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Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Get paidfast and simple1
  • 2. What are local payments? A payment from an individual to a local service or organization2
  • 3. For local services, collecting payments is tough 1. Cumbersome manual collection processes 2. Cant easily track payments electronically 3. Getting paid is slow3
  • 4. Consumers want everything from their phone 1. Writing checks is a hassle 2. People dont always carry their checkbooks 3. Checks are hard to track electronically 4. High need to pay and be done V.4
  • 5. A new way Pageonce is a simple way to connect local services to their paying customers Send Money Get Money Consumers Local services and organizations5
  • 6. How does it work? Consumers make payments from Pageonce6
  • 7. Local organizations and businesses collect payment7
  • 8. and can easily track payments8
  • 9. A win-win result 1. Local organizations get a fast and easy way to collect and track payments 2. Customers get a simple and convenient way to make payments9
  • 10. Stone Pouch Wallet Pageonce The Wallet of the Future10