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Slide 2 Slide 3 People Ethical Treatment Animals Slide 4 People Eating Tasty Animals Slide 5 M EATS Slide 6 O BJECTIVES Identify the differences between beef, pork, and lamb cuts; Diagram and identify the wholesale cuts of beef, pork, and lamb; List retail meat cuts and identify the wholesale cut that it came from; Explain the yield and quality grades of meat; Describe the influence grade has on preparation procedures and retail price; List signs and causes of meat spoilage; and Judge a class of meat cuts. Slide 7 A. I DENTIFY THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BEEF, PORK, AND LAMB CUTS Beef: Cherry Red color, white fat, larger size Pork: Pale pink color and white fat Lamb: Darker red color, white fat, small size Slide 8 B. D IAGRAM AND IDENTIFY THE WHOLESALE CUTS OF BEEF, PORK, AND LAMB Chuck Plate Loin Round Flank Shank Brisket Rib BEEF Slide 9 Loin Side Ham Shoulder Jowel Pork Slide 10 Shoulder Leg Rib Breast Loin Lamb Slide 11 C. L IST RETAIL MEAT CUTS AND IDENTIFY THE WHOLESALE CUT THAT IT CAME FROM T Bone Steak 7 Bone Steak/Roast Eye Steak Brisket Round Steak/Roast Flank Steak Short Ribs Cross Cuts Slide 12 Jowel Shoulder Loin Ham Side Jowel Bacon Ham Loin Chop Boston Blade Slide 13 Shoulder Rib Breast Loin Leg Breast Loin Chop Rib Chop American Style Roast Arm Chop Slide 14 D. E XPLAIN THE YIELD AND QUALITY GRADES OF MEAT Quality Grade: based on two factors: 1- Maturity of the carcass - determined by observing bone and cartilage. -Young carcass=soft bone with pearl white cartilage -Old carcass= Low amounts of cartilage and hard bones -older carcass= less tender meat 2- Amount of Marbling Marbling- intramuscular fat or flecks of fat in the lean muscle that gives it taste Slide 15 S EVEN Q UALITY G RADES : 1-Prime4-Standard 2-Choice5-Commercial 3-Select6-Utility Prime Choice Select Standard Utility Commercial Slide 16 Y IELD G RADE measure of the boneless, closely trimmed retail cut also known as cutability a scale of 1 to 5 is used to judge Yield - 1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest Slide 17 E. D ESCRIBE THE INFLUENCE GRADE HAS ON PREPARATION PROCEDURES AND RETAIL PRICE Retail Price: Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for higher quality meat. VS Slide 18 Meat with little marbling is tougher and therefore needs to be cooked at a lower temp over a long period of time. Cooking Procedures Meat with more marbling is more tender and can be cooked at a higher temperature Slide 19 F. L IST SIGNS AND CAUSES OF MEAT SPOILAGE Meat is considered spoiled when it is unfit for human consumption. The major causes of spoiling are: Microorganisms Bacteria Yeast Mold Slide 20 S IGNS OF M EAT S POILAGE Odor Slime Mold Growth Discoloration Slide 21 H OW TO J UDGE M EAT C UTS Observe and Rank According to: Highest amount of lean meat Least amount of exterior fat Highest content of intramuscular fat or Marbling vs Slide 22 G. J UDGE A CLASS OF MEAT CUTS Slide 23 I PLACE THIS CLASS : \ ______ - ______ - ______ - _____ Reasons: 1 st Place I place #4 at the top of the class because: It has the most meat and marbling, with the least amount of fat 2 nd Place #3 places 2 nd because: It has a good amount of meat, but slightly less marbling and more fat than #4. 3 rd Place #1 places 3 rd because: It has less meat and much less marbling than #3 and #4. 4 th Place #2 places last because: It has the least amount of meat and the most fat. 2314 Official Cuts: 3 - 6 - 3 Slide 24 P LACE A CLASS OF PORK CHOPS Official Placing 4 1 3 2 Official Cuts 4 6 3 Slide 25 FFA A PPLICATION : M EAT E VALUATION AND T ECHNOLOGY Meat Cut ID Written Test Quality and Yield Grading Carcass placing Team Activity