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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Table of Contents

    Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    In use at more than 4,000 companies worldwide, OracleBusiness Intelligence Applications support leading enterpriseapplications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, OraclesPeopleSoft, Siebel CRM, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, andoffer high-performing analytics at a lower cost. This referencee-book contains success stories summarizing how OracleBusiness Intelligence Applications customers have achieved realbusiness results. We hope you find this representative sample ofcustomer success stories a valuable resource. We will beupdating this e-book on a regular basis so stay tuned.








    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 2: Making the Business Case

    Chapter 3: Customer SpotlightHuman Resources

    Chapter 4: Customer SpotlightFinance,Procurement, and HR

    Chapter 5: Customer SpotlightAnalytics in the Cloud

    Chapter 6: Big Ideas



  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Faster Implementation, Lower Risk, and BetterBusiness Results

    Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, part of the OracleBusiness Analytics product family, are complete, prebuiltbusiness intelligence (BI) solutions that deliver intuitive,role-based intelligence for everyone in an organizationfromfrontline employees to senior managementto enable betterdecisions, actions, and business processes.

    The majority of BI solutions available are costly, require manymonths to implement, and are difficult to modify. In contrast,Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are prebuilt solutions

    designed for faster deployment at lower cost and lower risk, sothey provide better business results. These solutions enableorganizations to gain insight from a range of data sources andapplications, including Oracle E-Business Suite; Oracles Siebel,PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards solutions; Oracle FusionApplications; and third-party systems.

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    Oracle BI Applications.Faster Time to Value.

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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Oracle Business Intelligence Applications include prebuilt datamodels, more than 5,000 metrics, and best practices based onOracles experience across tens of thousands of customerrelationship management (CRM) and enterprise resourceplanning (ERP) automation implementations.

    In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are built onthe Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation, a comprehensive,modern, and market-leading BI platform. This enablesorganizations to realize the benefits of a packaged BI application,including rapid deployment, lower total cost of ownership (TCO),and built-in best practices, while providing the ability to easilyextend those solutions to meet their specific needs, or buildcompletely custom BI applicationsall on one common BIarchitecture.

    Decision-Ready Analytics and Best-Practice Content

    Finance professionals have visibility into cash flow, grossmargins, operating expenses, account balances, and businessunit profitability.

    HR professionals gain insights into headcount trends,employee attrition rates, and the effectiveness of trainingprograms.

    The ability to monitor metrics and key performance indicators(KPIs) is the lifeblood of performance management. OracleBusiness Intelligence Applications include more than 3,000reports, 5,000 metrics, and 500 dashboard pages across dozensof functional areas, as well as prebuilt extract/transform/load(ETL) adapters and business logic to tap into a multitude ofcommon operational applications and data sources. OracleBusiness Intelligence Applications provide the following benefits.

    Oracle BI Applications.Rapid Performance Insight.

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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Procurement and supply chain professionals can track partsand material trends, supplier performance, trade discounts, andwarranty return costs.

    Marketing professionals can monitor the efficiency ofpromotions and campaigns and make adjustments that maximizesuccess rates.

    Sales professionals can more effectively forecast revenuesand transactions, manage the pipeline, and track keyopportunities.

    Service managers can optimize call center and depot staffinglevels, identify problem areas that need attention, and respondmore effectively to customer service calls.

    Manufacturing operation managers can reduce productioncosts, increase product quality, and improve customer servicelevels.

    Executives gain cross-enterprise views of their businesses,incorporating metrics and KPIs from multiple lines of business anddata sources.


  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 2: Making the Business Case

    Oracle Business Intelligence Applications DeliverSignificant ROI According to a Study by LeadingIndependent Research FirmBI helps you make better decisions. Thats how the value ofbusiness intelligence is often described. But underlying any BIinvestment is the question, What am I going to get for mymoney? In March 2012, Oracle commissioned ForresterConsulting to examine the total economic impact and potentialreturn on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deployingOracle Business Intelligence Applications.

    Significant ROI: A three-year risk-adjusted return oninvestment of 97 percent, with a 20-month payback period

    Lower procurement spend: 5 percent lower procurementcosts in the first year, and 7 percent lower in the second year

    Accounts payable savings: Savings of more than US$1million per year by the third year

    Lower inventory working capital: A 15 percent reduction ininventory for the affected product categories over three years

    Increased gross sales and prices: An increase in grosssales of 0.4 percent in affected parts of the organization, and anincrease in average sales price of 0.3 percent over three years

    IT and business labor savings: Efficiencies in both the ITand business sides of the organization

    After conducting in-depth interviews with four Oracle BusinessIntelligence Applications customers, the study found that thecompanies realized the following key benefits.

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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 2: Making the Business Case


  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 3: Customer SpotlightHuman Resources

    McKesson Improves Workforce Analysis of 1.4 MillionEmployees Across 500 National Health ServiceOrganizations

    McKesson Information Solutions UKLtd. (McKesson) delivers solutions and

    services to more than 99 percent of all National Health Service(NHS) organizations across England and Wales, as well as toprivate sector customers. As part of its service to NHS,McKesson manages the worlds largest human resources (HR)and payroll system, which serves more than 1.4 million NHSemployees and allows up to 4,500 concurrent users. McKessonis dedicated to helping its customers deliver high-quality


    McKesson needed to

    Provide a new strategic facility to improve and enhanceworkforce reporting and analysis for more than 1.4 millionemployees with easy-to-access, visual dashboardsthroughout NHS

    Enable fast, accurate access to HR information andreports to improve management decision-making across NHShospitals and ambulance stations in England and Wales

    Enable NHS managers to analyze HR information formore than 1.4 million NHS employees to improve staff andpatient safety, decision-making, and control

    healthcare by reducing costs, streamlining processes, andimproving the quality and safety of patient care in the UnitedKingdom.

    Video: The IntelligenceGuy: HCM Analytics.

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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    Chapter 3: Customer SpotlightHuman Resources


    McKesson deployed Oracle Human Resources Analytics andare able to

    Deliver fast access to detailed human resources businessintelligence across more than 99 percent of NHS trusts inEngland and Wales

    Provide management with immediate information aboutstaffing levels (for example, the number of nurses on ahospital ward) to enable rapid responses to changes instaffing requirements

    Provide vital HR management information, such as detailson work permits, consultant registrations, and performanceappraisals, at the click of a mouse, improving efficiency,safety, and compliance

    Calculate statistics from more than 1.4 million employeerecords on long-term trends, such as an increase in theaverage age of midwives within the NHS, flagging emergingstaffing requirements and initiating action to address them

    Provide information on training courses completed tohighlight where training must be carried out to meetregulatory requirements or individual objectives

    Improve system performance, accelerate reporting,reduce the number of reports by consolidating key facts andrequirements into single dashboards, and eliminate the needto schedule overnight reports to deliver timely information inan easy-to-use format

    Enable users to drill down into reports to get greater detailand granularity on specific workforce-related statistics toimprove management decision-making and control

    Empower users to customize dashboards to meetindividual requirements, building on key templa