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Download m·collections.mun.ca/PDFs/hgstandard/HarborGraceStandard18761202.pdf · of nrts nnri mam1ft\clnrca nnd pnclncts w.LS ... W'S lCr i .!o emotion ; :1 oore~ lonely her bcs~ of ovcry~hing

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    11 EAD OFFICF...').

    Advertisements. ./' HARBOR GRAG FU.B.NITUliE DEPOT.

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    A, & E. PARSONS C.AlJLNE1-1JfAKEU::;, &c,,

    ~N T:I.\NKn;G their utRnr, !ncnda in 1 ll:t~l>or G mcu auJ tho Ou pol"tJ geocr-ally, {,~ ~ho hll.r:.l patr.nn;;e hOr.ltll(oro ro.>ivcd, bcj; reIKifully to Annonnce, !u: thuy h:wo un ltauJ " I.IJl!O aupply of

    Fltrnitu~e, "hich will oo offered fo>r anlc nl n \'cry .o~oh r tc pric,. T~" fo!loritt,; compriSo a portion of their


    CII .\ IR'i-Rncl painting of the.:Cnwn l'riUCfl on I~ all of tho d.1y in the former, nnd but centunes m Ulcse lmN~, more can no~ bo all f,u:~., :U't' he.1nly Lid~ wtth {!Mef, rul and everything CS31lnti:U ~ n co-Jnt.ry s l hol'l'ehack f'lhtrnill" from one

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    n brief lime in the lo.~l.or, in~AJouiu:; to ll:li,l thnn that here she seems fully to nul a~rrow pcrvnd t he ~up, "for pr!,'l'OS.'- 'l'CH.Iu~. t he E~hibitiou shows ni1mc:rous L:!ltlcs~'llthich Lc au~fnliy pay it 11 more extcn Joo visit before le:w 3 11~t..in h~r ol?, old ftun! . T'uc. Veh"'t.l U.lUY. h":i. dc:\tl !n her c~t." Tho mother's tbat thoy ha~o nchio,cd gr.at.-n:oy, un conducted in t lto' Lito r~ronco-Prul>f inn ing th~ cicy. Ou wnlking throuoh nny Wued down wtth dep:tr tn1 ot of m:mnfacturos yo.1 look~~~. lbo wp:-k fvrt.~ l. The poor old ~tT~~ndmot'!lcr's other exhiiJitin:; nntion. It L'l neeJle311 prom:nuf. indi,idurJ

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    of nrts nnri mam1ft\clnrca nnd pnclncts w.LS low~y in the exu-cm:;, it.d intric.,IA: 1 c":mt.~r.:ln~ h s tho '':i'siblo ~ark!! of to l'('C:lpituln.!.o t.luJ \ uriuus ~runc_hea of wcitins to rccci,o 1i.:Mo.hon w!ln ~Q{I~ of tho soil and mino hero di.spluyed uy o..nu U JIIC.It.~ t r:IC 'I')' 1>-mg nl' ll"C l.ke ;;rtr f' .nnd uuwn tile old rntln s cheeb goods hl'ro dlspl:~yOI! : thu mnc::ty Ill ~otl llfiJir:>:lcbin with tho Cll'litulation f thl' whoh: ctvJI.iz.cJ worlcl-a wucccion thro.1d lacc-d"'i .;n~ a:od wor~:u msh p Lllil uot.t-:r t.c 1:-s lre ~>e11.:.t rc n:.tJ tho ~l"ncral tin ish o f nil the gootls ~t. tltnl of notice not. onlv on ncxot::l' :;or;;oous in ucau:.y, nnd of Ule llliDO'>t lt is m!lnnf.ICtUreJ in::.o :.11 a...r a If .uti Ill :lim of t~e n~w e)lll :tnrl lifele-ss .. ():'10 !limply lircd. ~~f UJ!'ir Bppnrcnt 'PXCC'llcnCf' ul!t ~ prncticnlu~ility. H:ttl Domiaio &mp cl 'S of ltso ami l":t.I:Jto:t~, no~ only for tim"l j oy on ar th." 'fhe f.1~h2r':1 fnco J::,cr1 St.t'o in tho Union 11cnds forth. bN:alCIO t.hcy nTe rcJ'G'eSCln~l.i~o of~~>nn li.veJ in this dll.y nud \ L1it~.O."it~ry of a !'II mit- tho Jo,ely e1cs lire t:nut'~ 1 E, ll"nt inncJ nnd incren!ing pro 1 s~rne.l 10 guzc into t ho ol...cr~:rs :~~ !ron-those t wo Ycry csswti:ll eleuwuts nnyhiu:; to cqulfl- 1~b~V'' IV}.!' 1 do n~~ \J"';lra 1o0 e~ccrd 11.ll o:.h~n1 rxccpt t.h:: s~ nn,l g'l"C'ItnPSl!, to nn rxlCJI~ to 1 !l!l if i~ were th~ir mil!lli 11 ll , t w n conntry's P~I\!SS. A nmgniliccnt think thnt in nmnut:octHr_;o ~.xxfs, an.) U nit .. .J 'L:lte, nml Cre:1t Dri:~in uml which, loum:lnly Bjlr:tkm,;, uo limit c:1n 111,1; 11 nad not. n c' . mo oerot 1.

    0 ~ . f " Ll c . I ! I 0 I I I E b'' . . L. l I . ' I I 0 'I 'I I' 0 I '" I 0 . I . - n.L 1 or '1 ISIJl;o fl. \'fll'li'J 0 ur C:l, rnu1:.., ..,._y~lllll, t.11LJ;; Ill t 10 w 10 II :'t IUIIJO!l Cll\ II" I"!' jlllu IWu tCr CU Qll ll'.i. Je n euo,!\ UC l Ohll~u. :\ ..... i!.Sl. fl'mr~itwt ..., . . ~ . 1 . , . - c ln,.. . I t 1. I r I c . I I II . - . . .I 0 I l . . . I 1 I tl f I I I d -'11 )Y.Il:l!lll" Ill tIC wloolo ExlHIJilion I an mue ... c gm.t ;;:n~ nt,. on y "" tl \'Rt'IIX, m u ~ c.l eu ,,l : l o: ; :-.:;tOll~ s!..nr.; cx;enSI\'' un \';l r:to, , "'~ m "i'Jl!':lmuco !Jfllncrum- :\n t ocr r1y o , " .t; .~ nn : , , .

