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About OpenSolaris as Server


  • 1. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE server Presented by :Agus Setiawan, Lukman Prihandika OSUG-Bandung Leader I & II

2. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Specification 3. Features of OpenSolaris 4. Storage Devices and ZFS, Demo 5. Crossbow Network Virtualization 6. OS Virtualization 7. Finish 2 3. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE System Specification 3 4. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Open Source projects Open source is an approach to design, development, and distribution offering practical accessibility to a product's source (goods and knowledge). 4 5. USE IMPROVEEVANGELIZE Introduction- OpenSolaris is a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge operatingsystem that provides a rich platform for building and runningapplication. It is both a community and an open-source projectlicensed under CDDL. It is the next generation in operatingsystem launched by SUN Microsystem- An open-source operating system based on the code of Solaris10- Operating systems trace their history back to System V(R4)and are written in C- Similar to the BSD and Linux family- Solaris opensourced under CDDL, June 14th ,2005- OpenSolaris distro announced, May 5th ,2008- Released : OpenSolaris 2008.05, 2008.11 & 2009.065 6. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE6 7. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE7 8. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE8 9. USEIMPROVE EVANGELIZE Specification1. Open Solaris 2009.06 2. This Release is now available for SPARC Platform 3. Platforms: X86 and X64 Platforms 4. Memory: Min. Requirement is 512 MB 5. Disk Space: Minimum size is 7GB9 10. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Features of Open Solaris 10 11. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE11 12. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE 1. ZFS (Zettabyte File System) To get up customized file system. We can create separate file system forour personal use. We can even create a file system that will automaticallycompress our data.2. Solaris Containers We can use Solaris containers (which include Solaris zones to do ourdeveloper work in one container and contain that poorly behavedapplication in another, while keeping your important data safe, we canhave up to 8192 container on a single system.3. D-Trace Use D-Trace if we want to spend less time debugging that application youwrote. D-Trace gives you a window in to the linear working of ourApplication that not only helps you find and fix errors, but also increase theperformance of our Application12 13. USE IMPROVEEVANGELIZE4. Open StorageWe can sufficiently intrigued with this revolutionary file system to want to build own NFS/CIFS server out of commodity compute and storage components.5. VirtualizationSafely consolidate multiple applications onto one system and increase your virtualization rates with the advanced functionality of Open Solaris.6. NetworkingWith its optimized networks stack and support for todays advanced network computing protocols,opensolaris delivers high performance networking to most applications without modification 13 14. USE IMPROVEEVANGELIZE 7. Image Packaging SystemThe OpenSolaris IPS is a new network-based package management system that provides the ability to install new software and receive updates from network package.8. Automated InstallThe automated Installer is a new enterprises technology providing support for network and local installations of open Solaris9.DesktopOpenSolaris include all the latest and greatest features from the GNOME community coupled with some excellent graphical features, such as the Compiz window manager ,Avant task bar,open office.14 15. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Storage Devices and ZFS15 16. USEIMPROVEEVANGELIZE Device Naming, 1 - Controller, Target, Disk, Partition (c#t#d#p#) Used on x86 only, refers to disks Partitions 1-4, 0=whole disk - Device nodes under /dev/dsk (block-level) and /dev/rdsk (byte-level) /dev/dsk/c6t0d0p0 is whole disk Device Naming, 2 - Controller, Target, Disk, Slice (c#t#d#s#) SPARC disks, and x86 within Solaris partition Filesystem use these devices Slices numbered 0-7 Slice 2 is by convention the entire disk /partition ZFS root pool usually on Slice 0, e.g. c6t0d0s016 17. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Device Naming, 3 17 18. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Partitioning Tools- fdisk for x86 disk partitioningGparted and parted in next release- format and prtvtoc for slice management andviewing- Additional tools for removable mediarmvolmgr Automatically mounts media oninsertion, unmounts on removaleject Unmount before removalrmformat Viewing and formatting removablemedia 18 19. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE ZFS a new way to manage data 19 20. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE ZFS Data Integrity Model Three Big Rules- All operations are copy-on-write> Never overwrite live data> On-disk state always valid no windows of vulnerability> No need for fsck(1M)- All operations are transactional> Related changes succeed or fail as a whole> No need for journaling- All data is checksummed> No silent data corruption> No panics on bad metadata20 21. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE No More Volume Manager!21 22. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Easier Administration22 23. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Easier administration23 24. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Time Slider - Integrating ZFS with the GNOME desktop Automatic snapshots scheduled via cron Configurable using Time Slider Manager Nautilus file browser extended to browse snapshothistory and access snapshot contents24 25. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE ZFS ROX25 26. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Demo 26 27. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Crossbow Network Virtualization Scalable, virtualized network stack Virtual NICs, Virtual Switches, Virtual Wire Resource Controls ObservabilityReal time usageStatisticsHistory Managed with dladm 27 28. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE28 29. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE29 30. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE30 31. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE31 32. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE OS VirtualizationMaximize your application forvirtual environments> Hypervisors> Application containers Create virtual machines fordevelopment and testing> Virtual Box> OpenSolaris Containers Application Consolidation withOpenSolaris Containers Virtualizing Your Application: WhichVirtualization Option is Right for You 32 33. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE33 34. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Who Uses OpenSolaris?34 35. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Whois Using OpenSolaris? 35 36. USE IMPROVE EVANGELIZE Goodies36 37. USEIMPROVE EVANGELIZEThank you! Agus Setiawan, Lukman Prihandika open artwork and icons by chandan: