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  • 1.Cezar TaurionExecutivo de Novas Tecnologias/Technical EvangelistTechnology Trends To Watch In 2012 andbeyond 2012 IBM Corporation

2. A New Model for the Enterprise in a Flat World Globally Integrated Enterprise Globalization Internet Trade DeregulationCommoditization Uncertain macroeconomic indicators in developed economies/ Unstable European economicconditions Developing economies now contribute more to world economic growth than developed economies. Success of Chinas economy becoming more crucial Demographic shifts continue as people live longer Risks are everywhere, resulting in unpredictability 2 2012 IBM Corporation 3. Vivemos uma rpida evoluo da internet3 2012 IBM Corporation 4. The 3rd generation of computing platform, the 3rd phase of theInternet, and the explosion of information are colliding to form aperfect storm of disruption and transformation Phases of theInternet InternetWeb2.0 WebMobi 3 . 0 (C lole, Socia ud, l)19641981 1994 200320082012 2020-2 s,tphones (Smarobile Device Generations of M , etc) ComputingTablets PlatformsServer /PC Client ame MainfrAmount of Data Collected and Stored4 2012 IBM Corporation 5. 2012 Technology Trends To Watch1. Cloud Computing2. Social Business3. Mobile Computing/Consumerization of IT4. Big Data/Analytics5 2012 IBM Corporation 6. A cloud computing primer your 60 second guide A new model of ITKey ingredients: delivery and elasticity Start consumption inspired by internet PAYGservices in the on-demand self-serviceconsumer spaceAnalogies - electricity Evolutionary, not A confluence ofgenerationrevolutionary timetechnologies and The sharing, hosting, ASP virtualization, SOA,Model-T Fordmulti-tennancyVariants public,Get toNear-term adoptionprivate, hybrid,knowoverstated, long-termcommunity, ?the impact underestimated FinishG-cloud add toCloud all bets are off !confusion stack 6 2012 IBM Corporation 7. Cloud Service ModelsFinancials CRM/ERP/HRIndustry SpecificCollaborationApplications Software/ Application-as-a-ServiceWeb 2.0 ApplicationsDevelopmentMiddleware Tools RuntimeDatabase DesktopPlatform-as-a-Service Data CenterServersNetworking Storage FabricConsolidated, standardised, virtualised,shared, dynamically provisioned, automated Infrastructure-as-a-Service7 2012 IBM Corporation 8. A range of deployment optionsPrivate HybridPublicIT capabilities are providedInternal and external IT activities /as a service, over an service deliveryfunctions areintranet, within the enterprise methods are provided as aand behind the firewall integratedservice, over theInternet EnterpriseUsers Enterprise EnterpriseEnterprise data centerdata centerA B ABPrivate cloudManagedHosted privateMember cloud Public cloud private cloudcloud servicesservicesPrivate Third-party operatedThird-party owned and Mix of shared and dedicated Shared resourcesOn client premisesClient ownedoperatedresources Elastic scalingClient runs/ managesMission criticalStandardization Shared facility and staff Pay as you goPackaged applications CentralizationVirtual private network (VPN) Public InternetSecurityaccessHigh compliancyInternal networkSubscription or membershipInternal networkbased8 2012 IBM Corporation 9. Cloud computing is more than the sum of the partsCloud ComputingVirtualization +Standardization +Automation+Self ServiceWith With With WithEnables flexibilitySimplification Low human involvementUser in controlIncrease utilization Few configurations Rapid deployment & mgt Cost and usage choicesEnergy efficient Enables automation Repeatable configuration Increased visibilitySoft configuration Easier support Improves complianceIT/Business alignmentInfrastructure abstractionWithoutWithoutWithoutWithoutPhysically constrained Physically constrained Manually intensive Dependency of availability of data centre staffCapital intensiveMany configurationsSkill dependent Lack of awarenessHard configurationError proneLinked to PO processCostly9 2012 IBM Corporation 10. Cloud is widely recognized as an increasingly important technology;adoption is expected to accelerate rapidly in the coming yearsWhat is Your Organizations Level of The Global Cloud Computing Market is Cloud Adoption? Forecast to Grow 22% per year through 2020% of Respondents91% $250B $241BPiloting21%72% $200B$150BAdopting $150B 38%28%+33%$100BSubstantially 21%Implemented$50B41% +215%$41B 13% $0BToday 3 yrs 201120152020 Source: Sizing the cloud, Forrester Research, Inc., April 21, 2011 Nearly half (48%) of CIOs surveyed evaluate cloud options first, over traditional IT approaches, before making any new IT investmentsSource: (1) 2011 joint IBV/EIU Cloud-enabled Business Model Survey of 572 business & IT leaders; Q4. Which of the following most accurately describes your organisations level ofcloud technology adoption today and which do you expect will best describe it in three years?Sizing the cloud , Forrester Research, April 21, 2011; 2012 IBM Corporation 11. Today, at least two thirds of companies of all sizes are activelyeither experimenting with or implementing cloudWhat is Your Organizations Level of Cloud Adoption?