    'L t \' t-. Hiu ;L . 0 11\G. I !Ju:uuunn. I n llllllllllolctti'(R, c.~n:~dll or:s. . .. a ny tmt:on in tho wor!tl. Jl or Jn!\OU ' nt\!ni.--anothrr UOI' of ~cin~ tho ~00 rop~r-!ll'nlw;; t !e ~i\l'rlll~ of the- nncu

    "11 l1 . l\V I , 1'. 1

    ' ' E. \"'". J.,,, ' hoo \ J' \ \ t, J. ~ ~ 1, . j\ t u .cr I. 1

    Ql' E r .. ~ I '\~ I !{ \ X (. F Bul L . oln 1 1':"~ uul t() nil \\'(~1-wi,hcr~ of t !w n~tt".lttcd oru:L~ cr..r'.'/,J.i of :\Ctuirin;; vi.-it.- anu in inLrin,iu \',line i~ unl"i\'a!lrd by l'njtl\-uwnt. nntl, I HIW fiiiV, nmazel t\ttruct.~ .:s. ~liiC.t ~ttcntton liSP ~h:\~ '

    ( ' j ,bows hrrsclf to uc wclluplu th f' ttrnmo of tho edso toolsnnd olber linrs it; p.'lrqnent:J ;,trc centm~ of Mt~1cHon, !.'lees, (.;l,):!n, y,.!,.t, of all l.:in.J ,~'\nol l tu l'('. J will, ho we,cr, witho1~ fnrthnr 1

    ltJC31Lr th? Qnccn. An. 1m.m~JUO

    I I I ,, tl .r.,, _, :-, CA.,(J llllf- ' I ~ 1 J'b' 1 r 1 h t J ' I 1 , 1 - l d - 1 .1 cmwrt.,contnu:n!l~tY..-fo-tlu lltLJUltn"" I. 0 ..... . j ' l at. \\'111'1' Ul,'lll" e.1UO to nny s. The 1.-tcr, nrtl simply ex- mnny ni8les 11nu !ICeennso .. " "'"'r "" .... v . .- " " ' " Y I, ... ~ngs to nod u .lent by Our ~OS~ I , 1. .11. \ ;. ,; ~ I I I. ' . 0 ' I""' I . r I[( )I ft.lXC n. , ,.,LIItil'ul 8(11."- imlot\ll being f'Xhibltf'd hy 1\DI:IIO ltom"S fl-om th'l tho~~ humble ~J cxc~ebl b:: :\,,y c mn~ry Jooro rcp~eslllf' c.l. In troint uf~ylr~ :ntl p\ti l!rCI~ of nil Tlltiono; arc di,Jby(!jl. ThoU..'co:;nizin~somo fi1milinr f"CCll portro~yetl :~nil Sr.nl h. rern;-wnttu~; Ad.mur~ Fnml. 65.::! tc cent. of tho \ntirc net Premiuulll a glnncowM be!towf'd. T1\ken ol~th l11.rs, "Which m~..., u. pro~t I) 11111t him. mn:;nilic~nt displ:ty m:~Jo b_,. t heir coun- ,.,.ith fBithfulni"C., in N o:m:ut's own a od gut, on tho toJ)8:ill:yaru of hill a!up. Tho rccci\'cd on C\'ery P olicy in force. rr, Co..n:~ua mny well fuel proud nt the Thii raise.! a laugh, and the whole purty I try. I n nil her oxhibi~o~~ thero is n sim unsurp:tsscd slylt. After "doing" t !Je :1"c:. of the 111np18 ~ot alto':' but fr~m

    Fl..:ro cb L1.1:'e d isi>IRy Mle hn.s Jnllde at the Exhibition. went. to ~amino the thuusand-runn!ler ; plu gr.lnd"ur thnt aproh qnie~l~ Lu~ Pholo,:;mphic OS1lton, thus_ RnmmC d:\u~ht.er. 'f h6 old lady nppct11'8 to bo ExhiUition is superioc-. Tile Oolonics nnt.in"' from oo.e who p111a forth o~ pos- IICPnf' ofobu:;ht..aT and defca~ ; ~bile Ul 10 i~~e .l'o li~ieugaiun lo by_.):'ire: ~~~~Aq~H~t : tutel'in en~eaa 1\'tuic~1-from a P'ir of 1 on the !lido of the younJ> conpll', &nd is Rre elulllerod I\ round old Britannia, nod ~ t.be 8llllllle:.t p~tensiuna t.o be a cont:udistincl.ion is tl1e eet.ly upre~'-

    .IA.M.ES S. "\ll~TEll. A:r\D.o..HW T. D'RY8J?ALE, ~w!Hlol~r.~evp ~utfON up to a fortr eviclently very eames~ in Iter tulvxacy ai!Cm, ns1' were, M rnro gom11 in the Im c:cnmo~. a.v..: " U P.:Jl$Groso"~lnutro ~.lin~ t:!t. Jobn'r, llorbo~ Gnee. .fiye-Av.wf~.t.or.7 aa given bi' .Balw.:r Lytwo, to ~ftJ ma e- ' to f-ir}e b~redgoliJ~~J, ~ kb~ 't!J'o yqung fellow'' is P:rht~ps the~MttJ wlial!.!i' i11 Wool, in W oods, iu Manu- lb'i)irpi'OIItmto ol1ief. On tho rjg.bt. sid.o mnr.c her lo~~ lee with a hfoentlur-

