online learning: engaging the learner

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Online Learning: Engaging the Learner

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Online Learning: Engaging the Learner. Introductions. Mary Beth Kyer Founder, Euphoria Workforce Solutions Kymberleigh Richards Director Studies, Learner Hill Agenda. Elements of Online Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Online Learning: Engaging the Learner

IntroductionsMary Beth Kyer Founder, Euphoria Workforce

Kymberleigh RichardsDirector Studies, Learner

AgendaElements of Online LearningBarriers to Learning Online and how to remove them How to Enhance and Engage the LearnerA Demonstration of the Learner Hill Platform and online classroom

Whos Studying English Online?Global Language Industry is approximately $40 billion

50% of which is English as a Second Language

Online Language Education is growing 22% per year

Expected to reach $1.69 billion in 2014.

E-Learning is being used to allow learning to take place the learners convenience - any place, anytime.

Sources: The Changing EnterpriseACE 2002; World Bank & IFC; IDP Education Australia 2002; Philp G. AltbachTertiary Education & Management (No.1, 2004); UK Open University, 2005i, AmbientInsight

Elements of Online Learning

Online learning includes:Live online classesSelf-studyLanguage labsBlended Learning

Trends in Online Learning Self-paced materialssocial mediablogsdiscussion boardsvideoslive chatvideo conferencing

Classroom vs. Online ClassroomOnline Learning+-+-Easy access to InstructorInflexible schedule which requires attendanceEasy access to Instructor by emailMyths to online learningImmediate response to questionMust reply on notes to review materialImmediate response to questions using the in-class chat boardPeer supportDifficult to study while working / taking care of a familyPeer support through the use of a discussion boardConvenient FlexibleCan study while studying/take care of family


Myth # 1:

no one-on-one timeno personalized attentionno individual attentiondifficult to ask questions

Removing the BarriersTruth:The Chat board can be used to ask questions during the classInstructors are taught to engage the learnersLearners can get the instructions attention by raising their hand in an online classroomBarriersMyth # 2

Classes are not interactiveThe instruction is more teacher driven as opposed to student centered

Removing the BarriersTruth:

Instructor can call on the learn to answer a question as the names of all participants are displayed in the sidebar.Instructors can assign multiple microphones to participants in order to engage in a class discussionEnhance and Engage Interactive courseware that allows learning by doing, arouses interest and generates motivation.

If you tell me, I will listenIf you show me, I will seeIf you let me experience, I will learn.

Lao-Tse, 5th century BC

Enhance and Engage Enhance and Engage Platform

16ContactMary Beth Kyer [email protected]

Kymberleigh [email protected]