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    Mission Control: Where Super Moms Get Their Ideas November 2009

    Where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20

    Being thankful on Planet MomBeing thankful on Planet MomBeing thankful on Planet MomBeing thankful on Planet Mom

    Diapers. Lots of dirty diapers. And, whining about things like who gets to get into the car first and how snack was sup-posed to be brown Goldfish crackers, not orange Goldfish crackers. Messiness, the kind that requires the Costco sized box of Magic Erasers. Tantrums, public ones in which the body of the child drops to the floor and becomes completely double jointed, making picking him up without ap-pearing abusive out of the question. The grating voice of Dora as she goes shouting through the rainforest, totally uninhibited by any form of parental supervision. The in-ability to eat even the tiniest morsel of food without having to share it. Occupying a living space with unruly little beings that seem to suffer from severe CNLS (Chronic Non-Listening Syndrome). The list could go on and on. If Planet Mom had a complaint box, I am sure it would be filled with grievances such as these. Oh, there are good things as well, to be sure. But, with the demands of a home and small children bearing down on me, I often find myself feeling trapped on an un-tamed planet populated by hostile aliens ready to take me captive at any moment and make me their slave for life! With al-most all of my time, attention, and energy being consumed by life on this crazy planet, I can easily lose sight of the truth about my circumstances: they are CIRCUMSTANCES. By definition, a circumstance is a tem-porary, conditional event that changes when the surrounding conditions change. One minute, life is great; the children are all singing worship songs as they dance gaily around their makeshift Noahs ark, fashioned out of a laundry basket and every stuffed animal they own. Within sec-onds, the circumstances can drastically change child A almost accidentally touched the stuffed Nemo fish owned

    by child B, sparking a throw down of such epic proportions that the neighbor thinks that your family is being attacked by a mob of maniacs and calls the cops. No sooner does the melee begin than the children are distracted by the sirens call of the Backyar-digans, and peace is once again restored. Yes, Planet Mom is a tempestuous place. Conditions are never predictable. What a comfort then that we have a loving Lord and protector who will never allow more into our lives than we can handle. I am convinced of this when I read 1 Thessaloni-ans 5:18: be thankful in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus. You may be confused as to how this par-ticular scripture assures me that the Lord will never demand more of me than I can bear, especially given the picture I have pre-viously painted of our harsh, maternal planet. The key, for me, lays in just one, tiny little word: in. If He had said, be thankful for all circumstances, I might not be so certain. But, God is not asking me to be thankful for the annoyances of life. Rather, I am to be thankful, despite my ever-changing circum-stances, for those fixed truths that I, as a follower of Jesus Christ, can stand firmly on in the midst of ANY storm. Here are just a few to meditate on and be thankful for:

    I am Gods child John 1:12 Christ will never leave nor forsake

    me Hebrews 13:5 God gives me grace and mercy in

    my time of need Hebrews 4:16 I am a citizen of heaven Philippi-

    ans 3:20 I can do all things through Christ

    who strengthens me Philippians 4:13

    For every one of the complaints detailed above, there are dozens of Gods precious promises for which I can be thankful. It comes down to remembering day by day, moment by moment to treasure His love for me, notwithstanding the chaotic climate of Planet Mom.

    Inside this Issue: Being Thankful - 1 Results Are In- 2 Space Team- 2 Classifieds - 3

    Operation Christmas Child -4

    MOPS Reminders -5 Kids in the Kitchen-6 Steering Spotlight-6 Mentor Mailbag -6 Space Craft -7

    Branson Photo - 8 MOPS Dates - 8

    $5 Childcare Night-8 Celebrations - 9 T-Shirts - 9

    Rocket Science- 10 Discovery Toys - 11

    Cartoon - 11 Bible Verse- 11

    Remember: Next meeting is November 10th

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    The Space Team Coordinators: Tennille Michel ~ 417.335.4807 Mary Blackwood ~ 417.335.5437 Finance: Meoldy Alms ~ 417.561.2602 Publicity: DeAnna Sheets ~ 417.880.9936 Prayer & Care: Amy Wilhoit ~ 417.336.9822 Hospitality: Jen Cooper ~ 417.496.6133 Renea Daniels ~ 417.339.3335 MOPPETS: Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381 Jenine Conway ~ 417.239.0632

    Service Coordinator: Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381 Craft Coordinator: Hollie Holderfield ~ 417.263.0484 Small Group Coordinator: Kelly Skoglund ~ 404.819.6527 Mentors: Carolyn Loften ~ 417.336.5487 Peg Welte ~ 417.335.2525

    Small Groups Leaders: Jordan Miller ~ 417.230.5072 Sarah Matthews ~ 417.334.58.12 Sara DeLawder ~ 417.230.2811 Stacy McNeill ~ 417.336.1111 Kara Swofford ~ 417.336.1937 Maryann Riveros ~ 417.336.8706 Vanessa Hogan ~ 417.335.3785 Kathy Morgan ~ 417.339.4108 Kim Matthews ~ 417.230.6409 Kami Biedenstein ~ 417.348.0695 Tami Guerin~ 417.880.7370

    The Results Are In. . . . MOPS Poll 2009

    Favorite Season

    Fall= 56.8% Spring= 13.6% Summer= 29.% Winter= 0%

    Favorite Holiday

    Christmas= 81.3% Thanksgiving= 11.6% Halloween= .023% St. Patricks Day= .023% Easter= .023% Favorite Type of Chocolate?