    ,... , , ~~~ ; ~.JAPi&~ .p,~i .. ll o-,.,y. ;1~ il iniereliting ~' tbe111o~ot of an'/ ill 'hO' fGctu~; tlnd lf!Gclmens' .of' ria.nteDMp01 UJ&t. :l-5 'i.'l'llOil~ ~ amo~ you, 1M ltma b~~ot h i .t1!1 prepand.&o.u&C'Qte ML ~~ o( ~ .inob. j.n ~01111-wu blf en~ver,"H t ldok$1ii tor 'bop; and .-.hohl combinhl~ ~ ~b a ,tisht. of Q...,l apparenl! Wlmi.ndf'ul of ~I the c:LSt.l~~ at.obe~ w. ll~ ~ nlere iu the &bote Jiae f)f b~ {o ~.lwo JaQDared and 81\j dplls- ooneoltP.ion.ltbere! ~tb~ n~ worlllerariu tldanra\1on m &IHI allCll or for- tJo4 of other coo.pi.ratQ,..._ "-a JUa a...rl are cbildro of ~.ega from ~~ h~t.e ' __ , i ol


    the atately 11rilotocrat ; u.~ slave &Dd the bad ~ined ;-of aoch aa theae wa1 booour be i' !'Aid, ww one \lllh aud be3uty, &y*Verda "!so 1eterved apOdal nm r iu,!Dbl. fr.nd.R~ Ri.r.!);UI,;-Jllujonaie, fllr . m t I er w ... a'fflllii'iti\Af } Uiy &P,in repeAted. Lhf-1r uhore. A liUie cJ1plo~ on !he i)art t ionw, St~"Wgth, Hlilil, Cou~pt,Ont~ or aadl!f i nt.uesting in old as~ decay or t ion, jts qi\OIA to the IIUpJIOI't of the lG; Melune.r.. 6 .. 1}. .lii.WODI "' tho ln- thl'lr l~auon. But we do IA.Id and ""'J'41CC& to .. B&i_elltDby and lAd) oft he eaptam woula haYo ob91at.d IUl 11nd L \'U. Truly it t11~ 8 IW:Lool for -film-, ~>OGSON 110 intoresi nnd atford min~r reJcbiug O\'er threo abillin~ dbna, 40 :. Mlulonon OI_, 29 : :U .. ru~"'o l'Onto d that thi l'.luic"on, bti~ Olovec-. '\:, ; amouat of a la riD oa th11 part ohbe p111

    t d J -" . : '-- tt '---~ t..i t .1 P ud ""'r mem\,er The ubchiMI'" too, for 3r.020 Jrl~~t! S'l' O at pre..eLl, t ~'Y t:l e . m o a h d d. l I h wm betwloen thu llrst uf !u, brothrr-

    111 !!CeO- IC r UCtiOOS () t 10 mos I. d k lll:":culaut!lont.les \\tl - TRt:Tll STRA:sorll TH A!'I Frcrrns Pnec:t fur " e"" small dcshes I would nn t.he e ~:nu1g of \\' edn\!.'>lla5, t he !!2nd

    0 11 tr:ltt d , for IL Will rend., red in tho teeth JU ~NO 0 Of II " 11c1' t1 oOoll'IIIDr un - \ \ c no~1c. ti11t. hnlL m the column ., ' I 'f be te t.cd t ,.. ous 1nuly conttlt ute themtl'l,.l' JU' i learn thnt tbt~ lumhcr i" lliH.'')unlleJ 1.~ uy thnt the ownt'IS of those f!t'St...,nr mat., w lllltlll~ s'tould !.:now it. Some nd\1~1' nlw th- mntr . 1hro latter bcln!! rJ clunwquuu.:e u grtl..."llauu uuu wt p u I '

    10 11Ct'n p IS~'tl t,-, 11111! nn " ~ ~ eoo ll 11 Nl n11 f I I h b ..~ ~ ~ "'' nua y rcl"' ' Ul" to 1ucren nLlra:c:.s . '

    I>ocnti\o res t 10 c t 11 ..., ay for ,.11 hou r or 1 11 ... IIIL'Non I'} cnt~qutst' of on r Chur.:h n,lnur:L o n< t ross, unprcss on 1 hnt 1 he cou ' 110l r t>:lt tl ~., bl' tt~r 1011 ol ll , !',xcrlloncy tho OotlrnM and 1. 1 ~h 0 ~tiiiCI JOIII nil I ft\HIII' .'cauty and tksc. u.J i n.un lht' Cllntom mHIIIIIItlon "1th n"'l''""t tu tho Gunst I of thyrr means "' futuro t.ow,.rJg tho ex " u uld ~:o utto t bu j;n.llr ht D~Iny m beb~>ll of miSSIOn\loOrlc, Olndo by the M..l .. ndrt 'enmo ou t of t !lo J:all.-y , a nu thil M~.'h as fnr u.s oulll forb1d us to 11ttl'mpL a k.etch, Warren Wl'nt to tbe f~Jroeaatle. ~Ie- m pmecu1on to t ho whllrf.of tho t~un r,.,.1 in . D' e P.ln!. I'll ;. 1~ llu~~r e ht l l dout. :SO 1i \VO 1:1\l n~lectrd,_ ,~o owh "") nnd :;vi'S t he mmd, tho f')' , our m~mory will penni!. even bad \~o been coptollllly fu rnished le~de. w~s then he~.rd to wu~ter IOODJe A. She:\, ":'~ere the 1fu.:r caa h 1J J USt ' obeer n -rl a lil!h: lherPon, the e~Ht.:u .. h:>t'e only onrl re~tcbed. l bey wre ~o~ccompunied hy ! uf wt\l.!t Dit her h i cha r t no r ~n 1-,nnl; : c.m ... >lctl, hllw. rr. h~ 1 h. nlll'CtH.t:& th:&l know mdet:.J but tbRt fur s~rnplc 1 cr} txph11ned cl~arl 1 tho m-c, tty for Now, h n o theso tbmgs no mterost 1 d1d not undent11nd. lle rPupon \Vr- aoor.tl h11:1d, )JI.11in aJr.i KJ'pruprialt h' 1 1 t'u ' l.JW~ h Cro ... ~ - of -ell ~t~--~1 1 I' 1 lnnd 1n the rno her countr ('Xerctscd 1lll name m L'ISions 1\1'0 hmguL~Inng for lent-or a o~:rJ c:bu:~ctor II Pbown t o 1\ble m c:h 'If Sfl.tc.> nnd l)li\SOutuJ a r f " 1 If ( '"''Ill" t'""' 1rutwr to ~!.car m )11l ~~~trn ...., ~ ~" f>t-op e, 1\ 1 < n1s I ; . h k I &e h V .. tl'r ltllln,. t11ellell t h111J!'."\. , V,th- [ron TU!: llAIUlOII oruc1: ITA~OMU>.) brre~t of l'l~elendl" wu aurrud a dMdiJ hn111011red, htv l comu ou~ wllh Ita ""ry huy .. t.uJ th-1l n u:~rtr of r~ .;J, nt~ thct.:\llk of n thohim;j thu cretht of t '1 i-1

