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  • 8/8/2019 November Newsletter MOPS-Owatonna



    Tables bringing treats-11/2 Chemistry Chicks

    History Hotties-11/16 Biology Babes,

    Sociology Sisters-12/7 Debate Darlings,

    Geography Girls

    *Please make sure your treats arenot made with or in a plant where

    Peanuts are used.

    InthisIssue:KeepinitLocal pg1

    OwatonnaDowntownMap pg2Whatcantheyoferme? pg3

    Events-InanAround pg3CheckitOutOnline! pg3

    HappyBirthday pg4OurSponsors pg4SteeringTeam pg4

    ParentingwithScripture pg4 Keepin it LocalWhats the first place that comes

    to mind when you need birthday

    supplies, clothes and shoes, toilet

    paper, or even groceries?

    Was your first thought, dare I

    say it, Wal*Mart? Or even

    Target? Did you know there are

    so many other options in town for

    these types of purchases?Lets say for instance, downtown.

    We just drive right past these

    stores and restaurants, not always

    realizing the importance they

    play in the history and character

    of our town.

    Its gotta be a little rougher now-

    a-days to be in the downtown

    section, then it was once upon a

    time. Id have to guess that thepercentage of people who shop

    downtown is nothing compared

    to the percentage of people who

    shop at Wal*Mart. Why do you

    think this is? Well, I seem to

    think its generational. The

    youngest generation is being

    Tables bringing breakfast-11/2 Debate Darlings

    Geography Girls-11/16 Business Beauties,

    Psychology Sweeties, Horticulture Honeys

    -12/7 Chemistry Chicks, History Hotties

    *Please let your table leader know

    ahead of time if you are unable to

    bring treats so we can make sure

    there are enou h to o around.




    The Maternal JournalVolume



    brought up ONLY on the big bo

    chain stores, leaving the majori

    to never think about these mom

    and pop shops that greatly affec

    our community.

    So I challenginyou along with myself, to think

    outside the box! Take a look at

    what downtown Owatonna has

    offer you. I have included a map

    provided by the Owatonna

    Chamber of Commerce website

    And I will highlight some

    businesses and things they offerthat would be a great place for

    you to start in your downtown

    adventures. Take a peek and se

    for yourself what you may have

    been missing out on this whole


    -Stephanie Wrig





  • 8/8/2019 November Newsletter MOPS-Owatonna


  • 8/8/2019 November Newsletter MOPS-Owatonna


    Events--In and Around

    ECFE Bazaar & Bake Sale

    Saturday, November 6th, 9am-2pm

    Elks Holiday Craft Show

    Saturday, November 6th

    Annual Hand-made Craft & Bake Sale Saturday, November 6th

    Hearts at Home 2010 Conference

    Saturday, November 13thFor more information visit

    Watch the paper for info on the

    Hometown Holiday Weekend coming up!

    Check it out Online

    Find lots of MOPS moms on Facebook

    Looking for a daycare?Find a list of daycare providers in town

    {MOPS of Owatonna

    {Stephanie Wright

    Want to list your blog or webpage here

    to share with other moms?

    Contact Stephanie Wright

    [email protected]

    What can they offer me?

    ndition for a great low price. Nowcluding a maternity section.

    cks Pizza Palace-reat food. More than just pizza.un family oriented old school sit downel. Look for a 10% off coupon in theopper, and find their full menu in thellowpages of the dex phonebook.

    ustom Coffee-great comfy place to meet with arlfriend over a coffee and maybe all too!

    arty Plus-et all your kids birthday partypplies here. And items for otherasons or holidays as well. They arelling to special order the items you


    istis Boutique-uy a unique piece of clothing orwelry with exceptional personalrvice!

    Completely Kids-Get your halloween costumes, kidsclothes, shoes and toys. They alsohave a maternity section. Save abundle compared to regular price atthe department stores.

    Little Professor-Book, puzzles and games! Whateveryoure looking for they can specialorder it in quickly for you!

    Costas-Hand-made chocolate and caramels.Restaurant open for breakfast andlunch, Monday - Saturday.


    One of the newer stores downtownoffering herbal life products andweight loss contests. Along withyummy, good for you foods.

    Country Goods-Great gifts for friends and family. Alarge selection for those who collectwillow tree angels and other knick-knacks.

    Pizza Ranch-Tuesday nights Kids eat FREE!

    Owatonna Shoe-A great selection with great serviceThey will do the work for you.

    Including measuring your childs foand help you find the perfect fit!

    Pauls Shoe Repair-Dont ditch that favorite pair of shoeSee how Pauls shoe repair can fixthem up like new!

    Old Town Bagels-Start your day out right, with bagelsmade from scratch! Or be the heroby bringing fresh bagels in to work!

    Stop in for one of their special luncbagels, or soup.

    So many more we just cant namethem all. Check out the chamberwebsite to see listing of all the local businesses.

    And dont forget to see whatdowntown Owatonna has to offeryou!

    -Stephanie Wrig

    Uptown Consignment-Second hand clothing andother items in great
  • 8/8/2019 November Newsletter MOPS-Owatonna


    -Mamarya Soaps-Swedberg Enterprises-Costas Restaurant-Premier Designs Jewelry-Dr. Dresser

    -Dr. Brian Burmeister & Partners of Main Street Dental

    A BIG THANK YOU to our Sponsors!!! We couldnt do it without you!

    KimKubicek- Nov. 2nd

    Julie Schultz- Nov. 12th

    Brooke Resler- Nov. 20th

    Elizabeth Chell- Nov. 21st

    Coralie Peterson-Nov. 23rd

    If your birthday isnt listed here, we may

    not have your information. Please see a

    Steering Team member.

    Co-Coordinator & Service

    Ivy Langeberg 507-390-0753Mentor Moms

    Anne Swedberg 507-390-0214Hospitality

    Stephanie Butler 507-213-1721

    CreativityNancy Hawkinson 507-444-9230


    Beth Oltmans 507-456-1106


    Julie Schultz 507-213-1421Lisa Weber 507-676-2811

    Kara Seiler 507-446-0561Discussion Group

    Bridget Hayes 507-413-0413

    Publicity/NewsletterStephanie Wright 507-676-1216

    2010-2011 STEERINGTEAM

    Leviticus 19:3Each of you must respect hismother and father, and you mustobserve my Sabbaths. I am theLORD your God.

    Leviticus 19:32Rise in the presence of the aged,show respect for the elderly andrevere your God. I am the LORD.

    Proverbs 11:16aA kindhearted woman gainsrespect.

    1 Thessalonians 4:11-12aMake it your ambition to lead aquiet life, to mind your ownbusiness and to work with yourhands, just as we told you, so thatyour daily life may win therespect of outsiders.

    Parenting With ScriptureWhat does the Bible say about this?

    1 Thessaloninas 5:12bRespect those who work haamong you, who are over yothe Lord and who admonish

    Hebrews 13:17Obey your leaders and submto their authority. They kewatch over you as men whomust give an account. Obeythem so that their work wila joy, not a burden, for thawould be of no advantage tyou.

    1 Peter 2:17 Show properrespect to everyone: Love tbrotherhood of believers, feGod, honor the king.

    Respect-1. verb- To admire and have

    a high opinion of someone.

    2. noun- A feeling ofadmiration or considerationfor someone that makesyou take the personseriously

    -Access Tonna Lock-Couyer Construction-Dr. & Mrs. Olson-G&T Enterprises-Gnemi Appraisal

    -Federated Insurance-Cornerstone E-Free Church-Owatonna Clinic

    -Bethel Church-Don Derrah