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Off the Grid Public Relations Client Case Studies Advertising + Blog Development + Case Studies + Email Marketing + Green Marketing + Social Media + Trad Public Relations + Business Strategy + B2C Ticket Sales Promotion + B2B Webinars 3218 E. Colonial Drive Orlando Fl 32803 www.offthegrid-pr.com 321.281.8378

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Off the Grid Public Relations

Client Case Studies

Advertising + Blog Development + Case Studies + Email Marketing + Green Marketing + Social

Media + Trad Public Relations + Business Strategy + B2C Ticket Sales Promotion + B2B


3218 E. Colonial Drive Orlando Fl 32803 www.offthegrid-pr.com 321.281.8378

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Some of our clients

Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling

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Examples of our Web site Works (B2C)

Video email app to encourage word-of-mouth ticket sales

Successful e-commerce promotions won a 2009 Silver Communicator Award.- Web Design

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Examples of our Web site works (B2B)

Our detailed Case Studies, including ROI analyses, encourage more B2B prospect opportunities for our customers.

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Case Study: NASA FutureFlight Central

Complete Reintroduction of NASA FutureFlight Central Press/Media coverage: Won Popular Science “Hot New

Technologies of Year 2000”; USA Today, BBC, Discovery Channel, ABC Nightline.

Hosted successful 300-person Key Aviation Influencers Launch Event; DFW, LAX, and SFO sign up as customers.

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Case Study: Healthy Chef Creations Created “Momilicious” brand identity,

web content creation; initiated Mommy blogger contest.

Results: Launched Feb 2010, new product orders already 20% of total order revenue in first month,


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Case Study: MomsLikeMe Orlando

Launched Twitter program creating 2 contests to increase memberships. Results: Increased membership signups 50% in 3 month period.


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Case study: Our Body the Universe Within | Biz Dev + Creative Strategies

OTG negotiated the Florida Hospital partnership which included several components. Key was a FH employee and partner discount – enabling Our Body to lift ticket sales 20% through the hospital’s distribution channels.

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Case Study: TCT Solar [ Jacksonville] solar water heating

PR support for TCT Solar’s participation in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Florida TV ad awareness campaign, Faces of Climate Change. 10-sec Spots were shown over 50 times in Florida metros throughout June and July 2008, greatly enhancing the company’s visibility to green commercial projects. (eg. Sandals Hotels & The City of Tampa were engaged as a result of our strategic PR.)


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Case Study: Solaris Communities Garnered Over $7 million in advertising equivalent

Impressions via television, national & regional magazines over a 4 month period


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Case Study: InPhonex (VOIP startup) SEO + directory + inbound link

placements increased web traffic 30% in first three months; Jumpstarted webinar series for value-added resellers, including first White Paper for VARs. Results: Brought first 100 VARs into program.


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Case study: Solar Direct Ad Design

Goal: “Upscale” the

Perception of Solar Thermal

for large commercial projects

Messaging: Solar doesn’t

have to be ugly.

It can be a Smart Eco-Chic

addition to a building’s

architecture and cityscape.

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Case study: Pure Zing’s Blog 31-Day Give-away

Problem: A natural products Blog site had zero traffic;

client desired to use blog to increase newsletter

subscriptions and pass-through traffic onto their product

review website.

Solution: OTG designed an integrated marketing

campaign combining a 31-Day product giveaway

contest on the blog with a nationwide press release

announcing the start of the contest. Strategic postings to“freebie”

blog sites were also used to attract new-comers.

Commenters are encouraged to win by posting creative writing

and product use ideas.

Results: Daily blog traffic to the Giveaway

averaged 50-81 blog posts per day, with a peak of

180 people blogging in one day. As a result of this

Campaign, the client’s newsletter subscriber base doubled to

5000 subscribers.

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Case study: Solar Direct’s Email Marketing

Goal: 250,000

promotional emails delivered to In-house Email List (15,000) and targeted consumer lists nationwide

Average Results (In-house): 37% Open Rate 40% Click-through

Best performing campaign led to a 200% ROI in sales conversions.

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Examples of Our ResultsClients expect hundreds of thousands of eyeballs & 6-digit dollar returns in their PR and marketing

coverage. We deliver.

NASA: Over $3 Million in agency-attributed consultative service sales, breaking NASA into a new

commercial market sector ( airports and airport planning/design firms). Secured over $5 Million (equivalent ad dollars) of top-tier PR placements. Awarded Popular Science Magazine’s “Best Top Ten Technologies for the Year”

Solaris Home Systems/ Affiniti Architects (Green Building; Sustainable Community). Garnered 3 national “Green Home” awards for the client, while also attracting publicity for

their LEED GOLD homes. Secured $7,000,000 in Florida and national media placements in 6 months

Solar Direct (Solar Energy) Secured $3,500,000 (equivalent ad dollars) of PR placements in Florida regional

publications in one and one-half year. Attracted $250,000 of systems design project solicitations via targeted PR placements in

regional business journals.

InPhonex Increased web site traffic ranking 50% within 3 months via strategic web directory

placements, back links and targeted advertising placements; jumpstarted monthly webinar series for value-added resellers.

PR Placements include NY Times, Newsweek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, USA Today, BBC News, ABC Nightline, as well as numerous Florida radio and TV placements.

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How committed are we to client’s results?

Our market and PR strategy analyses have been acknowledged by clients as among the best-in-class experiences on a level with premiere management consulting firms.

We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of incentive-based performance relationships with our clients.

We work with clients in defining their project expectations, defining goals in quantitative terms (eg. PR placements, customer opens/click-throughs/purchases and/or new customer acquisition). It is our delight to exceed your expectations…and our own!

Exactly how committed are we? Simply put, we will not take a client unless we see a significant “win opportunity” for our mutual marketing partnership occurring within the first two weeks of collaboration.

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OTG rapidly learned our business and has become

a core partner to our executive management team.

They not only noticeably improved our market position

In Florida but brought us to a position of Thought

Leadership in the solar energy market.

Dale Gulden, CEO of Solar Direct

At the time we brought in OTG, we had zero customers and

revenue for a $14 M project that was costing us $3.2 M in annual operating costs. Lisa raised a marketing plan from ground

zero and totally executed, not only bringing us a new

customer set but helping us gain full cost-recovery inside 2 years.

Dr. Steve Zornetzer, Director of Information Science and Technology

, NASA Ames Research Center

Your team did a great job for us...

Tom Pirelli, Chairman Solaris Home Systems & The Arial Foundation

Thorell’s business acumen was core

to my vision of creating a Healthy Lifestyle

adjunct to our core health insurance business.

You can count on them for strategic insights

and delivery.

Michael Ashker, Former President and Founder of

Imerica Financial Services

Customer Testimonials

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Just a very brief introduction to our work.

3218 E. Colonial Drive Orlando Fl 32803 www.offthegrid-pr.com 321.281.8378

Contact us if your product or service requires

changing the way the world usually thinks.