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Will Cook's slideshow on Paris, France


  • 1.Paris at a Glance

2. Map of FranceParis is in north central France locatedalong the Seine River. 3. The River of ParisThe Seine River runs through the center of Paris. 4. The Eiffel Tower - AnIron MasterpieceThis amazing structure is in the heart ofmodern Paris. It was designed by a youngman named Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Itsfirst appearance was at the Paris WorldsFair in 1889. 5. The Arc DeTriompheThe Arch is an architectural masterpieceand an amazing symbol of France. Itsdesigner was Napoleon himself as a glory ofFrances victory against Austria. Today thearch is still a symbol of France and sits infront of the Champs Elysees. 6. Notre DameNotre Dame is afamous cathedralthat was completedin the year of1253and was one of theearly gothicchurches. Boy! Itreally is as old asdirt! 7. The Louvre Art MuseumThe Louvre was once a palace of the Renaissance Era , but once the great Palace ofVersailles was completed, the Louvre was given to the artists and became a museum.The glass pyramid was completed in 1984. 8. The Musee DOrseeThis museum was once an old train station transformed intoan art museum. It was also the inspiration for the movie HUGO.This building is host to mostly impressionist paintings.