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MySQL User Conference - Birds of a Feather session on: OpenSolaris Web Stack - Where MySQL Meets the Next Generation OS.


  • 1. OpenSolaris Web Stack Where MySQL Meets the Next Generation OS. MySQL 2009 Conference & Expo Birds of A Feather Session Murthy Chintalapati (CVR) Jyri Virkki Sriram Natarajan, Brian Overstreet 1
  • 2. Agenda 1) Introducing the OpenSolaris Web Stack 2) OpenSolaris as cloud-ready, next generation web infrastructure platform 3) Support subscriptions via GlassFish Portfolio 4) Performance 5) Future Plus ... Demos & How to get involved. 2
  • 3. Brief Historical Background 1) OpenSolaris Web Stack project Ongoing since August 2007 Formally integrate all interesting web tier open source projects into OpenSolaris (via native IPS packages) 2) CoolStack project Used to publish Solaris 10 packages of common web infrastructure open source components Community effort, not a Sun product, no support 3
  • 4. Why Sun for your AMP stack? Sun has recognized experts on the virtual team standing behind the Web Stack Long-time committers and other contributors to Apache HTTP Server and PHP Core MySQL development The original author of lighttpd, as well as other contributors Memcached contributors Ruby (and JRuby), Python (and JPython) contributors Apache Tomcat was originally developed by Sun 4
  • 5. Why Sun for your AMP stack? Deep experience in product integration, performance, QA, and support of these features Delivering and supporting Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, MySQL, and more in Solaris 10 Delivering a rich and up to date set of web components with CoolStack for Solaris 10 OpenSolaris Understanding of the entire lifecycle Improving the developer experience with support for web development from NetBeans Rich dynamic tracing capabilities 5
  • 6. What's Web Stack? A superset of 'AMP' (Apache + MySQL + PHP) stack Provides the key web tier open source projects integrated and tested for interoperability, as part of the OS distribution Optimized for performance Customized to leverage all the advanced OpenSolaris features. Fully supported for production deployments (including cloud environments, viz., Amazon EC2, or 6
  • 7. OpenSolaris Web Stack The Complete Web Tier Sun Web Server Apache HTTPd GlassFish Lighttpd MySQL, Memcached Mod_jk, perl, PHP, Ruby, Python MediaWiki, Drupal, Wordpress, Squid, Tomcat Joomla deploy in minutes! 7
  • 8. Web Stack components Web Stack component 1.4 1.5 Apache HTTP Server 2.2.9 2.2.11 GlassFish Enterprise v2 UR2 V2.1 lighttpd 1.4.19 1.4.21 memcached 1.2.5 1.2.5 mod_jk 1.2.25 1.2.27 mod_perl 2.0.2 2.0.4 MySQL 5.0.67 5.1.30 and 5.0.67 PHP 5.2.6 5.2.9 Python 2.5.2 2.6.1 Ruby Gems 0.9.4 1.3.1 Ruby 1.8.6 p287 1.8.7 p72 Squid 2.6.STABLE17 2.7 STABLE6 Tomcat 5.5.27 6.0.18 Hudson 1.2.x 8
  • 9. Sun GlassFish Web Stack? Sun Glassfish Web Stack unifies Sun product offering under one umbrella GlassFish Portfolio. 24x7 production support available on both OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 Replaces CoolStack Available on Amazon EC2 cloud deployments. And also available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Same components; One product; Three platforms Support pricing is based on per-server annual subscriptions very similar to MySQL. 9
  • 10. GlassFish Portfolio: Easy to Acquire + MySQL Enterprise GlassFish Portfolio (per server per year in USD) (per server per year in USD) Basic Basic $599 $ 999 Silver Silver $1,999 $2,999 Gold Gold $2,999 $5,999 Platinum Platinum $4,999 $8,999 GlassFish Portfolio Unlimited Starting at $120,000 For the price of a single CPU of Oracle Enterprise Edition, companies with up to 1000 employees can deploy an unlimited number of GlassFish Enterprise Server, Web Stack, Web Server, Web Space, or ESB servers with full 24x7 production support. 10
  • 11. Some of the benefits of OpenSolaris. ZFS rocks! Data management made easy w/ lightweight snapshots Copy on write semantics; Support for native NFSv4 ACLs DTrace Improves observability of software stack Diagnose most crippling performance problems RBAC Security Allows delegation of parts of system administration tasks to users via roles. SMF Self-healing for services. Compatibility Assurance of compatibility 11
  • 12. Platform Notes: OpenSolaris 2008.11 Web Stack is available via native IPS No separate install required Install most components in one go: pfexec pkg install amp % Or handpick individual favorite components: pfexec pkg install SUNWphp52 % SUNWruby18 Fully integrated with SMF pfexec svcadm enable apache22 % DTrace support included In Apache httpd, PHP, and Ruby. 12
  • 13. Platform Notes: Solaris 10 Same components, same versions as OpenSolaris Available as SVR4 packages Go to and click on Get It! Unpack the downloaded file into a new directory # ./install amp (installs typical components) Integrated with SMF DTrace support included In Apache httpd, Ruby, PHP 13
  • 14. Platform Notes: RHEL 5 Again same components, same versions as OpenSolaris. Available as RPM packages As with Solaris 10, download from Unpack the downloaded file into a new directory # ./install amp (installs typical components) Full feature parity with OpenSolaris/Solaris10 Except for features which are not available on Linux: No smf, no DTrace support 14
  • 15. MySQL Performance Performance Issues with MySQL 5.0.67 Data loads took 5-10 minutes Could only support 1450 concurrent users on Olio benchmark on X2250 server (16GB RAM, 2x quad core AMD 1.9GHz processors) Switched to MySQL 5.1.25 Data loads now take seconds Concurrent users up to 1900 on the same h/w (+30%) Master database handling 20,000 connections MySQL 5.4 (beta) even faster (especially on multi-core systems) 15
  • 16. MySQL Performance Tuning MySQL Specific Tuning innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 2 > Relaxed requirements for Web 2.0 apps vs OLTP > Flush log every second instead of every commit innodb_doublewrite_disabled > ZFS already provides consistency Increased join_buffer_size to 8M > Helps reduce join latency table_open_cache = 2048