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    It Pays To hurry sometimes. Haste doesn't always make waste. The man who

    hurries into one of our

    Ten Dollar Suits saves money, for no where else can

    he buy the same quality of goods

    the same fit for the same money.

    But, perhaps, he wants a swell suit, better fabric.

    If so, he can lay down Eighteen or Twenty Dollars and take away from

    our store a suit good enough to wear

    to any party or reception. Our line

    is so large, so complete, that we can satisfy anybody, everybody.

    In Furnishing Goods, Hats and Shoes, we also take the lead.



    First National Bank,

    CAPITAL, $50,000.

    SURPLUS, $22,500.

    S. White;---- A.



    Yice-Pres'- t.

    Arthur McNamara, Cashier.

    A general banking business transacted.

    Davis' Seasonable Goods 1

    Davis, the Bicycle Man, THE VIKING, is the "biking", -- Best of cycles. THE ELDREDGrB, strictly first-clas-s.


    - - .

    - -

    - -


    THE BELVIDERE, a high grade at a popular price. TTTE CRAWFORD, absolutely the best wheel on

    Choice of all kinds of handle bars, saddles and pedals.


    Davis, the Seed Man, Has a full line of BULK GARDEN AND FLOW ER SEED from the celebrated Rice's Cambridge Val ley Seed Gardens.

    Davis, the Hardware Man, --Ricr stock of POULTRY NETTING, GARDEN


    NORTH : PLATTE ; PHARMACY, Dr. N. McOABE, Prop., J. E. BUSH, Manager.


    We to handle tlie.Best Grades G-ood- s, sell tliem at Reasonable Figures, and "Warrant ElverytMng


    Orders from the country and along the line of the Union

    Pacific railway respectfully solicited.


    Having refitted our rooms in the of style, the public is invited to call see us, insuring courteous treatment.


    C. F. is visiting rela tives in. town to-da- y.

    Guy Laing returned week from a ten days' visit at his ranch in Cheyenne county.

    Miss Minta Martin, of Los Ansreles, Cal., arrived in the city this morning and will pass the sum- mer with her sister, Mrs. Fred Ginn.

    Dr. McCabe was summoned to Cottonwood Wednesday to render medical aid to Mrs. Baege, wife of the superintendent of the cemetery who is seriously ill.

    From a I?axton correspondent of the News we learn that "Will Jeffers of city, late night oper ator at Paxton, has been given the day trick, at Julesburg.

    A fen year old son of Wm. Edis had a hand badly lacerated yester day afternoon by a horse throwing him against a barb wire fence, Dr. McCabe was summoned to dress the wound.

    Phenix Oswell was up before Judjre Ray this morning on the charge of running a house of pros titution. She was fined five dollars and cost, in detault of which she was sent fo jail.

    It is said that many cattle died in the counties west of us from the effects of eating" the red root pig weed and lambsquarter. It seems that cattle love to browse on these weeds, which causes them to bloat and die.

    Col. Hooker died in Omaha last nin-ht-. and his remains will be0 , taken to Des Moines for interment. M. C. Keith will, go down to-nig- ht to attend the iuneral. Colonel Hooker was well known by many North Platte people.

    --News' this city this forenoon of the deafh at Gothen burg of Ben L. Familton, a former resident of this city. The report says tnat wr. i amnion was en-- joying uis usual neaitn at nine o'clock last evening, when he was suddenly taken with heart disease and died within an hour.

    Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Walker went to North Platte last Thurs- day, and while there were initated info tile mysteries of the Order of the Eastern Star. They were royally entertained by friends, and were very much delighted with the ceremonies and speak with great praise of the grand lesson taught by lectures given. Oalalla News.

    The supreme court has reversed the decision and remanded for trial the case of George vs. McCullough, taken up from this county on error.

    sylabus in the case is as fol In an action of ejectment

    the provisions of the code of procedure, it must be alleged

    petition that the plaintiff is entitled to the possession ot the premises sought to be recovred.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Coleman en tertained the members of the ladies wheel club and their husbands last evening, the party being in favor of Mrs. Clauson, who is the auest at the Coleman residence. High-fiv- e was tne tue entertaining ieature, and verjT pleasant did the prove. Seasonable refreshments were served, and at midnight the

    good-night- s" were said, each guest having enjoyed the pleasures

    the fullest extent, accept governor

    Roth and E. F. Seeberger.