    ....,...., a 1 ffi t to ~ fli\UIOO "htehlf111 t\1 bo ap l>C!ae~l ollf b t f . f to 1 1 1 t1 ., llllCJillllowr 11 tl 0 J 1 u 1 "P with UDI!.\Oadaulc JOSth n, \\ ultm;; ou: gomg 1111.0 pnrt1cu "~ 8U 1co 1 . - - . b Warron'et.fott blood. We ti 'ltl Ul m 11"1 110r.~, 1\S 1 ll low, w ICIIIL r ea bftl llll\u p 11, e 101, 111hn rel~~:tl "' ! ~ . . . . . 1' ~ nn 1L8 " cou _r" their t urn at tho dmmg t..ule~ wttb I R:l) t b.lt tho lu:;ho!!t ocole.'0, t fu11 m~,:.craou dc,l'\llum oftl:o mighty d~p :

    do ""nlO hun !!I'\' nllw comers drop mto I ed ern m thl\ hi:;heat ehurca d1gnitan A rter t be usulll preluninwry aor vicell n;: t 1e fmtullnea ~rn . DPN~~c.,r. c: 0 'f1 ~hono in h.tn nony with tlu' unitt'I'Sl\ ltl10 "'"" 1 ' i5 of tl 11' " D 1rJ'CCJIIIl" .Me 'I- I "Th(' t1mc boiw n -.1r 3 0c:ok 1, 01 -... 0 Tl o h f L' I J b lsi .d . d J n . E a !00' 0 t ort nra. 0 r. u l l 8 1 0 . I I h I f . 0 : . " , , . 0 0 .. ... t be v~ted c1mm1 aean the bul of f:tre 1e .mre o ..:.n:; &D Ill l Ill Kn of SlnltJng liD pm)or, .uemlllter, Jq., t ll S D ad h h I \V u~II"O Lo 1onor t '"1r1v I o om \lV 1-.~on Instl~lltlon 1.111 miSSIOn snrm~ I one of my men ut!llen&lmthr meeLin!!'l, an rcgre~ ,, en had tb b t t t lv .1 C\lrt:e am "" I"""' m U',;" eUttN ed b the C\'1\n!!Chz:.tt.ion of thc~o untntor ooncluJ, l tl.nt 1t h"d 1>1-on u uc uu . ...,. . . "' f h 1 -" ' 1 hi I . r I I"- b 111 ... , e eon 1n a n _. u'a' . b .. , o p resent auch tolin1t.e varzoty u e bu " t 11 ru ea IWOjl...,.. as wuro app ca e ted th11t l lll&tate o lOll . u WM auc 1111 bl 0 lid b d 1 n ou e1t er Blue. ed mount.'\incera T ho atudentl. of~ taken ide:\ ""bo3 the oljoct " -,.111 I'~"~' lD m face t "}'11 a:ud no twoifdd of t.o the Clrcumil.ances oi tho C!1urch to cnuse hi.\ rcfmw to th irwilat ion

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    1 _ aYteh ':l1"'d.

    1111 ~ "t -d A.btlnt ten o'clock H i a E xoelhmcy &nd t ho former gonnm lly tli11ru>l"!!ff throohon t I ,0 .,tr.l it.....'lf h11t t huo uou 1~ a 010 ...,

    J II I f II() esu " ere e 03 111~ 1ac a, " ""..,.. . T -d Gl pod b J - ., the Ill':& a~ euetly al ike, ao,d om,.,. ~ero i, aa wr a~ ot1or uew onea ~ whtcb h-.cl been ~~ent, lum. And lookm)l in l'fH}eoco, with wh1cb tho jurs t.od to Ll'\ ) ov&r ~top on a o~. attun the tlistrict, nn.not doubt 1t; 1urcly the 0 ~ 1 Tho Eoclcsllllltlool CQ\lrt.ota thusoon.,tltu "t t h!\ wterost whaca Mr. ~unn alwa~A d~al: ond une can hnrdly lmll;rioo A ed by H1~ H onor t ao. A.tl~lm~tl'.lt.or, ludgo they ha.r aequmxl On glanc l ~cu nl tllo w"wr, t .1 at 1 :t~t wn t.r 11pply to hum4 nity. 'Vo k now such 10 t.ed, e~brncetladHt>flroldreprcaontAtwn- !-ole" t u th11 blet.h01la~m of H l\tbor Om

  • -The ll'&"elling public will t:Ue an 1

    i,n use, and for their' purit,JUl.g an.d IIMi' the Yitinaty. Hampton aacl ether d.-1 int~rcaL in thedocision not yet pn~nounced tive qualhioa they atancl uaequallod.l moen tic leaders e.tuolltllaaoderatloo.. in re!er;enoe to tho act.ion taken by Mila 1.1-'or si.:Jt-He&dAoho, Nervoua Di.lordera. ' ' Jo't.uny Fen.nel ~' th~ Allan Line, Ene~~tion, Indigwioo, and Doprealon Bou.ow&.T'I Ol:rtMIDT uD PJLTA. -!or the detail.l or wbtcb u tnr u prooeed of~plnla, they are tho only romod1 Cou~tb., lalaeau :-:tT~e tuatbiaJ pro. 111!.'11 hn,e gone, we aro indcb~d to the , ; , P.trp ... of,bei!i .m'eCIU:.mt~lt l'f'1ldn Jtdoo:att. WB.AT Taa\ SAT or tT ( A pew tiunn .,.u wQnli, of trial 1a All ditta~

    In this canse :\Iiili Fenno! aeeb to ro- F.&OTS ~a TIIK Pllol'L&.-Thcro are hut of the lunp, ia 'coatmon cwld~. and in ~er frum tho ~[otrtro.l Ocean ~m- Cow preparatJqn.a ot modloin01 which Oueou. The Ptlll tahn inurnllr hltip Cowpny (eowmcmly enllod the havo withstood ' Lho im}w-tio.l juugment and the Oi.Jltmt111t ruhbtd l'ltt:rnaUy .-\ 111\n Linr) eompcuaation for tho IOSll of tho !>

    1 fonml auythiu!; liko it for c:1ri.ng I uua-

    nf lht J'le.,ll011!i raistJ in the ~\11 cur.:d. l~ u

    l1itb. gnnt vni~t:r, EacbPotnnd Do,. betit'll the JJriliu.

    lll:~ck ond ruloro:d VclviiiOOD, o~~IMIU .St.urnp, with tho word, \\' hito nod IJlllc:k Silk Larf', "Hot.W'tU.Y's PlLLI AliD OI!CTKD":, Uruucl' ~ot, Crochu~ EdgiDJt, LQ~oos," engnucd thereon. On tho On Sunt!Ay ovo:tin!( l:ta, llridgot, bel'.

