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  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    PET Buster

    Editorial Project: Sarah Howell

    Eli Editorial Dept: Grazia Ancillani

    Art Director: Marco Mercatali

    Eli Design Dept: Enea Ciccarelli, Fabrizio Redaelli

    Picture Researcher: Giorgia DAngelo

    Production Manager: Francesco Capitano

    Cover Design: Paola Lorenzetti

    2008 ELI S.r.l

    P.O. Box 6

    62019 Recanati


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    Fax. +39 071 977851

    [email protected]

    The authors would like to thank Annalisa Bianchini and Amando

    Cello for their collaboration during the recording session.

    The Publisher would like to thank the writers of Kid and Teenmagazines, ELI s.r.l.

    No unauthorised photocopying

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,

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    All websites referred to in PET Buster are in public domain and

    whilst every effort has been made to check that the websites were

    current at the time of going to press Eli s.r.l disclaims

    responsibility for their content and/or possible changes.

    While every effort has been made to trace all the copyright

    holders, if any have been inadvertently overlooked the publisher

    will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements at the first


    Printed by Tecnostampa

    ISBN 978-88-536-1269-4 Self Study Edition with Answer

    Key + 2 Audio CDsISBN 978-88-536-1268-7 Students Book without Answer

    Key + 2 Audio CDs

    ISBN 978-88-536-1271-7 Teachers Book

    ISBN 978-88-536-1270-0 PET Practice Tests + 2 Audio CDs


    Illustrated byRoberto Battestini, DrowArt StudioPhoto: Cambridge/Trinity College (Marka), female student(Masterfile), students and teacher (Masterfile)

    Photo and artwork acknowledgementPag. 8: photo 2 Thom Brogan, photo 3 citystreetscene, photo 4Simone 24, photo 5 Khum; page 9: top Shutterstock, bottom ZieduMate; page 10: Stephen Macken; page 11: top Or Adam

    Congregation, middle Bisse Bowman; pages 12 - 13 Shutterstock;page 14: illustrations 1, 2, 5 TM & 2007 MARVEL, illustration 4Winx Club 2003-2008 Rainbow S.p.A. All rights reserved.Series created by Iginio Straffi, photo 5 Marka; page 15 top rightShutterstock; page 16 top, bottomShutterstock; pages 17 - 18 Shutterstock; page 20 photos 1 - 6Shutterstock; page 21 ELI archives; page 23 Olycom; page 26photos 1 - 4 Shutterstock; page 29 left Are you my rik?, rightevamay78; page 33 Shutterstock; page 34 photos 1 - 4Shutterstock; page 36 Stock.xchng; page 37 Steffen Sauerteig;page 40 photos 1 - 7 Shutterstock; page 41 Martin de Witte; page42 Shutterstock; page 43 Olycom; page 44 Shutterstock; page 46photos 1, 2, 4, 5 Shutterstock, photo 2 Food and AgricultureOrganization of the United Nations; page 47 BruceBeehler/Conservation International; page 48 Shutterstock; pages50, 51 Shutterstock; page 52 photo 1 Olympia, photo 2 carinci,photo 4 Evert Odekerken, photo 6 Demosh, photo 7 Oxfam

    International; page 53 left David Cushing, right Shutterstock; page55 left Ghulam Nabi Kazi, right Shutterstock; page 56 Shutterstock;from page 61 to page 85 Shutterstock; page 86 photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6Shutterstock, photo 2 Peter Emmet; from page 87 to page 118Shutterstock; pages 142, 143 Shutterstock.

