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Image Editing HQ offers Free Trial on P hoto C ut O ut S ervices for Product Photograph

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We provide Photo cutout service for product photographers and eCommerce at a very manageable cost! \nWhich surely makes a big impact on your profit margin.\nimageeditinghq.com\n - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 2: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

At Image Editing HQ we provide

Photo cutout service for product photographers and

eCommerce at a very manageable cost!

Which surely makes a big

impact on their profit margin

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Page 4: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

For products image it’s necessary to edit the photo as it speaks much more than a

written description.

It’s very natural that the better image of a product presented on a webstore tends

more sales to occur.

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Page 6: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

Many webstore or webshop uses white background or web

pages default background color for showing products

photo. Which require a Photo editing service like –

Photo Background Removal Service

for white background or transparent background.

Page 7: Outsource Photo Cutout Service
Page 8: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

Sometime it’s a costly job for webshop woners to done photo editing with

local editors.

We are their outsouce hand to make them happy with

much managable cost.

Page 9: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

Every business wants to make more profit.

For that they need to cut production cost without

compromising the quality of the product and it’s a general tool using around the world for

every business.

Page 10: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

As product photography is also a business, here editing a photo

takes the production cost higher, depending on time and place of

aquiring the job done. But outsorcing this job from Image

Editing HQ product photographers can surely make much more than expected

with local editors.

Page 11: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

How we are maximising their profit?

Because we are operating our photo editing services at a

much managable cost than any developed country.

So, by supporting the product photographers in a minimal

priced service we are maximising profit for them.

Page 12: Outsource Photo Cutout Service

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