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Adult Basic Education. Pat Thomas SW ABE Program Manager [email protected] (507) 537-7046. ABE: Changing in response to the needs of today’s workforce. ABE Learner Eligibility. Adult Basic Education provides services or instruction below the postsecondary level for individuals: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Pat ThomasSW ABE Program [email protected] (507) 537-7046Adult Basic Education

  • ABE:Changing in responseto the needs of todays workforce

  • ABE Learner EligibilityAdult Basic Education provides services or instruction below the postsecondary level for individuals:

    A) Who are at least 16 years oldB) Who are not enrolled in secondary schoolC) Who qualify under one or more of the following: a. Lack mastery of basic educational skills b. Do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent c. Are unable to speak, read or write the English language

  • Programs in ABE GED High School diplomaReading Comprehension & Fluency Citizenship Basic math and computation skills Basic computer skills Assessment testingFamily Literacy

  • Sample ABE Learner GoalsAttain employment and/or better their current employmentAchieve high school equivalency (GED or H.S. Diploma)Attain skills necessary to enter post-secondary education and trainingExit public welfare and become self-sufficient;Learn to speak and write the English Language;Master basic academic skills to help their children succeed in schoolBecome U.S. citizens and participate in democratic societyGain self-esteem, personal confidence and sense of personal and civic responsibility

  • Why focus on Workforce Education?

  • 2005 Skills Gap Report In addition to shortages of various types of employees, manufacturers surveyed reported they are also dissatisfied with the skills of their current employees. Among respondents to this national survey, nearly half indicated their current employees have inadequate basic employability skills, such as attendance, timeliness and work ethic while 46% reported inadequate problem solving skills among employees and 36% indicated insufficient reading, writing and communications skills.

    Full report is available at:

  • NEED:

    40% Of the people in the United States lack the basic skills necessary to obtain or retain employment42% of Welfare to Work (MFIP) caseloads do not have a high school degree or equivalent (DHS TANF Report)12% of Minnesotans over 25 years old lack a high school degree or its equivalency. The average high school graduate earns $7,000 more than a high school dropout. (2000 Census)Major MN employers report large costs to train and retrain employees whose lack of basic skills or ability to speak English are liabilities to the profit line. (MN Bus. Partnership.)36% of job applicants tested by major U.S. firms in 1998 lacked the reading and math skills to do the job they sought. (Amer. Mgt. Assoc.)

  • ABE Serves That over 75,000 individuals participate annually to upgrade their basic academic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics and English?Over 4,000 individuals are referred to ABE classes each year by employers?We serve adults with virtually no skills in English or math and have the ability to stay with them and teach them until they reach a 12th-grade level?Were able to come to the workplace to offer short-term classes OR were able to host classes at local ABE classrooms?Did you know

  • ABE Workforce Education Goals To Provide quality workforce education training To provide quality curriculum development To establish an appropriate array of recommended on-site assessments To develop and identify model programs and best practices To collaborate with other government/private initiatives to share information and avoid duplication of services

  • What can we offer to businesses?

    A Workforce Education coordinatorExperienced and licensed instructorsFull pre-assessment of learners and siteFull post-assessments of learners goals and objectivesCustomized curriculum and trainingQuality English as a Second Language (ESL) instructionReading and writing skillsFlexibilityWorkforce Education Program plan including training agreement, schedules, curriculum summary and goals and objectivesFinal report, written assessment of learners progress and future recommendations.

  • What does a typical Workforce Education Program look like?There is no typical Workforce Education Program. Each of our programs is uniquely tailored to the needs and specifications of the business.

    This includes identifying and teaching the basic skills the employer wishes to reinforce in the workplace. Examples include: teacher and/or improving English skills, math skills for retail, or identifying and discussing cultural differences that may be interfering with expectations and communication.

  • How are individual business needs met?ABE is experienced in creating specialized curriculumState-wide pool of information and experienceWe provide a customized curriculum that is intensive, well-paced and benefits the employees both professionally and personally.We understand that productivity is hinged on an employees ability to communicate with their supervisor and co-workers effectively.

  • Are we going to steal your clients?MN Policies Regarding Workforce Education in ABE: Workforce Education may include any of the basic skills curricula associated with typical ABE programs (GED, Basic Skills Brush-up, ESL, Family Literacy, Civics/Citizenship), and the content level of the curricula must not extend beyond the high school level. Technical and vocational credit-based content that is normally associated with a postsecondary institution is not acceptable content for using ABE funds.


    Expansion of clienteleESL instructionBasic Computer TrainingOn-site instructionCost savingsLimiting business contacts by ABE


    Ability to subcontract ABE servicesPotential to reduce your costsPotential to make money off of ABE servicesABE generates future funding


  • Marshall ABE ...provides educational opportunities to area adults wishing to acquire or enhance their basic education.The Marshall ABE plays an important role in improving the overall quality of life for families and children in Minnesota communities. Currently, the Marshall ABE offers the following services: CLICK THE LINKS BELOW to read about each. GED, Adult Diploma, ESL, Family Literacy, Basic Skills Enhancement, Workforce Education, Driver's Education, Citizenship Classes, and Computer Classes, READ HERE: What are the benefits of Citizenship? The three sites available in Marshall include two apartment complexes and the Lyon County Government Center ABE office site. In addition, 12 member district sites are available. Lyon County Government Center 607 W. Main St. Marshall, MN 56258 (507) 537-7046 FAX: 537-7047 What's New Welcome to the Marshall Adult Education website. Click here for new items Reading Skills for Today's Adults Southwest ABE Website Visit the Family Literacy Page Scope and Sequence MN West Community & Technical College Weekly Staff Announcements

  • READING SKILLS STORIES The goal of this project is to build fluency and comprehension skills in adult readers through the use of relevant readings specific to an adult audience. The focus of thesereading selections will beon topics such us: Civics, Employment, Housing, Health,School, Money, and Government.This project is funded in part through an EL/Civics Grant from the MN Dept. of Ed - ABE Division. Your comments, questions and feedback are invited. Click on the Feedback link at the bottom of the page.

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