    ~d d:.n11htur or Jamea anJ lbr~:~rot Du .. t ey, a:;ed 36 yMra.

    White, '!JC~Ued, nod mncpio ~ot, !"bel i>~ the addrca, 533, OXfO&D &ra.u:r, Cluny L rtc:o nud l oaurt iou, Losoos.

    of c,cry variety. Fnney, Fr:mklin, and Hall STO\'CS, Crnt M il Fittir.ss of Y11k Llu:o-b!'nded nnd pla.to, Spurious imi1-4tiuD.'1 t, ,?'' " Hollo-- - ~ o.ll si.zl!ll. ~ctnd :\(u~l in, lloolcl',, way's P ills o.ml Oint wcn , oro mllnU

    a ri;;ht 10 protect tbti'DIIf!hcs by epoci.,l n Otost renmrlmblo mcdiciu." cuutm.: in oh,, munnr ~'>'~ how that the ml'ro f,, _t of sud ron to, 0 .. Sole A;:11nt~ fur th Duminiou. terma lei.ag oo the Lack of the ticko:~ Non--Ec!.-ctric-'\,lcctod twJ l-:1~

    --~ - ,--~---- ]:, nd.lition I the nltol'C c. L. K . hl\.'l eon~t.-mdy in short the best quali~y of . & Co., Drugo siats, ol ~ew POhT orB.uuwnGtuL~ KER1)3\::l:\EOll., TlJRPE~Tl NE, KF.HOSt::~J: !..DIPS. llURNl::RS nnd Hou~e FUI'?UBliiug Goods: Y ork,withnn H 1\ll!l;lll~ t r ---- I Clll:\l~IE"' STOVE, ~HOE, P A.l='T Rnll CLOTH ES BH USA E.'>, STOYE nnl Q uiltP, Counterpane&, Sheet., ~hcet ioJt, mtrk, ~bu.s;i I I W 1~ ol : 1 : ~~

    r:,_'T&&r-o. S IIUP. DL~(;K J ;\G, l'HE::iEP.YEU FP.UIT:5, CO:-, t:. L K E).""XEDY. I d tl r k litv J F H enry Curron k Co .. New Yol k , ~ .,.. . h I I fn sn

    j:rd ll ttrl ... r, Jo!m f)ooJ, . ,Jo., lu '"' 11 1.o I

    ~ In tho Frtnc:lt Ghmbf'r 0 ~putits 'l'. R DE~NETr J .P. lJIIj, u.y ul lo~llluda, a nd Codruy, I 'Ml~ . etcra, " . Uln!ll, .. we. K o:il ) , Sr., Bum~ lahmd. ~1cl1o nM Ba. fll!ltcrd y the e~

  • GRACE STANDARD . , ol '

    I r . ' l I I ' .. laene.lf, for abe knew \he DOte wu writ- ~ir Arthur and A~ri&n Dan:;r were aDd Ufel upon hia hilnd. apj:reh.on4iQn or Clatul~ LeoDOI on the . UIUit IU!fr,. 10 P' to ttaul in Eoj,!Jiod withoa eomo p timil]l ~tabing. ' morning.' Then H,-.cint.lt aroiled t0 he hld a nmpapor in h01' baed and e bMuUI'ulanowya~ that layao limp inquiriM7 the remit c;f w\ic:h .. w&e tie l h ( eri.d. Wba' laa'e I dooe that I that ehe h8d no atoaey. How ,.. ehe Tbe Amb'l Farewell &o lah Oor.e. ten for bor. bttodt!llt over her, f'wt.Jenllf deflply In One or two dr.>I'IS ot bli'IOIf time for M bel\ t.i.f 1 , beauti.ful tbaL d b We mn8t ~t thronllh the dt.y .. wolt terulod. Hyariuth' f'ntranc:o teemed c:ut at..tned hit fin~ra. PJU~tonauly!Je brought beture ihtt .nagutnaua at .A at;. .ttl eo ClAude wu tried, and tel! ht~r tbooNht; tf be ball, her eara~: would 1 m~l; by my ai&D " u we an.' e:ud L\Jy V"u;;ht.n. to ~ut an t'nd to tht ir clurul!ior.. killed ~be wound that be had wade tn ton. and t ... e'fi enre ~:~'fen le 'ftrJ ahrtmeful atory befo,.. the batdb~tcied I hwro failed ber. t;he wot to '!iir At With thy pruuc\t1 a.rch'd aDd ah'U)' nec:k, Gn..U! to Sir Artlutr

    1a aurpriae Ad nan went up to her. Rir Arthur baa loe, bn~ tboush a ali~tht moan es- atroog l(&iot him. Mr. Lcooo~ '" meu of the wurld. She kaew a.laat her rbur' rooro ao41 t.ap1~ u tho dour:.

