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    December 2015

    Chan Chun Sing on HQ’s roadmap pg16 Singapore’s future challenges pg10 Updated list of PAP MPs and Branch Chairs pg14

    A Q U A R T E R LY P U B L I C A T I O N O F T H E P E O P L E ' S A C T I O N P A R T Y


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    04 ul lling our ro ises Party Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong emphasises the importance of starting work now for the next general election.

    09 Unconventional Convention Ground-up engagement of activists and the novel use of technology made this year s party convention di erent.

    10 SGFuture: Our Challenges Petir presents an easy-to-read infographic on the challenges facing Singapore.

    12 In recognition of dedicated, loyal activists Special Letters of Appreciation were given to 183 activists for their exceptional e orts during G 1 . Another 3 3 were honoured for their commitment to the party.

    14 PAP MPs and Branch Chairs An updated list of PAP MPs and Branch Chairpersons.

    16 FEATURE H E co s road a Strengthening the training of activists outreach e orts and feed ack mechanism are the key priorities for new H xco chairman Chan Chun Sing.

    18 SHORTIES A summary of major new policies and news in numbers.

    19 FEATURE Out in force Veteran MP Charles Chong hits the ground running in his new ward Punggol ast. So did the defeated candidates of Aljunied G C and Hougang who continued their groundwork.

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    December 20152

  • Contents December 2015

    22 CONVERSATION Ordinary life, e traordinary eco syste Always give of your best is Amrin Amin’s mantra. The Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Home A airs shares about his growing up years in an exceptional Singapore.

    GROUNDWORK 26 WOMEN'S WING Ma ing u for lost ti e

    In valedictory interviews, three retired MPs talk about their lives after stepping back from politics.

    27 YOUNG PAP Forging stronger ties via SG 0 A a ing Race Through the SG Ama ing ace, oung PAP fosters closer ties with oung T C.

    28 BACKBENCHER’S BITE Before and After Cheng Li Hui tells Petir the di erences between being a volunteer and now, the newly-minted MP for Tampines ast.

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    December 2015 3


    As the dust settles on G 1 , it is timely for the PAP to look forward and prepare Singapore for the future. “Voters will judge the PAP not only by what we

    have done before, but what we will be doing this term, and what we can do,” said PAP Secretary Gen- eral and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, when he addressed about 1, party members during the PAP Convention on December 6 titled “Forward with Passion, Together in Action”.

    In a 3 -minute speech delivered at the Singapore xpo, Mr Lee talked about what the PAP needs to

    do in future to “continue to be a national party that represents the broad majority of Singaporeans and works for the interest of all Singaporeans.”

    MPs and activists must continue working hard while staying humble, to connect with residents.

    “It’s not just knocking on doors and going through the motions, but thinking hard how we can make the most di erence to our residents,” he said.

    It also takes courage and conviction. “ ltimately, Singaporeans back ghters. If you say yes to every- thing, you will not win votes. ou must stand up for what you believe in and persuade people ‘this is the right way, go forward’. ”

    Indeed, it was hard work which helped PAP to win the recent general election decisively, not just during the campaign period but over the last four years. Warm applause and cheers erupted as PM Lee mentioned several MPs by name.

    Strong connections with the ground Minister for Manpower and ast Coast G C MP

    Lim Swee Say conducted over 1 dialogues with his residents on the Pioneer Generation Package and MediShield Life South ast CDC Mayor and

    ast Coast G C MP Maliki sman aimed to reach out to every HDB and private estate resident ee Soon South MP Lee Bee Wah is “famously hands on” and organised programmes with her residents to keep the area clean and green, while Holland- Bukit Timah G C MP Christopher De Sou a built up a young and energetic team.

    Singaporeans trust that the PAP they voted in does not just stand for its stellar track record, but also how it can better their lives in future.

    Ful lling our ro ises

    December 20154

  • Some MPs and their teams had tougher ghts than others, pointed out Secretary General Lee. This included Sitoh ih Pin, who won back Potong Pasir on his third try in 11 and Tin Pei Ling who had a rough time in her rst campaign in 11. Both had resounding wins this time in 1 . The Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol ast PAP teams, he said, had the hardest mission but kept at it with the right attitude.

    Said Mr Lee: “Whatever the government policies and national mood, the MP and his team doing groundwork, connecting with residents, makes a great di erence. motionally, people can see that we care for them, that we are on their side, that we want to improve their lives by working with them.

    “I especially thank the activists who support our MPs on the ground. The MPs work hard, but they can only succeed with their full team working alongside them,” he said.

    The PAP also has to continue coming up with policies which will improve Singaporeans’ lives.

    While it has done well in addressing issues like housing, transport, immigration and healthcare, there is a need to plan ahead.

    “We are also looking ahead beyond SG , towards our next milestone, SG1 ,” said PM Lee. “Singapore will not just be exceptional for a one -o period, and then turn ordinary and fade away.”

    Work -in- progress items include improving the public transport system, implementing MediShield Life and building new hospitals and polyclinics, and ne-tuning population policies.

    Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat is chairing the Committee on our Future conomy to develop a plan to restructure the economy and ensure that Singaporeans will continue to have good jobs and opportunities, while Minister in the Prime Minister’s ce, Chan Chun Sing and Minister for Culture, Community and outh, Grace Fu will lead discussions on SGFuture.

    choing the theme of change for the better, the PAP Convention for the rst time deviated from prepared speeches. Instead, a PAP panel presented their ndings on three key issues critical to Singa- pore’s future.

    South West CDC Mayor Low en Ling took charge of a team doing research on the Future of Lifelong Learning, orth ast CDC Mayor Teo Ser Luck looked into the Future of Sustainable Living, while Central CDC Mayor Denise Phua looked into the Future of Caring. They answered questions sent in by the activists on mobile phones via the pigeonhole Q&A app.

    The engaging session led to some lively discus- sion. A question which garnered over votes and

    “Every generation will have to earn their own right to lead. The result in GE2015 is a good base. But GE2021 will be a new ght. Let’s start now, so that by 2021 the PAP can say what we promised, we have delivered; what we stand for, we continue to uphold.”

    - PAP Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong

    which led to some debate was one submitted by Mr Heng Swee Keat who used to head the education portfolio – Should we get our children to clean toilets and go for adventure training to be more rugged?

    Earning the right to lead e ecting back on 1 , Mr Lee said Singaporeans

    gained a stronger sense of identity which will strength- en the nation going forward.

    “This emotional year has left a permanent mark on all of us, individually and as a society,” he said. ot only was it Singapore’s Jubilee year, it was also when founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan ew passed on both were one -o events which will never again occur in Singapore’s history.

    “We all shared the national moment of grief when Mr Lee died, and the moment of celebration when we sang Majulah Singapura and recited the pledge on ational Day. For all of us who were here, a new consciousness was created. We were changed, we will remember.”

    In conclusion, he said: “ very generation will have to earn their own right to lead. The result in G 1 is a good base. But G 1 will be a new ght. Let’s start