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Real World Britain Multiscreeners



2. FLUID DEVICES1 THE INDISPENSABLEROLE OF MOBILE2IMMERSIVE TV3TV KEEPS PEOPLE4 3. THE INDISPENSABLEROLE OF MOBILE1 4. 22%BOUGHT VIA MOBILEWEBSITE / RETAILER APPSource: MediaCom Real World InsightM-COMMERCE IS A REALITYAND GROWING 5. 42%HAVE USED THEIRMOBILE AT SOME POINTIN A PURCHASEJOURNEYSource: MediaCom Real World Insight 6. 15%BOUGHT ON IMPULSEVIA MOBILEMOBILE IS MAKING IMPULSESHOPPING EVEN EASIER 7. 14%BOUGHT ONLINE / VIAMOBILE WHILST DRUNKSource: MediaCom Real World Insight 8. 50%DONT TAKE THEIR TABLETOUT OF THE HOMESource: GroupM Tablet ResearchT-COMMERCE AND M-COMMERCE ARE NOT THESAME 9. FLUID DEVICES2 10. WE SEE THAT DIFFERENTSCREENS PLAY DIFFERENTROLES IN PEOPLES LIVESPre-recorded contentoffers the opportunity forpeople to connect withtheir personal interestsand retreat to their ownspaceMulti-tasking is becomingless dis-jointed. Peopleare using twitter on theirlaptop/phone whilstwatching TV to engagewith the programmerather than using it toswitch attention at lowengagement points.(Source: Real World Britain, 2013)When its live thenobviously no-one hasseen it yet, no-one knowswhats going tohappen, everyone isgiving their opinions andits really dramatic."Aife, 17, Shropshire 11. THE SAGETHE JESTERTHE LOVERTHEEXPLORERARCHETYPES CAN HELPTO UNPICK THE ROLES OFTHESE SCREENSMicrosoft 2011 12. BUT OUR RESEARCHHAS REVEALED THATUSAGE IS ACTUALLYVERY FLUID ACROSSDIFFERENT CONTEXTS 13. IMMERSIVE TV3 14. PLAYING ALONG IS NOWBECOMING AN INTEGRALPART OF WATCHING TVThe Million Pound Drop appreally enhances yourenjoymentyou always shout atthe TV Oh my god I could havegot that right! and know is yourchance to prove it! 15. 1 IN 5 HAVE USED ASYNCHRONOUS APPWHILST WATCHING TV Of those, 78% believe smartdevices are the best way toengage with TV shows(Red Bee Media, 2012) 16. Whilst Im watchingNigellissima Ill have the laptopor iPad on my knee, looking uprecipes and potentiallytweaking my grocery shoppingonlineAli, 33, Shropshire 17. TV KEEPS PEOPLETOGETHER4 18. PREDICTION:1 in 10 household will watch TV ontwo or more screens, simultaneously andwithin the same room(Deloitte, 2012)Partners and children are morelikely to keep a TV viewer companyif they can multi-screen whereaspreviously they might not havestayed in the same room 19. WERE ALREADY SEEINGEVIDENCE OF THIS WITH OURRWB BLOGGERSFemis family TV Femis (very large!)desktop monitorFemis iPadI might have loads of people round who dont want to watch football, sosometimes what I do is just watch the football on the computer screen andtheyre watching a family programme or DVD on the TVI use my iPad to keep upwith TwitterFemi, 31, Middlesex 20. BUT ARE WE ALONETOGETHER?Professor Sherry Turkle 21. SO, 4 QUESTIONSTO CONSIDER: 22. HOW IS MOBILE BEING USED ALONG THEPURCHASE JOURNEY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS?DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE FLUIDITY INWHICH PEOPLE ARE INTERACTING WITHYOUR BRAND IN DIFFERENT SCREENCONTEXTS?HOW ARE YOU TAKING ADVANTAGE OFOPPORTUNITIES TO INTERACT ACROSSMULTIPLE SCREENS?HOW ARE YOU BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER 23. THANKS FORLISTENING