    &nd dark. and fiery eye; Hyt.cintb volunteered to IJlend the mom touk the Pler fro~ Iii lmdf'a baoci, Dill led bor liJ>S, H1acinlh did not. yet tho nopbew of C'Olonol Leooo.z; of uame ar..d wba a he ,bad to &ell wquld Tbe tramu.Joue, fceule 'foirtt bade bor Fro~ nul to roam tho deaert now, 11'ilh all ing 11iU\ him, 3Utl began to ~ad 1t for hlmaelf, roove tior awd:en from ber woon. ll'be Aehton .Puk nd i~' appoantbat, tt.comld,;m~d opoo bf rt.IZ1 Dew11p~o. en~r. l)ir Arthur wlla ririog eoAie

    thy winged apoed, 'l can aomlOII ynu.' 11he !!Aid-' no~ You will Uilt t-Il fuN tn aicg for me olol people returned, and Lruly Vangllan mudi tn t looo .. n~:er aod annoy per in KoglanJ, Af"r , that, lhl'nt 1111ttert. She wen~ up to biru. . I m&y nut WOUDl on t.h~ ~ Thou rt )lt'rhat .. woiii\S Mr. 'DIUC.t', but I will to-oij:ht, c,nth'f ,. MiJ Adria a. It i t; moiat.encd the pallid brow and colorlt&'! aoce, tho 0011~ geotlemao Woll ab.enL could be no returning hom~. no )oro, o~ndpll,' be uid, 'l hue DO

    ~ld, wy Arabatd. Jo my beat. We wi11110 out int.o thf you know, ~ Lod! Tau~han a&ya, our lijlS. Agnin Uaat taoan cawo, tbo girl all \Ved etdar nt~bt A p nrter '' t,o marrillge, oo ~are rnt io a hutto of l moor1 -and, 1 w:~nt aomo. W ill you ;roii'nde if you liko; the La uti lllstoing llotrolhal.n.l~ht. Will you gi'e uae t hat rooved, anti p_rese'ntly tb,e whi.te l11 Leybri c ato\ttoo '"c11ra to ba_'firag ll!eG P~. e It would be a_llatao epd. Sbe mro ' me" httlc, pleuc ?' .

    Fro~ nnt with that :mr:r.tit nt boo! l anull' __ , 1 L 1 d f d b , ... no" the brce:.y 'fl'tntl ; to pl"y a ...,.3C:tlon from ll } ':auto V e.nun. 1' purted w1th a atgh, and tbe oycs opennd Mr. Lsnoox tn C'OtnpllDJ wtth ~omo tntgnt tR own and litem tcrwar ; t e He lookftl 11t llur j u eorpna&-~b The fun.hor tlaat lhou tlie&t now, 10 fu am Jllogico.' :jull tr.JndertDI{ At what abe h1d hoard, ith h lcnk of t.orror in tbuLO wbtch wom\n-who8o lu.tta.re iio diJ nut t OO worl4 would all he doted to boT. had ntsft:r lll4d~t 11ac:b a roqucet to itim

    1 bt'hind. A11d S ir Arthur consent.od, iowurdly llynrtnth \'Owplatd wtth hie rrquet. Adritm 110\'Cr. forgot.. - quito fnrly un 'rhurttdlly mo1ning. ODiy a few hoara a~ro ebe bad ta:n boforo. Tho etr.m;;or hah thy bridleraua-lh) \l'nnderin;: how !lll't"'l.. ~ntle, lUll com ~ho plnyeJ \fCtl: &nd ehe ""J II DIDit" 111m 80 frighltmtsd I' ahe lllid. R u nolicd him partirulllrly, bfr.nUie on tbnt liLtlo whtte Oed IC&rcely ablu . Molli'J', chill.,' be repeated-' nr

    m;ator hAth hi'a golai ; plillnt hi! srandlllllll(htcr "M ctficont WI'~ I t.eaood YOICe .. 1tihr I an.: My d.trliug I' cried adrian,. I am Mr. len001 t eemed aoxiou tbt.t his to bnr the "uight or ~l'r . 0"0 havpi- cour .. e you h~ll huo lome. You waot ncct-lunt.'dandboautiful, fu well; tl:o.t'r J uat Lero, o d111nt r 1\ m~n$;tr came now aomo auople b:t,llod, trl!tn:;: uf love sorry you he ard any thang a boo~ it. Why companion abould otc:~po all ob.erva no... Ho" long wu 1t. 110~0 A.drt.ao to bUJ .Qmo l rankch-Jomet bing for

    ~IJ, ruy eteod, lhuu'ruold. h tbt) "''em. to I!IIY thrl~ ~r. D arC! baal t h~t Wl8 110\'ft to rlte, or raub t!llt wu need yon Lo fn~:hwned 1' tton. llo e:I.W t !Jom Wlllkinst toward bad r.akod ber t.n be btl Wtfd p 'lbo A.drl:ln. Who~ 1Uill,:.l gife you- ten aetum< J IOUU Oll'l unc1111,ctcut br.un tluJ ga rl, I 1J1 .huiJ hlld been- ho replteJ auruptly that it Loae, her hnppaneu boband nn,l t:O ud up 1\t,b n ngue, dre2my upr .. t.

    Slow llnd unmouotcJ '"1'1 I ro.un, 11'tth cou... TIJ-:ro tuu~

    of "lute hu:e Rnrl the ch18t~r ol ~n_-111 1 '\VhRt are tlhV th~cllhr MSI w .. nJI!n n;; llh r I d ' I d D h k I f " co.; r ;>pl'ne' ion; 1' I '- 1 ' h U.\ O o~c t ung HyACIIth.' ho en"'!, ol111pmo; h'lr I you onfl \Oo 'Jr o you r11mmhcr ynu mut not t tn ao tntuot f o tn a~ "'ouhl ho mu~t ~:o-ho mutt cloar ~ h If b d auy one an n:; un evur ~:one uus:

    I b ll tH nru1-cl1111 r ntr tlto ooen l r1.1ruewtter haw,' sho rephe.l, v1~u'J 'll u ~ tonoumr, 1\nd no ono tn tho l[ vcr hnlv piDaulv t l..o 'llo'lwlo Pcrnu roow. lll'r W~8 (1\t>r ~ r nu ' r~ J ' J -II~&.U'I!Ol J lC',UH. U J:h u~ I f 1-'k b If d ca ' .. --- r b t d h '~

    Thu 1 1 1 1 1 h ,__ k 1 ~ ando" Adraan " 1 11 ~ u11 w her ll!'lJut" I y L"II!!CIIIIIS o her own words-for R wor u now tt ut my~tl , a n u.> vno .. f , hnr 1 Th d .. ~ y mr11 ~ .. ,... li\O o I c H1 or~-u~:.( 6tu t Ill aeour th~ dtstMl 1, ""' ' H acmtl1 ln the htnd t.c.nablil dac:~d " n3 o\er hf'r. She cnultl cbe ,., u prnvfl II htnt:: ~~ t tl! 111,1 f',lhn 10 th( lnlf h,:ht I : stou ~" out 111tu t ho l.! ruunr , :1

    o, ' '~I ' n;un \ ) uac M ' "' I ' rn~h, \\' lnat 1 On.r nud OT10r a;:~ an ~ho 'ltd th n .:_thc Wutllllll'" p.tle fKl'~ &nd hrll I'd She "'"' r .. used from ber bu:ti'J' tr~oco 1 Adrt.lll, dll~ht r .~.:~~auo:~. la Cl.t ~:du m 11d brvan~; Ill ber l11nl n huoqut 1 tbt~ lnt ao tPrrww.