% of Respondents; Today 82%76%67% 43% Piloting 44% 32% 21% Adopting 22% 34% 14% 10% Substantially5% Implemented $20BCompany Annual RevenuesSource: (1) 2011 joint IBV/EIU Cloud-enabled Business Model Survey of 572 business & IT leaders, Q4, n=36311 2012 IBM Corporation 12. IT and Business are attracted to cloud for different reasons. IT is drawn to clouds cost, efficiency and controlof CIOs plan to use cloudup from 33% two years ago. Transformation Efficiency of business executives believe cloud enables business transformation and leaner, faster, more agile processes. while business users are drawn to clouds simplified, self-service experience and new service capabilities.2011 IBM CIO Study, London School of Economics, December 201012 2012 IBM Corporation 13. IT benefits from Cloud Computing are real Value delivered From traditional To cloud Change management Months Days or hours Test provisioning Weeks20 minutes Install database1 day12 minutes Install of operating system 1 day3060 minutes Provisioning environment51% cost savings Design and deploy business applications Months Days/Weeks Our commitment to informed decision making led us to consider private cloud delivery of Cognos via System z, which is the enabling foundation that makes possible +$20M savings over 5 years. IBM Office of the CIO 2012 IBM Corporation 14. There are six typical steps to getting started with CloudIBM Cloud Assessment Workshop12 3 Understand StrategicAnalyze Workloads Determine DeliveryDirection ModelsHigh IT Provider Relationship ProfileE-Mail,Software EnterpriseProvider researches, Collaboration Development recommends and implementsEnabler technology to enable quantumleap in business capabilityData Provider works with others to develop a Test and Pre-Partner service and provide resources/skillsIntensiveProduction Trad B e n e f itnecessary to support the service ProcessingProvider of a quality service at a cost equal to or ITPrivatePublic Utility lower than the competitionCommodityProvider of an adequate service at a cost lower Hybrid than the competitionDatabase ERP CostHigh45 6 Analyze InfrastructureAssess RisksBuild Roadmaps Gaps Determine ROI01. IT Host Resources Bus iness Arc hit ect ure Provide a baseline of agreement byD oc ument busines s directi onsand I Ts ali gnment wit h t hem, Devel op and implement enterprise-wideAlignmenteducating all stakeholders on t he business architecture initiatives A rc hi te c tur e ac ross t he ent erpriseEn ter pri s efundamentals of Ent erprise Archi tec ture03. IT Storage Resources Informat ion Sys tems Architecture As sess t he existi ng IS A rchitecture f or aselect ed set of LOBs Dev elop an overall IS enterpris e archit ec ture framework t o guide the enterpri seDevelop and execut e an IS Architecture roadmap ac ross the ent erprise04. IT Network Resources Pilot Metadata int egration with key t ools and Document business gl oss ary into met adataM an ag em e ntM a s te r D a taMetadata Develop met adat a t ec hnical st rategy applicationsrepos itory for s ome LOBs02. IT Distributed ResourcesEst ablish a cros s-f unctional I nformationDefine and document common semant ics D ata ModelEstabli sh data entit y naming s tandards(business glos sary) across LOBs f or someArchi tec ture (D at a Adminis tration) t eam s ubjec t areasEnterpriseExtend the inf ormation integration Integrate informat ion transf ormation ExploratoryDepartmental Exclusive OpenI nformation Info rm ati on Define t he informati on integration In teg ra tion architecture across thewith common met adat a and data Integration Transformationarchitec ture organization & tec hnol ogies cl eans ing serv ices Scope of services Extend the Informat ion Integrat ion Optimize data & c ontent Int egrate data plac ement with the I nf ormation Plac ementIdentify requiredDevelop roadmaps& Structure Architecture f or placement &s truct ure optimizationpl acement and s truct ure across allLOBs & technology silos I nf ormation Lif ecy cle Management implementationAssess current stateDetermine future statecapabilities and initiatives Phase 1Phase 2 Phase 3Phase 4Phase 1Phase 2 Phase 3Phase 4 2012 IBM Corporation 15. Segmentao do portfolio em nveis de criticidadeYesA maioria dos clientes possuem nvel deNivel 3 Nivel 1 criticidade 4 e relativamente poucas aplicaesEstratgiaem nvel 1;Comee migrando suas aplicaes do nvel 4Nivel 4Nivel 2para o ambiente de Cloud movendo primeiro asaplicaes de menor risco; NoUtilize a expertise adquirida no primeiro momento No Yespara migrar aplicaes de nveis maisCriticidade estratgicos.Nvel 4 Nvel 3 Nvel 2 Nvel 1 Classe da Aplicao No estratgica ou crtica Estratgica mas no crticaAlta criticidade Chave - Mais crtica Distribuio55%20%20%5% Disponibilidade Menor queMdioAlto Muito Alto 95%95-98.5% 98.5-99.