personal 'iphoneography' project: "maestrology."


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A personal project that has become something else entirely. Initially setting myself the task of changing my currently less than creative life as an Insurance consultant. I thought how can I splice into my life some 'creativity', my calm haven in the day when I can relax and spend time flexing my creative muscles. SO, I set about using my iPhone to generate images and post them up in Instagram. I found this process a great barometer of viewer feedback, and perfectly built in a certain accountability, as your followers get impatient waiting to long for your next posting I'm finding! ha! *luxury problem* The images have all evolved quite organically, and I've tried my best to create them in as subconscious a way as I could. Here is a small snapshot of some of them, I hope they get your brains buzzing as they have mine! I love to hear you comments, and any ideas or opportunities of how I might move my work on would be greatly received. Kind Regards, Michael xo. For more; please check out my two streams on Instagram, I go under the usernames of 'Meastronome', (and 'Maestrology' for the streamlined version for quickness, but with Flipagram videos now, it's great to assemble multiple images for quick review, be sure to click on them to, I've added some must hear sound clips! haha! ;'D!!!!


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