    - .1 'I~ 11 wh:~.t 1 hae I'XfX'CteJ .\ol rnull' c~&l>n \ t.IIC'l--Oh. would she neer finL'Ih I t piH;apu ufcr nt::IIU. 'l'nttn thll drJ kn ~a I ,1 b c{to bvf! : of l>OlUIIful fiO\\'tr .. -' From .\lr 1 '~.nt us W'\lk t.. tho wntrf .. ll.' l liU 'she tl'kcl Dues W)' httlc' Hyncmtb 1- but I c:lnnoL tlunk lum guilt) ' I dl 1110( d to f:~ !l OVl'r h, r. w 'luo ... II' 1 ', II~ '"'" ktll ~10 ~omc dar tho WO I u~ .... y ' 'l'ho ~:irl lool:td In wunalr at A!n.tO ! sit d ! h l Vd :1 photo~r rh

    ( Co11 /mu'd ) i lui . '011 l. I Gua!t_v of \lo'bllt T nsked llyacmth I rnurd her (\,~~ na:tl\!11 AJrt~n IVUI rc:~l m:ln had ntal, 'P~I\ktn,: of. fu 'r busb:utd I hr young ltt.d!' palo r~~o !In ..I .1 .. :1\) I laktO or II , Cl Jllt] \l.:cnuao It ruwuonl I TJ.,. t; rl ba 111!1'3.;1( m nee anu 1.001ry, an.. - 1 mv an; , 1111 luo 1..0 one s sennnt.ll Ill)' ae larnc 1 rt>nmnont anl truth 11 !us:h y I B ' t ha t be lo1ed hcr-loulo1tJ h"r thest. '"~ Jt> u, If you h11othoughtauu j '"fi\S oLaeut fro111 Ollktcn tho whole I CJI,\Pli'Ell XVII. 1,. ,1'\t ~ould ht.1 uv 1vhrn ho lou11d t h:t~ l'fay~;uado. Ah trntOI\\oulolll!I>OI cO 1-: t ho fcnoror liiDW lotstd wath hr r 111 ta\.l

    I I I I I ' I d hi!IDl at ten t a. l nl" 1t 1\nt roc l ,~ abo d:eJ h IY:IS r.,r thfl l:tsl tame i Then, turntng w11h a smtle fr rr tltu '"r' )Vrt IIIU~t ur;::"" Ill() no .. -at \\ tt I "'!l ' t Alono nt )11_,t nnri tho ,.h:t,tly fi!m ~h!> h3rluot onll' cnrrcJ on :1 c an ~.'! d tt. r 11 " ' bfo I '"II

    h II r -- 1 k h II b 1 L. 1 1 .. d d 1 teo on uo 0 uwan otornant: ro l"mn c ,)m of dl"'J"''r .u oHr mtrror.a.ndOIICIImlnntl!l l thtwrri"lad~ll l Of r lm~J I~ t l't corr.pnnlfn~ ... f'\'l'tn t toe I b tat d "b., IJ b t o -" 1 1 .> . . h u v v .. . t 10 l)llt r o .., o wou :.vo tmo her 'l'o murrow sho wouiJ be f11r 1\W.t)' the pnlc &UI'll """' gllllnlt nol tlto \ a ne c. a I' 1re m111u , :a.n lnuub bun, and tbcn, rrpauttu.:, l or At: r~ah t ht b l Sh


    nn I ~he h "''e< nmd rt:tr ~ '"n ~~~ 1 " ; b.,'ll"\\eeLdreamsundastul bed hi\Snuvt'rbuuueen thaf .. inldU.alur nr taonl Yoa see tl11-eo 1,..ople awurto rll\' r~:tful llcavon Jet mo d to' hit m~ b:td gune b:u:k? \V bat woultl be uv l' 1 d en : '(1!! ~ oO, IIlUt gob r' r uul or er su.an .0 ~~ ow.)nt no~.-Jf all "''U :rue ho" I'OOn she" onl.l bo sludow nstaug on lillY one who bore 1


    hAv,. notaceJ ham I a' u Lt11Jrldt!e t tllllon dac a ' lll'bln he k Olllf all ' tiho rcm.,mbcr~d ~~~ runb 0 "'h Yd hom 0 b;1" 1 lu~co e ~red h 1' 0 been tho happe."t gtrl 111 t he "'' 0 ltla wife! Vfo 'tbt>n would le one Jon" tht' nlune. uod ~be lu_;:hf'l~ pr 11110 tlHI~ wath II womiiU "'hum DOIIU or them ro-1 Th ~ tb h r hn"' elerul>' I.e h'\d pole en of L1df d o u dll d ~, u ;" ~ d ~c~p ?:d I \\ Odo I I I ftt.iry dream of bllpJliDI!Ill and lo\o Sh; ( em gave yuu IS that ) ou 11ro wortly co'!DJzcd' et ~nr hM lUI upobn . Jrl wu hr W :~111\cO-~h:~t W>ulot ho 1.'\f of h11r? ahl! plonull " t- 1f'lnt '


