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BadgeKit is a set of open, foundational tools to make the badging process easy and simple that will be launched by Mozilla's Open Badges team in March of 2014. This presentation provides a general overview of BadgeKit, including: - Why BadgeKit? - What is BadgeKit? - A deeper look at BadgeKit for Cities - BadgeKit release timeline - And more...


  • 1.Introducing BadgeKitThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.

2. Todays Visionary Hangout Why BadgeKit What is BadgeKit BadgeKit for Cities Timeline And more... 3. Why BadgeKit? 4. There are too many gaps in the badging experience and many of the existing options are too closed, too expensive or too big. 5. Its harder to make an open badge than a closed badge. 6. Our Goal with BadgeKit To improve the badging experience for issuers, learners and consumers, making open badging simple and easy to do. Close the gap with lightweight, free open badging tools. 7. Our Goal with BadgeKit Provide the foundational tools to stoke the growth and development of the Open Badges ecosystem.Given the open source model of BadgeKit, improvements made by anyone can benet everyone, from bug xes to new features and more. 8. Our Goal with BadgeKit Build our values of openness, interoperability, agency, choice, and connectedness into the core and help shape emerging badge systems. Lets make it easier to build and issue an open badge. 9. What is BadgeKit? 10. What is BadgeKit? A set of open, foundational tools to make the badging process easy and simple. 11. What is BadgeKit? BadgeKit builds on existing technologies that have evolved out of several years of work and user testing, including Chicago Summer of Learning. In fact, specic tools within BadgeKit are currently being used for key partners within the badge ecosystem. 12. BadgeKit will: Support each key point in the badging experience including discovering, building, assessing, issuing, collecting and sharing. 13. BadgeKit will: Provide lightweight, modular and open options (standards) for the community of badge makers to use and build upon within their existing sites or systems. 14. D I ssueiscoverB uild A ssess ollect S hare C 15. D DiscoverA hosted, shared directory of available badges with features for searching, ltering, wish listing and endorsing badges. 16. B BuildA tool for dening all of the metadata, including criteria pages, and nalizing visual design for each badge. 17. A AssessA tool for mentor or peer assessment that includes rubrics and criteria for a badge, the ability for learners to apply for a badge, as well as access for assessors to manage and review applications. 18. IIssueA tool for awarding badges to learners and hosting assertions to enable badges to be pushed to Backpacks. 19. C CollectA Backpack for collecting badges across various experiences or organizations. Backpacks are federated, meaning that different instances still plug into the broader ecosystem and can share data across. 20. S ShareEasy badge sharing capabilities across the web (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) and templates for publishing badges (Resume 2.0, portfolio, etc.) 21. BadgeKit for Cities 22. BadgeKit for Cities BadgeKit for Cities is a special version of BadgeKit, with shared hosted tools and features specic to city implementation needs. 23. Key BadgeKit Features There are a series of special features included in BadgeKit that help cities fully implement and execute the city-wide project. These include: Support for children under 13 years old Mobile/SMS badge issuing Different identiers other than email to issue a badge (i.e. username, twitter handle, etc.) City-hosted federated Backpacks to ensure proper data handling and access 24. Why use BadgeKit for Cities Key reasons why BadgeKit for Cities is an valuable component of the 2014 programs: Provides turnkey badge building, designing and issuing technology Connects multiple organizations, networks and cities Shares resources and badges across cities Scales impact Ensures a common core that can plug into different assortments of existing systems or tools in each city, and easily extend and customize as needed 25. BadgeKit Timing 26. BadgeKit Timing Pieces of BadgeKit are already in use with select partners. The public beta launch of the full MVP BadgeKit is targeted for early March 2014. BadgeKit for Cities will be available initial March 2014, with additional special features added by May 2014. 27. BadgeKit Cost 28. BadgeKit Cost BadgeKit is open source, so the tools are available for usage for free. Mozilla can support a deeper engagement - hosting, integrating, customizing and/or supporting - for additional fees. 29. Need Your Help 30. Need Your Help BadgeKit has lofty goals and we need your help: Review the current plans and provide feedback Send us requirements that you feel need to be included Help us dene the common interfaces so that your tool seamlessly plugs in Build additional tools or customizations on top of the core Help us dene the types of support and services needed to make BadgeKit usable and accessible to all (and even provide some of those services!) 31. THANK YOU! || @OpenBadges