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  • parallel / Reese Her sexiest shoot ever

    PLAYING DOCTOR Behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy

    NAKED TRUTH Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing to hide

    JUNE 2006 issue 135

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    Contents JUNE 2006 issue 135

    COVER STORIES 12 Reese Witherspoon Her sexiest shoot and interview ever

    8 Grey’s Anatomy Get an inside look at the show every- one is talking about

    10 Sarah J. Parker All that you ever wanted to know and more about Sarah Jessica Parker

    REGULARS 2 Trends See what is the lat- est this season in designer hand-bags 4 Beauty Tips from famed make-up artist Wendy Karcher

    7 Style Summer Sandals Inside the latest trends for summer

    16 Fashion faux pas parallel // June2006

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    Gucci $975

    Coach $798

    Fendi $2155

    Burberry $978

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    parallel // June2006



    How to Choose the Right Handbag

    Just like a great pair of jeans, a handbag should fit your body type. The shape of a bag shouldn’t match your figure: instead, choose the opposite of your body type. For example, pick a bigger bag if you’re a tall and thin woman. Don’t be afraid to try the hand- bag on at the store. Get a feel for how it fits. Pass on anything that makes you uncomfortable. Basic designs and styles will last you through the years while maintaining a sense of up-to-date style.

    By Laura Contarino

  • parallel // June2006

    parallel // beauty

    Sensational Make-up tips

    Make Up For Ever: Just Bitten Makeup artist Wendy Karcher’s inspira-

    tion is the just-bitten lusciousness of

    a ripe pomegranate as its juice stains

    the lips. To replicate the look, she

    fills in the entire lip with a tangerine

    orange pencil, over which she layers

    a sheer red gloss, creating this unique

    orange-tinged, red-stained mouth. She

    then uses a similarly red-orange blush

    at the apples of the cheeks. Karcher

    delicately enhances the eyebrow, but

    leaves the rest of the eyes bare except

    for a coat of black mascara and a fine

    black liner across the upper lash line.

    Clinique: Pink in Bloom The makeup team at Clinique celebrates the

    beauty of fresh hibiscus, pink rose and cool

    lilac in their blooming pink palette. The deep,

    vibrant purple eye shadow fades into a paler

    version of itself as it’s diffused upward toward

    the brow bone, and the hibiscus lip gloss of-

    fers a cheery focal point.


  • parallel // June2006

  • parallel // June2006

  • parallel // June2006 parallel // June2006

    parallel // style

    If the Shoe Fits

    This spring and summer, it’s all about the retro details. Lots of denim, embroidery, groovy flowers, and even pucca shells will be adorning just about every style of shoe imagineable. This is a great and fun look for casual wear, but is a bit “too” casual for anything really dressy.

    Platforms are back in a big way, and a platform wedge heel is absolutely the look of the season. Great for adding height, platforms add a fun touch to casual clothes, and are the perfect match for flouncy skirts or jeans.

    Metallics are as hot as ever, but the look that’s really shining this season is a bit more realistic than some of the candy- colored metallics of last year. Perfect for adding a glamorous touch to casual clothes, shoes like these are also a spot-on match for warm weather evening-wear.

    Ankle straps are hot, but the look that’s real- ly on fire is ankle wrap shoes like the ones shown here. Great for adding a sexy and feminine touch to skirts or shorts; skinny ankle ties are the current replacement for the ribbon ties of the last couple seasons

    wear it!


  • Grey s

    This is a show that wants to be liked. It just sort of screams in your face “Love me!”

    with all its interesting characters who are very different from each other and a nice

    plot that you just have to be addicted to. The supporting work is clearly a winner. It

    has a very lovable supporting cast with T.R. Knight as the sweet and sort of the “av-

    erage guy” as George O’Malley and Katherine Heigl who is very likable in her role

    - even Sandra Oh is a clear winner on top. And my personal favorite is “the Nazi”

    - Dr. Miranda Bailey who is played by Chandra Wilson. Very, very well done.

    By Vanessa Cohen

    ’ anatomy


  • anatomy


  • CITYand thence a graduate, Sarah decided to pursue a full-time acting career rather than further her education. Sarah's

    star shot up since her portrayal of Manhattan sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO series Sex and the City which was on the air from 1998 to 2004. The fact that she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series four times, as well as the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2004, only underscores the fact that she played the role of Carrie as though it were literally written for her personaliiy.During her stint on Sex and the City, Sarah continued to appear

    stripes on the big screen in movies like Dudley Do-Right (1999), State and Main (2000), and Life Without Dick (2001). Since Sex and the City went off the air in 2004, she has added Strangers with Candy (2005), The Family Stone (2005) and Failure to Launch (2006) to her resume. She may have portrayed the role of single, man-hunting Carrie in the Emmy-winning Sex and the City, but Sarah has been happily married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick, with whom she has a child, since 1997.

    o By Vanessa Cohen


  • CITY


  • 12 REESE WITHERSPOONReese Witherspoon

  • 13 REESE WITHERSPOONReese Witherspoon

    As one of the most impressively talented members of the emerging New Hollywood of the early 21st century, Reese Witherspoon has proven that she can do far more than just pose winsomely for the camera. Born March 22, 1976, in Nashville, TN, Witherspoon was a child model and acted in television commercials from the age of seven. She had a part in the 1991 Lifetime cable movie Wildflower before making her 1991 film debut in the coming-of-age story The Man in the Moon (1991). The 14-year-old Witherspoon made an immediate impact on critics and audi- ences alike, netting widespread praise for her portrayal of a tomboy experi- encing love for the first time. While starring in one of her most popular movies to date, Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon gained recognition as one of Hollywood’s most well-liked young actresses. Throw in her marriage to male heart- throb, Ryan Phillippe, and you’ve got yourself a modern-day success story. Now, all jealousy and Cruel Intentions aside... allow us to proceed.

    By Brittany Engler

  • By the time she hit her mid-20s, Reese Witherspoon had already managed to become one of Holly- wood’s hottest young starlets and had acted in a variety of big screen roles. She has also garnered a great deal of attention due in part to her marriage to her Cruel Intentions co-star Ryan Phillippe. Not to men- tion that they are the happy parents of daughter Ava Elizabeth (born in 1999) and son Deacon (born in 2003). Sorry guys, it looks like Ms.

    Witherspoon is officially off-limits. Throw children in the picture and all of a sudden, it’s a whole new ballgame. As far as her acting ca- reer goes, Reese has officially been drafted to the big leagues. Since the success of her movie Legally Blonde, for which she was paid $5 million, her asking price jumped significantly. In fact, she made $12.5 million for 2002’s Sweet Home Alabama, and $15 million apiece for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) and Vanity Fair (2004). In 2005, she can add Just Like Heaven, Walk the Line, and Whiteout to her resume. Ryan and Reese can now afford

    all the desired luxuries that one can only dream of owning. You know, the big houses, the fancy cars... a small country. You name it; they can probably afford it. They don’t get much cuter than Reese Wither- spoon. With a dashing smile and a petite, yet curvaceous frame, she is a definite fox.


    “Reese has officially been drafted to the big leagues”

  • parallel // June2006

    parallel // beauty


    parallel // fashion faux pas

    Nice outfit Parallels look at some of the fashion disasters of the celebrity world

    This Months List:

    1. Christina Aguilera 2. Juliette Lewis 3. Brittany Murphy 4. Heather Graham 5. Britney Spears


  • parallel // June2006