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  1. 1. Helping Rupert July 2015
  2. 2. Rupert is 6 years old. He lives in a shelter in rural Guatemala since he was a puppy
  3. 3. In the shelter he and the others dogs are vaccinated every year
  4. 4. Despite this, he contracted distemper
  5. 5. Volunteers at the shelter found Rupert lying on the ground and completely rigid
  6. 6. They had two options: put Rupert to sleep or try to rehabilitate him
  7. 7. They decided to give Rupert an opportunity
  8. 8. Rupert needs medication and physiotherapy
  9. 9. After three months at the vet clinic, he is now recovering and starting to move
  10. 10. Rupert is on his way to a new life Hes doing his part but he still needs our help
  11. 11. We are selling towels. Your donation with the towels will help to pay his bills and start a new life free of debt and suffering