    The Tribune is indebted Major Burke

    when in messao-e-.Comnlpc


    Corbett. According to the statistics county

    tricts 120 building's; the latter being"

    frame, one one log-an- three sod. total number children the ages of and twenty-on- e is 3,948, of which 1,855 males and 1,793 females

    total enrollment pupils is 3,393, and average daily atten dance is During the past year new school houses built in the

    tne districts ueia six montns more school, held four months

    six montns more districts no

    number of teachers is 141 whom are fe males forty-si- x males.

    for males and $37.94 for females. value of school

    in tbe county is and PiMAQf and the Bar. on July 8, 1895,w t w I 01 rni.WU.iJ.Ol. lUldl CApCllUILULU

    Our billiard hall with make ot tables for sch0ol ourooses in the countv will supply all your for the ending July

    KEITH'S BLOCK, x'HJii UfllU-- rt,m.v



    employed ninety-fiv- e

    total property $84,062.46,

    Wines. supplied


    the TYlillinery.

    iuu HIRT --AT-

    RENNIE'S. This month is the last.

    Millinery positively at ONE- - HALF FKiCb. Come to


    MILLINERY SALE. '$7.00 Hats at $4. 00. S6.00 Hats at $3.50. . $5.00 Hats at $2.50. $4.00 Hats at $2.00. $3.00 Hats at $1.50,

    We will positively do 1 .1 Ml'say, to close tne


    mm w sale. FREE METHODIST CAMP MEETING. A Free Methodist camp meeting

    and district conference will be in Mr. Wellborn's grove", two and one-ha- lf miles east of Wellfleet, Neb., commencing . June and

    ting until the, over Sabbaths. A larsre tent 40x60 feet will be used tor services. Good spring water and fine shade for ten

    A ministerial association will be held forenoon, 23d to 26th. Services each day at 10 a. m., 2:30 p. m., and 8 p. Children's meetings every day at 4.30 p. "Bible Sal vation" is our motto. All interested are invited to attend. For any further call on ad- dress Dodge, district elder, Or- leans, Neb., J. W. Thomas, pas tor, Wellfleet Neb.

    PROCEEDINGS. June 2 Board met; present Hill

    Thomson. Hardin and county clerk. June 3 Board met; present entire

    board. claims were

    allowed-o- u the fund: V.-- E. Meyer, nails, bolts, etc., $26.74: Geo. W. Swift bridsre work, S40.

    The order was issued to the county treasurer: "You are hereby authorized to tdxes on the following" real estate without interest charge for the years 1883, 1884 and 1885, by reason of error in treasurer's office for the years named: Lot 1 block 3 in Penniston's addition; lots 3 and 4 in block 6, Penniston's addition; lots 2,

    4, block 6, Penniston's addition: 1 and 2, block 80, in North

    Platte; lot 8. block 111; lots 7 8, block lots 5 and 6, block lot5, block 126; lot 4, block 148; lot 3 and 4, block 150; lot 5, block 159, all in North Platte.

    COLONEL CODY SURPRISED . message was received by Col

    onel William F. Cody in timating that he will probably be

    to the nomination the republican ticket for gover

    nor of Nebraska telegram was from a friend

    of the Colonel's at Lincoln, It read: "You will be. asked to

    of evening to the the nomination for The nrizes were won bv Mrs. H. J. of this state.

    An effort was made to see Mr. Cody after the performance at the Coliseum last niffht. A for Inter Ocean called uoon

    TOOLS, RUBBER HOSE and the celebrated Acorn Deputy Secretary of State Evans at the conclusion of Stoves and Ranees. for a copy of the Nebraska School r1if nnfi --.upA to CPP Poi

    gSTDon't forget Davis, "that no one owes" need of anything Report for 1895-9- 6, issued by Supt. Cod in d to thenf "hitpn nnw in J

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