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    Jim Grisanzio Sr. Program Manger, OpenSolaris Engineering Sun Microsystems Tokyo, Japan

    OpenSolaris: Getting Involved

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    The OpenSolaris Community in India

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    Your voice matters. Express it.

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    Having your voice listened to is a privilege, not a right, and it's a privilege that's earned in proportion to the contribution level, not the volume level.

    – Alan Burlison

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    Code, Scripts, Tests, Help, Presentations, User

    Groups, Conference Management, Language Portals,

    Translations, University Courses, Graphics, Ads,

    Training Materials, Screencasts, Videos, Genunix Wiki,

    Evangelism, Docs, Articles, Blogs, Podcasts,

    Development Process, Tutorials, Input Methods,

    Feedback, SCM, Emancipation, DTS, Ksh93,

    Distributions, Books, Ports, Governance

    Defining Contributions

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    The Secret Contributing to OpenSolaris is personal.

    It's based on establishing a trust relationship.

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    ● There are no short cuts. It takes time. ● Take the initiative. Assert yourself.

     Find a Community Group or Project. Join the list, observe, introduce yourself, ask questions, start small. Skills match?

     Offer to do something concrete: fix something, update something, translate something. Get a commitment.

     Go and do that something. Actually do it.  Ask leaders to walk you through a contribution process.  No process? Write one. No leaders? Be one.

    ● Groups: ● Projects:

    Working the Secret

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    ● What we want  Creative and motivated people who write code and words

    and who can organize, test, design, evangelize, whatever. ● The problem

     No single method of engaging. No single access point. Lots of info spread throughout. It's very confusing.

    ● Solving the problem  Document how to contribute and point to those contributing.  Scratching my own itch here. This has not been popular.

    ● Where to start  FAQ:  Advocacy Community Group

    The Issue

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    ● Who: Sun. The Community. Blending? ● What: Source, Binaries, Community ● Where: MPK 17 first. Now the world. ● When: 2003, 2004, 2005. Now. ● Why: To build a community. ● How: Open Development ● Community Priorities:

     DTS, SCM, re-organization, website/wiki, code review, RTI.  Branding & Trademark

    ● Issues? Sure. Welcome to the world.

    Project Profile

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    ● Early Access Points for Contributions  2003: Internal discussions start in Solaris engineering.  2/04: Discussions go external. Engineering team forms.

    Research, analysis, and diligence begins.  6/04: Announced in China. 2-part pilot begins. 300 people.  1/05: site opened, DTrace released, announced license and

    intention to form governing board. 7K sign up.  4/05: Board members announced. First meeting held.  6/05: ON source opened. 150 engineers blog tours of code.  6/05 to present: 40+ releases: source, binaries, tools, tests,

    projects, consolidations, docs, distros, ports.  10/07: Project Indiana released.

    Opening Sequence


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    ● Current Status  Global. 85K. 8K on 235 lists. Voting Members: 323.

    ● Evolution  Started from 0. Kernel developers first. Now users,

    students, application developers, writers. ● Community Structure & Governance

     Charter and Constitution – enfranchising the community.  Community Groups and Projects. (And User Groups).

    ● Leadership  There is no single leader. (Big debate here, by the way)  Distributed model. The board does not run the OpenSolaris

    community. The Members do (in theory).

    Community Profile

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    Contribute Now: 10 Quick Ways

    (in no particular order)

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    1. Conversations Talk. Help. Offer feedback. File bugs. Debate. Lists Subscribe:

    Forums Post: Forums Subscribe:

    IRC Existing DTS:

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    2. Governance Run for office. Guide the project. Intermediary

    between Sun and Community. Update the Constitution. Should OGB lead?

    OGB: Constitution:

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    3. Code Write code. Test. Review. Fix bugs.

    Sponsor Program. Projects. ON:

    Contributing: Dev Draft:

    Dev Ref: ARC:

    Putbacks: Search: Code reviews:

    SCM: Testing:

    Future DTS:

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    4. Localization Translate. Translate. Translate.

    Portals. IM. Messages. i18n:


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    5. Website Website:

    Help re-design

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    6. Advocacy Publicize. Evangelize. Localize.

    Advocacy: UG:

    Trademarks: Mentoring:

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    7. Documentation Docs

    Write. FAQ. Tutorials. Student Guides. Starter Kit. Books. MAN pages.

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    8. Facilitation Section 7.5 in Constitution. Totally

    unrealized opportunity to help run Groups and Projects. Am I wrong?


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    9. Distributions Distributions:

    BeleniX, SchilliX, Nexenta, MarTUX, Indiana, SXCE, SXDE. Desktop:

    Download. Run. Use. Contribute Packages.

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    10. Start a Project Projects:


    Propose and lead your own project. What do you want to do?

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    Acknowledgement Contributors and Core Contributors recognized by the OGB as

    Members: (under “grants” tab)

    Need to do a better job here. How? What's appropriate?

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    Honesty Openness

    Independence Transparency

    Quality Respect

    Performance Security, Availability

    Manageability Reliability, Compatibility

    Serviceability Platform Neutrality

    Design Principles Community Values