overseas medical expeditions - dos and dont's

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The Dos and Don'ts on a Medical Mission Trip. Looking at Prevention, Health Education, Health Screening, and instructions on how to run a successful and rewarding mobile medical clinic.


  • 1. Overseas Medical Expeditions - Dos and Donts

2. Poverty in Villages 3. Typically Set Up shop See many patients 4. Question: How does a feast help in a program against malnutrition ? 5. Prevention - Health Education 6. At Schools Involve the teachers Get the prefects to help out Dont be the expert 7. Health Education Smoking Drug Abuse Alcohol 8. Health Screening 9. Seniors Hold A Festival celebrate health 10. If really must run clinics Focus Children Seniors Pregnant Women Disabled 11. Clean Water 12. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Frederick Douglass 13. Plant Trees 14. Thank you