    Milk= 61.4% Dark= 25% White= 13.6% Favorite food at Thanksgiving?

    Turkey=27.3% Stuffing=29.5% Ham= 6.8% Sweet Potatoes= 18.2% Desserts= 18.2% Free time favorites? Date Night= 81.8% Girls Night Out= 11.4% Soak in Tub= 4.5% Watch T.V.= 2.3%

    Visit the Branson PM MOPS website and sign up on the side for e-mails to be noti-fied of any new postings.

    Be thinking about some-Be thinking about some-Be thinking about some-Be thinking about some-one you need to nomi-one you need to nomi-one you need to nomi-one you need to nomi-nate for a Marvelous nate for a Marvelous nate for a Marvelous nate for a Marvelous Mom Award! Mom Award! Mom Award! Mom Award!

    What has someone done What has someone done What has someone done What has someone done that touched your life.that touched your life.that touched your life.that touched your life.

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    I want.I Have MOPS Classified

    Do you have something you dont want anymore? Are you looking for a bargain? Send your I wants.I DeAnna Sheets at [email protected] or fill out a card at the registration table. Do you have a need that MOPS may be able to fulfill. Fill out a confidential I want, I have, I need card and drop it off at the

    registration table.

    I want. . . . . . .

    *Inexpensive 19 used televisions (contact Kim at 527-7770) *Dora & Diego items (contact DeAnna at 417-880-9936) *Toddler Bed (contact Renea at 339-3335) *Full Size Bed (contact Renea at 339-3335)

    *Stroller for 2 toddlers (contact Peg at 339-7791) *Brand New red and white tricycle (contact Peg at 339-7791) *Magneetos 72 piece set (contact Sara at 230-2811) *Diego 123 Board Game (contact Sara at 230-2811) *Veggie Tales Play Dough (contact Sara at 230-2811) *8.5 tan/cream Jessica Simpson heels

    (contact Sara at 230-2811)

    I Have Continued . . . . .

    *Baby Einstein Babys Favorite Place (contact Amy at 336-9822) *Baby Einstein On the Go (contact Amy at 336-9822) *Baby Einstein Baby McDonald (contact Amy at 336-9822) *Baby Einstein Baby Noah (contact Amy at 336-9822) *Summer/Spring Boy Clothes Up to Size 2T (contact Amy at 336-9822) *Boy Shoes Various Sizes (contact Amy at 336-9822) *Complete Nursery Set (green, blue and yel-low) (contact Peg at 339-7791 *Tony Lamas Ostrich cowboy boots size 12 D (contact Peg at 339-7791) *Leapfrog ABC Radio (contact Sara at 230-2811) *Eddie Bauer Puppy Dog Harness Backpack

    (contact Sara at 230-2811) *Navy Blue Double Recliner (contact Sara at 230-2811) *Samsung Blackjack II PDA (red) phone with

    chargers (contact Sara at 230-2811)

    I Have. . . . . . .

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    Operation Operation Operation Operation Christmas ChilDChristmas ChilDChristmas ChilDChristmas ChilD

    Instead of a craft this month we will be preparing shoeboxes and mailing them for Opera-tion Christmas Child.

    Heres How it Works:

    -Decide if you want to create a shoe box for a girl or boy. -For added fun get your kids in on it also or the whole family. -Go shopping it doesn't have to be expensive in fact you could buy a lot of the items at the dollar store. We need you to have enough items to fill your box 2/3 of the way full and then MOPS can take care of the rest. Below is a list of items to include and items NOT to include, please make sure to read through before purchasing. Bring your items to MOPS and we will help get boxes packed. Special thanks to Stacy for making sure we have all the boxes we need!

    **GIFT IDEAS TOYS small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, small Etch A Sketch, toys that light up or make noise (with extra batteries), Slinky, etc. SCHOOL SUPPLIES pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or markers, stamps and ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, solar calculators, coloring and picture books, etc. HYGIENE ITEMS toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap (in a plastic bag), comb, wash-cloth, etc. OTHER Hard candy and lollipops (please double bag all candy), mints, gum, T-shirts, socks, ball caps; sunglasses, hair c