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PPT of Presentation on the PASTEL medical E-learning assessement method. Presentation was given during the AMEE 2008 conference in Prague



PASTELA novel method to judge the quality of E-learning material

OutlineProject backgroundGoals Assessment methodAssessment procedureResults

Project backgroundE-learning is hot The amount is ever growingOften the wheel gets re-invented

www.medicaleducation.nlMedical E-learning centralised in one database900+Searchableundergraduate

Promising!E-learning in could be used for post graduate courses

Problem:Traditional post graduate courses are assessed by a committee and awarded points for quality (accreditation)Doctors need to score a certain amount of accreditation points each yearNo objective quality assessment method to award points to medical E-learning

PASTEL- projectPost-academicAccreditation and UpScaling of applicaTion ofElectronic Learning objects

Goals PASTEL-projectDeveloping a quality assesment method for E-learning modulesStimulating the use of the approved E-learning in post-graduate courses

Assessment methodTwo kinds of assessment:medical contenteducational soundness

Criteria medical content:Correctness of contentAbsence of sponsorsTarget audienceEstimated time to completeUser-friendlinessBased on national accreditation guidelines

Educational criteria:

Are learning goals stated?How is feedback provided?How is multimedia used?How are participants tested?

Based on researchliterature on effective E-learningMayer (2001) Multimedia learning", Alessi & Trollip (2001) "Multimedia for learning", Cook & Dupras (2005) a practical guide to developing effective webbased learning

Assessment procedure

Weighing processMost important criteria:Does it reflect the latest medical guidelines?Is it based on good medical practice?Is it unbiased and free of advertising?Is it right for the target audience?

Are goals formulated?Is feedback provided correctly?

If all are answered YES

One or more NOE-learning module gets sent back to developer with comments by the expertsIf developer improves the E-learning module based on comments: Stamp of approvalIf developer can not improve the E-learning module based on comments Stamp of approval denied

Integration medicaleducation.nlForms of assessed E-learning can be viewed medicaleducation.nlApproved E-learning module recognizable by stamp of approval

ResultsE-learning quality assessment tool55 E-learning modules assessed33 stamp of approvalFilled out assessment forms can be viewed in medicaleducation.nlApproved E-learning will be used in post graduate courses this fall

Take Home messageIf you consider using medical E-learning: take a look at our assessement tool to separate the rotten apples from the fresh ones.


(contact) Informationhttp://www.medicaleducation.nlMore information (in dutch) [email protected]: yeahtsePresentation:

**Goede E-learningmodules*Slechte E-learning modules*Ogenschijnlijk goede E-learning modules+ Ogenschijnlijk slechte E-learning modules*3 PAOGs Hebben hun krachten gebundeld* heeft het mogelijk gemaakt om de groene, van de gele appels en appels van citroenen te onderscheiden, wat er nu nodig is is een kwaliteitskeurmerk.