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When Packing for a tour, lots of question arises in mind that's why here is a short checklist and tips for you for your perfect packing by


  • 1. Perfect Packing for a Trip 10 Tips for you

2. Learn To Pack Light Try to carry as Lighter weight as you can. Avoid extra luggage, you can practice carrying your bag , if they are comfortable for you. 3. Try to Roll on Your Clothes This will increase space in Your bag, you should prefer clothes which dont require ironing. 4. Be prepared to sleep anywhere Carry sleeping Bags with you so that you can make yourself comfortable sleeping anywhere. 5. Bring a charger adapter Dont forget to bring your mobile, laptop and camera chargers with you. Better if you bring a universal charger which can work for all. 6. Never Bring More than Two Bags with You Only take the number of bags which you can carry yourself, prefer one or two. 7. Keep Copies of Your Passport and Travel Documents Keep Back up of your documents, so that in case you loose them you would save you a lot of heartache 8. Prepare the Set of Clothes It will help you to avoid any extra luggage and also it would be easy for you to decide what to wear. So just be stylish. 9. Check the Medical Norms If you are on medicine, check if you are allowed to take that medicine with you, dont forget to take medical prescription with you. 10. Travel First Aid Kit Dont Forget to take a travel first aid kit with you. So that you can use in case of emergency. 11. Keep an emergency stash of money Check in advance if your ATMs and Credit Cards are valid in the country you are going to visit. 12. Sno. Checklist Yes/No 1 Personal ID 2 Passport / Visa 3 Cash / wallet/Credit cards 4 Airline / train tickets 5 Copies of reservations and passport 6 Itinerary printouts 7 Contact info for hotels, tours, etc. 8 Health insurance cards / documents 9 Travel insurance documents 10 Emergency contact info A Checklist For You Before Flight 13. Enjoy Your Trip By: Happy Journey Dont Forget to Share :