retai l and leisure that Mil ls is 'known for ' l t wasl

    a perfect setting for a proiect like Xanadt to succeed"'lIsays Fi lart iga. t

    So what's al l the fuss about? For starters' Xanadi ig

    home to Europe's largest indoor ski slope' al lowin6i

    *l j r-go"r, to sirap on their gear and hit the sl-opes' rainor. shine. l t also offers a huge bowling al ley' a Fol lula !race track, a store where you can design and bui ld youti

    own guitar ' an enormous number of high-end clothing

    stores and much more'

    The mall itself is a work of art' With some of the mosl

    skilled designers and architects in the world' Millt

    lorpo."aion'rnade sure Xanad0 was bursting with colori

    shapes and iaw dropping visuals around every corner' Hug

    ,.rin"a-gf"., windows, beautiful hanging fixtures and sle{interior d6cor invade your senses from the moment


    pass through the colossal threshold'

    "We are a retail and leisure destination"' says Filartig"The important thing is that we develop unique propertid

    destination retail and leisure schemes.'' l

    Mills Corporation has established itself within the U'S'jwell. "We have developed and acquired 29 malls wi{the United States, all of which are the number one tou!

    attraction in their state, aside from Florida' where irl

    -..-k^' +.-a hahind Disnev World'''says Filartiga' 1

    form of entertainment'The mall iust isn't what it used to be' lt seems

    like only

    yesterday we were piling into our mom's car en route to

    ourSaturday .a f te rnoonparad ise .Therewasnoth ingqu i telike the rush of cold air that would wash over as soon


    we swung open the giant glass doors' Like a line of ants on

    thes idewalk 'wemeanderedthroughthedepar tments to resand weaved between the adults who were loitering at every

    f..g."n." counter' Back then' the mall was a much simpler

    pla-ce. lt usually consisted of about two dozen stores' an

    lr."a", a food court and a iewelry kiosk here and there', lt

    was a place to sPy on your latest love interest' a Place to De

    r""", " pf.." to gawk at the sneakers you couldn't afford'

    Today, the mall has undergone a drastic makeover and

    is beloming more like a town center' No longer are we

    flocking ao ih""p department stores humming with elevator

    music. In fact, if such a place still exists' its days are surely

    numbered thanks to the U'S' Real Estate Investment Trust

    (REIT), Mills Corporation' Mills is changing the face of themall as we know it-along with its hair color' bust'size' and

    i,fr'.t ,rt"a"' The results are mega-malls that offer every

    .iorting, consumer and leisure opportunity the brain can

    fatho.]"rmore, Mills is the first U'S'-based REIT totake their multi-million dollar malls overseas'

    Xanadrl, one of their latest Proiects nestled in Arroyomolinos'

    Madrid, must be seen to be believed' Expanding over l'9

    tillion .qu"r" f"et' and with a price tag of over $300 million'Xanadri has made Arroyomolinos a tourist attraction


    tar"ft fn" name Xanadi, which was inspired by a famous

    oo"., i, a synonym for utopia' according to Mills' Global

  • u*

    ' i . ! |

    The "number two" Fi lar t iga speaks of is the famous SawgrassM i l l s , i n Sou th F lo r i da . The shopp ing des t i na r i on was bu i l tover 15 years ago, and is get t ing ready for a major fourthexpansion, according to Fi lar t iga_one the U.S. has yet tosee. In i ts latest development, i t wi l l be expanding to inc ludea fa i ryta le- l ike wor ld for chi ldren who want to be adul ts for aday . Named Wannado , t h i s m in i - c i t y w i l l , , . . . a l l ow ch i l d ren t oplay out their dreams of being a grown_up in an enter ta in ingand educa t i ona l env i r onmen t , " says TheM i l l s . com. , ,Ch i l d rencan role-play adul t professions such as news reporf ,er orte levis ion producer, a i r l ine pi lot , cru ise ship captain, doctor ,c i r cus pe r f o rmer , banke r o r dozens o f o the r i obs . , ,

    F a ' : g : e x p 3 - s . F r r r l i e s c a n b r i n g t h e i r c h i l d r e n t o t n epa rk , whe re t hey w , f r r s ! r o i e -p l ay t he i r a r r i va l on an ac tua la i r p l ane . They w i l l ge r o f f r he s rmu la ted f l r gh t and go ro r hebank , whe re t hey w i l l t ake ou t money . and t hey can useth i s money t o pu rchase any th i ng , such as a ca r o r a home .Eventual ly , they are going to run out of money, so they can gerlobs and become f i remen or doctors, you name i t . ' , Wannadowi l l be opening in spr ing of 2004.

    But Wannado is not the last of their chi ldren-or ientedprojects. They also have helped create a Crayola WorksCrea r i v i t y S tud io , whe re k i ds can come and make t he i r ownc rayons { c ' t he i r d raw ings . A number o f o the r M i i l s r oca t i onsnave I nco rPo -a re : A P lace To Growr l r . . . Th i s i n t e rac t i vep lay a rea f o r r , ds 3ges :wo : nc c de r was des igned by t heS t . Lou i s -based . awa .a - vrirm Kiku obata & .;;;;: :.;, ' :::"; :: ' j : '


    on an i l l u s t r a ted ch i l d ren s book o , ! . e s3 -e - r _e 5y r e rho rS tephan ie B loom, A P lace t o G row- ! ' comD nes - ve - : ve sc . :p l ay and engag ing p rog rammtng ro s r rmu la re exp ro13 : c . .spark creat iv i ty , promote learning and nurture growth. . .

    Enter ta inment and le isure are a key t rademark of any Mi l lsproject , and people are f locking to and f rom al l over thewor ld for the exper ience. In many of their propert ies, rheyhave elaborate skateparks where people can come lorn int he f un . "The M i l l s has pa r rne red w i t h ESpN. t he wo r tdw ideleader in sports, to create state-of_the-art publ ic skateparks. , ,says TheMi l ls .com. "Each X Games Skatepark of fers pubt icfaci l i t ies for skateboarding, b ike stunt r id ing (BMX) and in l ineskat ing. They are also home to nat ional and local exhtbi r ions.including stops on ESpN events such as the Dave MirraTour, a large screen te levis ion for X Games v iewing part resand a skaters and r iders lounge. There is a lso a maior reta i lout let featur ing an extensive col lect ion of act ion sportsmerchandise, inc luding c lothes, equipment, footwear, v ideogames and more."

    Their success is s imply unparal le led. Mi l ls Corporat ion hasthe fastest growing U.S. property stock wi th a $4 bi l l ionmarket capi ta l izat ion, as wel l as $6 bi l l ion in gross annualsales. With that k ind of prosper i ty , they' re def in i ie ly going to

    . i ' : ;

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