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Overview of Altmetrics Joseph Kraus University of Denver For the CRC Library Advisory Board, June 13, 2015

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1. Overview of Altmetrics Joseph Kraus University of Denver For the CRC Library Advisory Board, June 13, 2015 2. Note: With approval, I am going to put this online at http://www.slideshare.net/jokrausdu/ov erview-of-altmetrics, so you dont have to take prodigious notes. 3. Altmetrics Today, we are going to cover: What, who, when, where, why, and how 4. Altmetrics What? What is it? 5. Other terms Article-Level Metrics Artifact-Level Metrics 6. Altmetrics Who? Jason Priem, Heather Piwowar (ImpactStory) Euan Adie, Stacy Konkiel, Sara Rouhi (Altmetric) Andrea Michalek and Mike Buschman (Plum Analytics) Martin Fenner (PLOS) William Gunn (Mendeley) 7. Altmetrics Who? Other interested parties NISO Publishers Librarians/Information Professionals Readers Policy makers Research Funders 8. Altmetrics When? Right now and into the future Some services include digging into past usage of older information 9. Altmetrics Where? Any place where people care about metrics San Francisco - DORA 10. Altmetrics Why? More current usage data than citations Recent engagement and interactions See who is engaging with your content See how they are engaging with it See where they are marking or saving it Who is downloading the content? Where are people using that content? 11. Altmetrics Why? Concerning social media, there is a danger that this form of communication is gaining too high a value and that we are losing sight of key metrics of scientific value, such as citation indices. From http://genomebiology.com/2014/15/7/424 12. Altmetrics Why? Molecular biologist Buddhini Samarasinghe noted that some researchers say: Ha ha, let's laugh at those silly scientists doing social media outreach when they should be writing papers! The K-index trivialises those of us who work hard to communicate science with the public. 13. Altmetrics Why? Funders want to broaden the impact http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2007/nsf070 46/nsf07046.jsp Altmetrics can help verify that the imapct has been broadened 14. Altmetrics Why? Publish or perish culture Evaluate the quality of the work, not the container Some organizations say that the publication title is not under consideration 15. Altmetrics How? Three main funding models for Altmetrics services companies From publishers From libraries/institutions From authors/researchers 16. Altmetrics How? Altmetric For Publishers Bookmarklet Bookmetrix For Institutions and/or individuals 17. Altmetrics How? Plum Analytics http://www.plumanalytics.com/abo ut.html Pitt and/or the University of Denver 18. Altmetrics How? ImpactStory https://impactstory.org/JosephKraus 19. Altmetrics How? GrowKudos.com Ann Lawson [email protected] She has worked with someone at T&F https://growkudos.com/about/publish ers AddThis & ShareThis services 20. Altmetrics More examples From PLOS ONE http://www.plosone.org/article/Met rics/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0 046150 21. Other things to investigate https://www.researchfish.com/ (for researchers & funding organizations) http://symplectic.co.uk/ (For institutions) http://www.elsevier.com/solutions/scival SciVal Highlight the impact of their research for assessment and funding purposes https://hootsuite.com/plans/enterprise https://dlvr.it/pages/learn-more.php (similar to addthis/twitterfeed) 22. Pop Quiz Who said or wrote: Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. 23. Questions? 24. More information http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Apr-13/ http://crln.acrl.org/content/74/6/292.full http://www.ala.org/acrl/publications/kee ping_up_with/altmetrics https://kevinthelibrarian.wordpress.com/ 2013/03/09/altmetrics-and-evaluating- scholarly-impact-whats-out-there-and- how-can-we-participate/ 25. Even more Library Journal article on Plum by Bonnie Swoger Assessing Altmetrics: Why law librarians (and law schools) should care about altmetrics https://www.diigo.com/user/jokrausdu/altm etrics Follow #altmetrics on Twitter http://www.mendeley.com/groups/586171/ altmetrics/ 26. Image credits Google Images, labeled for reuse with modification Raised hands http://www.ok.gov/abletech/images/C lassroom-FourthGraders.jpg via http://www.ok.gov/abletech/Special_E ducation_Resolution_Center/ https://twitter.com/IanMulvany/status /425006889949495296