pengertian kewirausaha (enterpreneurship)

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1. PRESENT BY LILIS SANTI AND SITI KOMARIA 2. Entrepreneurship is the spirit , attitude , behavior and ability to handle business or activity directed to seek , create and implement ways of working , new technologies and products to improve efficiency in order to provide better service and or to obtain greater profits . 3. Entrepreneurship seen from existing resources in it is someone who brings resources such as labor , materials , and other assets in a combination that adds greater value than ever before and also attached to the person who brings change , innovation , and new rules . Entrepreneurship in the sense of a dynamic process is the creation of entrepreneurship is a process by adding the value of something that is achieved through hard work and the right time to estimate the funding support , physical , and social risks , and will receive a reward in the form of financial and personal satisfaction and independence . 4. In order to achieve the desired objectives , then everyone needs traits and also has properties in entrepreneurship . The characteristics of an entrepreneur is : Confidence task -oriented and results Dare to take risks Leadership originality Oriented to the future Honest and diligent 5. 1. Has the nature of confidence , independence , individuality , optimism . 2. Always strive for achievement , profit-oriented , have the perseverance and fortitude , has a strong determination , hard- working , energetic and have initiative . 3. Have the ability to take risks and likes the challenge . 4. Acting as a leader behavior , can get along with others and likes to suggestions and constructive criticism . 5. Have a high innovation and creativity , flexible , versatile and have extensive business network . 6. Has the perception and perspective on the future oriented . 7. Have confidence that life is the same as the hard work . 6. There are several factors that lead to entrepreneurial failed in his new venture : Incompetent in managerial . Less experienced both in the ability to coordinate , manage human resources skills , and ability to integrate the operations of the company. Lack of financial control . Failure in planning . Location inadequate . Lack of surveillance equipment . Attitudes are less earnest in trying . Inability to make the transition / transition entrepreneurship . 7. Entrepreneurial characteristics can be defined as something related to the characteristic , character , behavior , character , and attitude of people towards the struggle of life to achieve happiness and unseen . Entrepreneurial characteristics generally seen at the time he was communicating in order to gather information as to establish relationships with business relationships . 8. The following are the kinds of characteristics that must be owned by an entrepreneur : 1. virtuous noble character . 2. Hard work and discipline . 3. Self and realistic . 4. Think positive and responsible . 5. Can control emotions . 6. Dare to bear the risk . 7. Do not break a promise . 8. Trying to find a way out of every problem . 9. Learning from experience . 9. When first see him certainly would not have thought that this guy is a successful entrepreneur . Bob Sadino , men who like to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirt has managed to inspire many people with the nyentriknya style . Bob Sadino a simple loop in daily life and in business , he put forward the action in changing the fate of the only successful theories that have been taught . Bob Sadino ever compare between clever and stupid . According to him , today's smart people too much thinking and planning about life and business. As a result , none of these plans are realized because they are too many considerations and calculations . Unlike the moron in conducting a business without a lot of calculations and considerations immediately take real action , because her life needed to eat today . 10. According to Bob Sadino if you want to be successful , people must have this character . 1. Must have willpower . 2. Must have a strong determination . 3. Must be willing to take the risk . 4. It must be durable and not a crybaby . 5. Must be sincere and always grateful for what he has. 11. Bob Sadino started out by running a chicken farm and domestic chicken eggs in business thanks to the advice of his friend . He and his wife sell eggs from door to door is the target buyers ekpatriat - expatriates in Kemang . Bob Sadino can say the first to introduce domestic chicken eggs in Indonesia . As time goes Bob Sadino rapidly growing business , then he penetrated to agribusiness , especially horticulture , managing vegetable gardens for consumption foreigners in Indonesia . Therefore he also formed a partnership with farmers in some areas . Currently om a single owner Kem Chicks ( supermarket ) , president director of PT Boga Chess score , PT Kem Foods ( factory sausage and ham ) , PT Kem Farms ( vegetable garden ) . 12. Success requires hard work . If you want to be a true entreprenuer should try directly not only with theory . Willingness to work hard , take risks , are things that must be faced in life . To be a successful person must have four things: know , be able , skilled and expert .