    10 Ibn r .e "1' d ' ~{_v thhn:.' he mnrmurt!< as t 1011:; 1

    , bea 't, " mor" rvang ~ an anv p y,.c, an!!ut f d erao gu111g m11: 1 an'' o r:ur; an 1\f'lk wurdd could tell how d">H yo11 would loat" Que..ns ChUr.aan, wat t; ~r.accd. Her nnwu btnrt:fnub wo.uld c.ll cham od. tihe w~~ runna~~ ""'~Y 11ra t~ IOI.". dull, lJIIlbl.:, d~ry d!iy.; t hl\t ~uld b' yoan:,t heud Willi bent m each lo" l v bu- turlled t11em and, look an~ round, thAy an~t llah :o hor lwll rt , a, lho beaut ul bo U!locaatrt! wtlb" mu rder caee. ~he, once mo~; buL thh lame b .. 1901 10 " ' lle ktssed Iter t:"m hn!: lap' Anlllaf'n all over, thank llu"en, She rul bon.o mhtt, :"h.Y audt r:u'l"llii!A 110bs ro~~e to ~~aw tb11t HyACinth bftd f:tllen to tho brtlla:1nt ~;r J who quatt 'd tbl\l UUl J a. Vuu;:han, one of t be race, u L_3dy io:; , 11 the bnpe,llll t h( h:tppiiiCjl of brr lsho Lrok11 from htm "nh t1 ~t err her tiUt lifo m pataen~ after and ~he ~ rlalfl' u h.: l'll.lRllioller and held floor. Shr b~td raMn trom her aeAt with room 3 few hour IIIUCIJl":1ph : from tbo world, an abtclded from allu ktllod bar. Sbo did not kuow ho" t ho me dau I perbapa, c.nd he would ~;how he 110ny, this evemna- -t ,, f Our bertotlnd hut her \ Otct' Wll'l tllnto, nntl t' trn Wtlh ., l~llrca-aho to bow tho~e .:nay be.ada ttme paned. It wa1 like on!! long, (To be e~n:inue.l.) fatr foretgn cit ies the Mme.s nf wh eh m:;ht.. A d ao' - cre &te the P.IKlra, out..tretch-'C.I arma she fell fo~.co foremOllt ,,Suoc~I'IIO M oaDI1 ,\ T. LErDlUDO. wat h or row, nud lnJ' her lovo wtlb uu cruel dremm or an,.uish unttl lhc aum-

    llr: . d . ... ~ ............. l.t)l ,n ArU ur no uu w 11 bft .. -The 11 bulo or tha D aatnot hu brun lller~Lcd 1hamo I " ' -were 1 o roue1u, en w\on IJU- -.~ ' qua..., to tba ;::round to a rle&d aoon Alrmn h mona e~~mo for luncheon. T neo ehCI The Ha.lb. ;m.......!.ran~ 3 tan ctard. to htt home-tO ht&. A.h, crowned wtth baply, "Yd Corgtvo tlwt uufortun~tto r"n to her. he raiePd hur-he loolcetl m tbho,"'ldanto t a j:r03r tet roholternnrdl annl 'iho "u ~~~ one futeood to a atek,.; wont do..,o ~taire A.dri:lo "'"'not thrril . ., ... r ' - 1 T db h ws1 u 4110 ' 1 10 ucovt1r1 o & l t!rrl 11 mu :llh ' T~l\oJ~WM nefti' I p 1'1\l ~ar. ~IO!l I II of Claude' honon.blo aile.Jte add IJIY'r How could J look on bi. fnco and ~1\Ctption ~:tU C) cr .scr

    h l l:ud Dtd elte k now thia Cluud~ b ur ay morno~: "h'i o tnk ah n, a " ing her.-elf, lake " cow&rd, let ht~ ute P 1(.,~ ' ltoowin., ' thst I abllll aee It no IS l'""teJ and rubhho'd e"ery SA f Lil Hyt.rioth w.ll not lon~: absent. Sht T . , V h T orer, WB ~;on~t t.> 1 wor , ll&tten \h no ehd co old nut. Loyal ereo . ?' \ .. 1 b If UA y monlnjr . by Ancno. blUI" , Wben Hy~~Cinth awoke nes~mommg, bathi'J hrr fac .. in m~t rool, l rn~rl\n t umnox, ._.y IIUg 1111 ttOn W&tl a ttrec:~ed by aomvt htnJi; lrinst ' ' ' h b f b more IOO ~~~~ to l'tiO &ohlnr owl l'rovrittnr, lit hll ollicP-

    i t wu wttb difficulty that "he dilcntaonc;l "atf'r, uthnt:t a.o hljr~elf th ~t wbtlu llt y M very ali:;btly ' wo mot ht m once undor tho hc..'l (.J.Mcli o11r, ~. alftl l'ootiOtll, w.Hc\ oa' 18y .,.,..,... ~ etoopinc to ptok it up, ebe hKrd L\df c.he winoow in lhA~ roo!ll alto, to ad1nit Lightly t'lenehed iol ber banct.. W ith to one ao diar.raced. For a.be d ltl DOt bfamed hlor tdf, ~o~ bt l.ilgtn'g 'bitD' 'U~ tkltrllli'IIIJ' tlwlrr1ct ucrpfe.l) tcill b~

    Ww. &lie Mtll8 or the delu r Vt.ujlbiO t:!J, I'~ITinte of~~~ .ir. Led, V~urtban tome d&uJ,, ., W&l Jabo away. aod bide rrom berael( tbe extent of t"bt.f di .. ,bptterl and tro oM~'Wu over. rttpelfl~:nm op.l. nil j,., u:rili~~~ It> ... eel LMJ v.,p.Q. . . .Oo DOt toll Hr&ciot~-it Wlllahock Wlthdrew With DOtMli"'l l&ep &Q another the name,, Olaude ~DOl" w ... (oood sr&q~ I ~~ wbo had bwo roared .. & 11aoi~t11 "'""taT! frbm the dlolng llo 'lllt/11 lf)H aliJeAurqt'd(letJOrdlii'IIJ ' 'eo.. aoGideot to \he mail tn.in. her eu.' rooaa for aal or eool "* Adrian cipnp IL Flrtber .. rob btoul'!\t to lilf in tbe aecloeion of. horoo WOtJld be- ~ ,lritn ~ fa,h~~. w 'r,n ) - ~ ocappy Glllh' to be *~"~ care. ~e &a hat of ft." '3r A.rtltar beG~ onr the wboltT aDOCIMiioaa lore Ji(bt a folded, Raper, Oil whicb tile 1ct~ eome, fdr a few daJI at lesat, the ~b- 't Ho., ebnll ~ pca\l.lt ' '":o uid-'how t G }1 'N T S : taJ. . ' retwrned; betc. ..U Jaor Jollr,elf, 1 ol Ill ckrlihJ. Ilia faoe ai .. OI& .. white All dreN of x,: Leaoo.z wu wrfttniD fall ie