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This slideshow is all about the Northwest Territories.


  • 1. The Northwest Territories include thenorthern most areas of Canada. Thisterritory is as big as 1, 141,000 Km. Theterritory is between Nunavut and Yukon.These are territories, too. The NorthwestTerritories is near Beaufort Sea.

2. Map of Canada Map of the Northwest Territories 3. Three geographic nations cover most ofthe Northwest Territories: The ArcticArchipelago, the eastern ArcticMainland, and the western MackenzieValley area. The first two regions arebeyond the tree line and will roughlyform Nunavut The Arctic Archipelagoincludes all the territories islands. 4. Arctic Archipelago Eastern Arctic MainlandMackenzieValley Area 5. The Northwest Territories only has a fewmajor cities. They are: Fort Simson. FortSmith, Hay River, Inuvik and Yellowknife.Yellowknife is also the capital of theNorthwest Territories. Yellowknife is areally important part of the NorthwestTerritories because most of the people inthis territory live in the capital city. 6. Fort Simpson Hay River Fort SmithInuvik Yellowknife 7. It is very cold in the Northwest Territories.The winter lasts very long and thesummer lasts very short, there. Even insummer, there, its still cold. It justbecomes a little hot. 8. Summer in theNorthwest TerritoriesWinter in theNorthwest Territories 9. Not a lot of people live in the NorthwestTerritories. The population of this territoryis only 43,247. So only 1.0% of people livein the Northwest Territories. Thepopulation density is 0.0,there. 10. The Arctic only grows strong and sturdyplants. Some of them are grass, mosesand heather. A sub-region of the Arcticlands, known as the polar dessert, is evenmore barren. 11. Grass MossHeatherHeather 12. The types of animals found in theNorthwest Territories: Arctic foxes, Arctichares, bald eagles, beaver, belugawhales, bisons, Canada geese, Canadalynxs, caribou, fisher, flying squirrels, grizzlybears, moose, pacific loons, peregrinefalcons, polarbears, porcupines, raccoons, rainbowtrouts, red foxes, snowy owl, stripedskunks, tundra swan, wolves andwolverines. 13. Canada Geese Striped Skunk Tundra Swan 14. The Northwest Territories is an area ofnatural beauty. This makes it an ideallocation for outdoor adventures! Thereare mostly winter sports and activitiesthere. The popular sports are:snowshoeing, dog-sledding, skating, golfing, ice-climbing, hunting and cycling. 15. Snowshoeing Dog sleddingSkatingGolfing Ice climbing 16. There arent that many attractions in theNorthwest Territories, but there are someand they are very beautiful. Theseattractions are: Prince of Wales NorthernHeritage Centre, the Nahanni NationalPark, the Wood Buffalo NationalPark, Victoria Island and Cambridge Bay. 17. Prince of WalesNorthern HeritageCentreNahanniNational ParkVictoria IslandCambridge Bay 18. There are a few famous people that live orwere born in this territory. These peopleare : Ethel Blondin Andrew= First womenelected to Canada parliament.Abraham Opkik= First Inuik elected tolegislative assembly of the NorthwestTerritories. Charlie Penigoniak=Singer, songwriter, musician. PeterPitseolak= Photographer, artist, historian.Nellie Cournoyea=Politician. 19. Ethel BlondinAndrew Abraham Opkik Charlie PenigoniakPeter Pitseolak Nellie Cournoyea 20. The Northwest Territories is the perfectdestination for tours. Especially in thesummer time, when the weather is hot.Many tourists come to bird-watch, whilesome tourists watch polar bears. Peoplealso come to hike or to hunt. Otherscome for outdoor adventures likecanoeing, white water rafting, horsetrekking and ice-fishing. 21. Bird WatchingCanoeing White Water Rafting 22. GoogleGoogle ImagesNorthwest Territories(book)