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  • 23-25 November 2015 Hotel Swissotel Nai Lert Park

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Participants Biography

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    Name Biography 1. Ahmed Kamal

    [email protected]

    Mr. Ahmad Kamal is currently serving as Member (DRR) at National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Pakistan. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of disaster management, water resource management, and flood management with focus on both structural and non-structural interventions. He represents NDMA at several national and international forums as well as acts its official spokesperson. He has studied Civil Engineering Hydrology & Environmental Management.

    2. Airlie Taylor

    [email protected]

    Ms. Airlie Taylor is the Consortium Manager for the Myanmar Consortium for Community Resilience, a 6-member consortium led by ActionAid supporting the institutionalization of inclusive community-based DRR in Myanmar. Prior to moving to Myanmar, Airlie worked with ActionAid UK on institutional funding and with ActionAid’s International Humanitarian Team in communications and information management. She holds a degree in Spanish and Portuguese from Nottingham University, UK.

    3. Am Phirum

    [email protected]

    Mr. Am Phirum is currently the Deputy Director at the Department of Agricultural Land Resources Management in Cambodia. With a master’s degree in Agriculture, he has acquired knowledge and experience in climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk reduction in the agriculture sector. His technical expertise is within the areas of soil conservation, integrated nutrient management, integrated pest management and agro- meteorology. Mr. Am Phirum is a member of the Climate Change Technical Team (CCTT) as well as a member of the Technical Review Team on National Action Plan for UNCCD.

    4. Aminath Shooza

    [email protected]

    Ms. Aminath Shooza is currently working with UNDP as Programme Associate in Male, Maldives. For the past 13 years, she has been working on Environment and Energy related projects. Ms. Aminath is leading the implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction projects of UNDP in Maldives. She has also been selected as UNDP’s innovation Ambassador for Asia Pacific. Ms. Aminath is focusing on finding innovative options to address disaster related work in the country.

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    5. Amelie Yan Gouiffes

    [email protected]

    Amelie spent 17 years working in humanitarian aid and disaster risk reduction with NGOs, Red Cross movement, UN and ECHO. With the same commitment to relieve suffering and to contribute to making the world a better place, she now dedicates to life and leadership coaching, public speaking and training. She believes that when people are supported to unleash their full potential and to shine, they bring to the world happiness, greatness and contribution.

    6. An Un Gyong

    [email protected]

    Ms. An Un Gyong is currently working as Admin/Finance Assistant and Focal Point for Gender with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Prior to joining FAO, Ms. Gyong has worked with Ministry of Commerce and also with the UN World Food Programme as Local Food Production Assistant.

    7. Angeline Tondiono

    [email protected]

    Angeline has been supporting the knowledge and information management initiative of the IFRC South-East Asia Regional Delegation. She has worked in a similar assignment for the French Red Cross in Indonesia. Coming from legal and human rights educational background, Angeline finds that she never stops learning !

    8. Andrew Schroeder

    [email protected]

    Mr. Andrew Schroeder is the Director of Research and Analysis for Direct Relief, where he has been recognized by Esri and others for his work in applied geographic information systems (GIS) for global health and humanitarianism. He is a member of the core organizing group for UAViators and coordinator of the Humanitarian UAV Working Group for Nethope.

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    9. Anne Elizabeth Leclerc

    [email protected]

    Anne E. LECLERC is a humanitarian professional with over twenty- four years’ experience in the field of international development and relief programs. She has been working in South and South East Asia, North and West Africa as well as in Europe. She has recently served as Head of North Africa Region (2003-2010) before joining South East Asia. She is currently the Head of Regional Office for South East Asia.

    10. Anthony De La Cruz

    [email protected]

    Mr. Anthony de la Cruz is the Regional Specialist for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction with the UN Volunteers Regional Headquarters for Asia and the Pacific. Prior to that, he worked with the UN Coordination Office and Handicap International in the Philippines in post-crisis rehabilitation and recovery, disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation, land administration and solid waste management.

    11. Armen Grigoryan

    [email protected]

    Mr. Armen Grigoryan is the Disaster Risk Reduction Team Leader and Regional Advisor at the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. He has 20 years of experience working in the United Nations in Europe and CIS. He has studied at the Yerevan State Institute of Foreign Languages, Haigzaian Business College, Central European University.

    12. Arlynn Aquino

    [email protected]

    In charge of the general programme management of Manila Field Office ; Appraise, monitor and evaluate projects including financial assessment of proposals submitted by partners ; Formulate reports on the humanitarian situation, including any political, economic and security events relevant to the analysis of the humanitarian situation in the Philippines

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    13. Aslam Perwaiz

    a[email protected]

    Mr. Aslam Perwaiz is the Head of Department of Disaster Risk Management Systems at the Asian Disaster preparedness Center (ADPC) in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been working with ADPC since 2005. Having worked in the development sector for more than twenty years, he has extensive experience of disaster risk management in South and Southeast Asia. Mr. Aslam works with governments on strengthening the institutional and legal frameworks for disaster risk reduction and with capacity building at national and sub-national levels.

    14. Aung Thaung Shwe [email protected]

    Mr. Aung Thaung Shwe is currently working as a Deputy Director of the Myanmar Red Cross Society. He has been working with the Myanmar Red Cross Society since 2006 in various capacities. He also served with the Social Security Board of the Ministry of Labor, Myanmar. Mr. Aung Thaung Shwe has responded to a number of emergencies in different parts of the country during his professional career. He has a special interest and experience in community preparedness and response.

    15. Aung Kyaw Soe

    [email protected]

    Mr.Aung Kyaw Soe is currently working as a Project Coordinator for DIPECHO IX project at Actionaid Myanmar (Safer Costal and Urban community through Inclusive Community Base Disaster Risk Reduction Project). Prior to joining ActionAid, he was working as a volunteer and Field facilitator for emergency response, recovery and rehabilitation at Link Emergency Aid and Development (LEAD). After Cyclone Giri, he worked at Help Age International as Community Development Officer.

    16. Bevita Dwi Meidityawati

    [email protected]

    Ms. Bevita is Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist at World Vision, Indonesia. She has five years of work experience in community development and ten years of experience in Disaster Risk Reduction with humanitarian organizations in disaster-prone, conflict-affected, rural and urban across Indonesia. She has a keen interest in capacity building, community development, disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and health promotion.

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    17. Bhichit Rattakul

    [email protected]

    Dr. Bhichit Rattakul has over twenty years of experience of industrial science and technology research in policy and management, disaster management, and environmental education and research. He has been elected as a member of the parliament of Thailand for three times, and has served as science and technology portfolio cabinet member of the Royal Thai Government. Dr. Bhichit has also served as governor of Bangkok as well as a board member in many state enterprises in Thailand. As a doctorate in biotechnology, Dr. Bhichit has given lectures at the Faculty of Science of the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He is an active advocate and promoter of community- based disaster risk reduction in the region.

    18. Bill Ho

    [email protected]

    Mr. Bill Ho is Department Head Communication at ADPC. His main responsibility is to liaison between ADPC and international organizations. He is also involved with information sharing activities at ADPC. Mr. Bill has a background in project management and coordination, and he has extensive experience working throughout USA, Southeast Asia and China.

    19. Bounyuon g


    [email protected]

    I was working with lao red cross since Oct 2007, now I am deputy head of disaster prepardness of disaster management department.

    20. Bouthong Philavong [email protected]

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