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  • Personas for Accessible UX Including everyone in design and research Whitney Quesenbery Center for Civic Design UXPA Boston 2014
  • Hi Whitney Users' stories, plain language, accessibility, civic design A Web for Everyone a book with Sarah Horton
  • Usability and accessibility are like twins separated at birth
  • Disability the outcome of the interaction between a person ... and the environment and attitudinal barriers they may face International Classification of Functioning (ICF), World Health Organization
  • Accessibility The usability of a product, service, environment or facility by people with the widest range of capabilities. - ISO 9241-20
  • It's about barriers, or... What problems will stop someone from being able to use the site? Barrier Priority What it covers Critical Barriers that stop someone from using a site or feature successfully Serious Problems that cause frustration, slow someone down, or require work-arounds Annoying (moderate) Things that are frustrating, but won't stop someone from using the site Noisy (minor) Minor issues that might not cause someone a problem, but which damage credibility
  • Why are people with disabilities not considered (more) in UX design work Invisible Hidden Misunderstood
  • Personas Present research data in human form Provide context for characteristics Show variation and diversity
  • Accessible UX Personas Carol Jacob Lea Emily Steven Maria Trevor Vishnu
  • I like consistent, familiar places on the web Ability: Autism Spectrum Disorder. Uses larger text and a program that hides everything but the text, so he doesnt get distracted Aptitude: Uses the computer well for games, but doesnt learn new sites easily Attitude: Prefers familiar sites in an established routine Assistive Technology: Text preference settings, power keyboard user. Trevor 18 years old Lives with family Goes to secondary school Computers at school; laptop at home; basic mobile phone with SMS
  • Emily I want to do everything for myself Ability: Cerebral palsy. Difficult to use hands and has some difficulty speaking clearly; uses a motorized wheel chair Aptitude: Uses the computer well, with the right input device; good at finding efficient search terms Attitude: Wants to do everything for herself; can be impatient Assistive Technology: Communicator (AAC) with speech generator, iPad, power wheelchair 24 years old Graduated from high school and working on a college degree Lives in a small independent living facility Works part-time at a local community center
  • Jacob The right technology lets me do anything. Ability: Blind since birth with some light perception Aptitude: Skilled technology user Attitude: Digital native, early adopter, persists until he gets it Assistive Technology: Screen reader, audio note-taker, Braille display 32 years old College graduate, legal training courses Shares an apartment with a friend Paralegal, reviews cases and writes case summaries Laptop, braille display, iPhone
  • Lea No one gets that this really is a disability. Ability: Fatigue from fibromyalgia, trackball, and special keyboard Aptitude: Average user Attitude: Wishes people would understand how hard it can be for her to make it through the day Assistive Technology: Split keyboard, power keyboard user, Dragon Naturally Speaking 35 years old Masters degree Writes for a trade publication; works from home
  • Steven My only disability is that everyone doesn't sign. Ability: Native language is ASL; can speak and read lips; uses SMS/IM, Skype, and video chat Aptitude: Good with graphic tools, and prefers visuals to text; poor spelling makes searching more difficult Attitude: Can be annoyed about accessibility, like lack of captions Assistive Technology: Sign language, CART, captions, video chat 38 years old Art school Graphic artist in a small ad agency iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro; good computer at work
  • Vishnu I want to be on the same level as everyone else. Ability: Speaks three languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English, and a little spoken Mandarin. Uses contrast adjustment to see the screen clearly Aptitude: Expert user of technical tools; frustrated searching across languages Attitude: Sees himself as a world citizen, and wants to be able to use any site Assistive Technology: Contrast adjustments, screen magnification, personalized stylesheets 48 years old Engineering degree Works for a medical software company on international projects Born in India, finished graduate school in Malaysia, lives in Singapore High tech all the way at work; two mobile phones and a personal laptop
  • Maria I love this. It's all here...when I can find it. Ability: Prefers Spanish language sites, when she can find them; needs information and instructions written clearly Aptitude: Adventurous, but not very proficient; husband and daughter set up bookmarks for her Attitude: Thinks its wonderful to be able to have her favorite websites with her at all times Assistive Technology: Skype, online translation sites 49 years old Community college + healthcare certificate Married, grown children Spanish English bilingual Community health worker Smartphone from her phone service, home computer primarily her husbands, for his work
  • Carol My grandkids are dragging me into the world of technology. Ability: First signs of macular degeneration, mild arthritis; hearing aid; no special AT on computer Aptitude: Used computers when she worked as a bookkeeper, but now her grandkids keep her old home computer updated Attitude: Willing, but not adventurous Assistive Technology: Enlarges text, but makes few other adjustments 74 years old Husband passed away a year ago Lives in an apartment near one of her daughters, near some of her six grandkids (ages 6 to 16) Retired; worked 25 years as a bookkeeper for a construction company Older computer at home; basic mobile phone
  • How do we include accessibility requirements in our personas?
  • Focus on ability? Vision Hearing Mobility Dexterity Cognitive
  • Focus on assistive technologies? Eye trackers Screen magnifiers Keyboard Captions Speech and...
  • Focus on features Flexible presentation Media alternatives Diversity of devices Variations in input methods Multilanguage Distracted use
  • Which works best and in what context?
  • Whitney Quesenbery [email protected] @whitneyq Center for Civic Design @chadbutterfly A Web for Everyone Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery Rosenfeld Media