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Open Badges, Open Borders Suzanne Scott Borders College Technology Enhanced Learning Unit

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Open Badges, Open Borders by Suzanne Scott, Borders College ALT Scotland SIG Open Education Open Scotland event, Edinburgh, 3 June 2014


  • 1.Open Badges, Open Borders Suzanne Scott Borders College Technology Enhanced Learning Unit

2. Overview What are Open Badges? How do they work? What do they look like? How are Borders College using them? The journey so far Lessons learned Where do we go from here? As an institution? Collectively? 3. Do you remember... Blue and Gold Banquet by Anja Johnson[email protected]/405676746 6 Im a Brownie by Sarah Joy[email protected]/6921282288 4. What are Open Badges? Supported by Mozilla The Macarthur Foundation Working to create a recognised, shared infrastructure for badge creation and display Visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, interests and competencies Complement rather than replace traditional education practices All images displayed with approval from Doug [email protected] 5. The Science bit! An image with metadata hardcoded into them Issuers and Endorsers Stays in your dedicated Mozilla badge backpack Can also be displayed in various locations; Linkedin, Moodle, Mahara All images displayed with approval from Doug [email protected] 6. Open Badges 6 Image by Kyle Bowen 7. What a badge looks like 8. Badges in real life @BC Curriculum based badges too soon! Moodle badges from the TEL team CPD badges Working with local employers Curriculum badges the return! Lessons learned along the way 9. June 2012 to present Here be dragons JISC RSC conference Doug Belshaw First glimpse of Open Badges Not an easy journey despite initial enthusiasm 10. Please turn around when possible... When introducing badges beware Greater communication with all concerned required to ensure sense of ownership Importance of SMT approval More time required to accept change 11. Take the first exit... HNC Interactive Media First proposal for College own badges in the curriculum Prime for badging Need for buy in from middle management More work required to convince staff of badge value Concerns over time required 12. You are nearing your destination... Moodle User Badge pilot Different approach Student badges to encourage digital literacy Using Moodle as host Aimed to introduce badges gently to staff and students Small pilot: 4 classes 13. Moodle Open Badges Student badges recognise/encourage: Professional profile creation Contribution to discussion forums Electronic submission of assignments Use of the VLE generally Staff badges recognise /encourage: Innovative use of the VLE Greater use of tools Time and effort invested 14. You will reach your destination in... Some concerns relating to students being able to award open badges to staff Work still to do! A culture shift is required Need to address concerns through education and examples 15. Alternative routes diversion in place Introducing Open Badges for CPD sessions Full support of HR department Removal of paper certificates 16. Staff CPD All staff now have at least one open badge spread awareness Increase loyalty and attendance at CPD sessions Staff see value in CPD sessions. No longer just mandatory 17. Objects in the rear view mirror... Its been an interesting journey! Still positive about the value of Open Badges More realistic about the work which needs to be done to convince non- believers SQA, CDN, Jisc RSC working group will help 18. Open Badge Highway Code Badge image design is important but time consuming Criteria setting is important for credibility Handle concerns sensitively Look for like minded evangelists to share thoughts and issues Institutional buy-in is key Support from RSC, SQA and Mozilla important 19. Future of badges at Borders 3 year plan to introduce Open Badges across the curriculum Aim to accredit prior learning and introduce bridging badges Considering pathways for learners /identifying badges according to career aspirations Working with local employers to raise awareness 20. Bridges (dependencies) SQA supports the concept of Open Badges and is working in partnership with the Open Badges in Scottish Education Group to support the adoption of Open Badges across a range of sectors. We believe that the infrastructure promotes and supports greater flexibility for learning and the recognition of achievement. Permission to Innovate! adopting Open Badges as part of the recognition for teachers and appointees through SQA Academy Courses Exploring possibilities that Open Badges offer in terms of digital certification in the future 20 Joe Wilson, Head of New Ventures, SQA. Experimental Blog, October 2013 21. Open Badges Scottish Education Group Jisc OBSEG: Overview and mapping function of Open Badge developments in Scottish education Oversees a number of sub- groups: Learner Progress Staff Development Technology and Design Provides a forum for discussion and the formation of connections 22. Diversions ahead The creation of suites of subject specific badges which could be shared across the sector What tools should be used? Clear guidelines for planning, designing and issuing badges (toolkit) Work with schools Empower students/pupils to create their own badges Working group maintenance (OBSEG) Funding? Projects? Introducing Open Badges to employers to ensure value Fitting the pieces together work is still fragmented 23. Interested? You could start by looking at: Mozillas Open Badges site to find out how to use the Open Badge Infrastructure to earn, issue and display Open Badges. Badge canvas and Badge Maker nvas/ 24. Further information Find out more about the Jisc Regional Support Centre (RSC) Scotland pilot of Open Badges. Open Badges in Scottish Education Group. Open Badges case studies. Open Badges blog posts. Remember, you can always contact your local Jisc Regional Support Centre for further information: Email: [email protected] 24 Jisc support 25. Any questions? For more information: Suzanne Scott [email protected] @sscotborders 01896 662576