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    Kid Year XXI No.2 pp. 4-5 Basketball is best!Unit 4 - Are you receiving me? Kid Year XXI No.5 pp. 4-5Aremobile phones safe?; Kid Year XXII No.5 pp. 6-11 Internet theworldwide webUnit 5 - Healthy eating? Kid Year XXI No.3 p. 11 Have you got a

    sweet tooth?; Tapescript adapted from article in Kid Year XXII No.4 pp. 4-5 School DinnersUnit 6 - Famous faces Kid Year XXII No.1 pag. 16 Will Smith; KidYear XXI No.1 pag. 16 Beyonc Knowles.Unit 7 - The world we live in Kid Year XXIII No.4 pp. 6-7 ParadiseLost; Kid Year XX No.3 pp. 4-5 Dont waste Christmas!; ExamBuster E-waste in Europe 8 - Peaceful people Kid Year XXI No.3 pp. 12-13 Bob Geldof;Kid Year XXI No.4 pp. 12-13 Princess Diana; Exam Buster; http://wwwdoctorswithoutborders.orgUnit 9 - Fashion Kid Year XXIII No.1 pp.4-5 The Price of Fashion;

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  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    There are three Papers in the Cambridge ESOL PET examination: Paper 1: Reading and Writing, Paper 2: Listening and

    Paper 3: Speaking. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are each worth 25% of the total marks. These are added

    together to determine the final grade: Pass with Merit, Pass, Narrow Fail and Fail.

    PAPER 1 READING & WRITING 90 minutes

    Number of questionsTaskPartAnswering multiple-choice questions about notices, postcards, labels,messages, e-mails, etc.


    Matching descriptions of people to short texts describing accommodation,books, holidays, etc.


    Answering true/false statements about an authentic adapted long text. 103

    Answering multiple-choice questions about opinion, attitude, purpose andgeneral meaning of an authentic adapted long text.


    Choosing multiple-choice words to fill spaces in a short text. 105

    Number of questionsTaskPart

    Transforming sentences by adding one to three words to gap without alteringthe meaning of the sentence above.


    Writing a short communicative message (35-45 words) including threespecified pieces of information.


    Writing either a letter or a story (approx. 100 words) on a given theme. 13

    PAPER 2 LISTENING 30 minutes*

    Number of questionsTaskPart

    Answering multiple-choice picture questions about seven short recordings. 71

    Answering multiple-choice questions about a monologue or interview withone main speaker.


    Listening to one speaker giving an informational monologue and completinggaps in a sheet of notes or a form.


    Answering true/false statements about an informal dialogue between twospeakers.


    PAPER 3 SPEAKING 10-12 minutes per pair


    Responding to Examiners questions on personal information. 2-3 minutes1

    Discuss a situation in pairs on the basis of a picture provided by the Examiner. 2-3 minutes2

    Describing a colour photograph. 3 minutes3

    Discussing a topic related to Part 3 with your partner. 3 minutes4

    Summary of PET

    * + 6 minutes to transfer answers to answer sheet

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Contents map

    TopicGrammar /

    Use of English

    Reading /


    Listening /

    SpeakingPronunciation Exam Buster

    Unit 1Festival Fun!

    8 -13

    Festivals Adverbs of Frequency

    Present Simple


    Summer Festivals



    A note

    True / False

    Describing an


    // /i/ /a/ Speaking Part 1

    Unit 2Reading Time !

    14 - 19

    Reading Habits

    Comics and Books

    Present Continuous

    Present Simple v Present Continuous

    Manga Time

    (True / False)


    Multiple choice



    /n/ /m/ // Speaking Part 3

    Unit 3Are you a good


    20 -25

    Sports Activities Can / Can't (Ability / Possibility)

    Can / Can't (Permission)

    Teenage Sports





    Gap filling

    Negotiating// // // Listening Part 1

    Unit 4Are you receiving


    26 -31


    and Technology

    Must / Have to

    Mustnt / Don't have to

    Are mobile

    phones safe?




    True / False

    Negotiating /hv//hft/

    Reading Part 1

    Review Units 1 - 4

    32 - 33

    Unit 5Healthy Eating?

    34 -39

    Food and


    Comparatives / Superlatives Fast Food v Slow


    (True / False)


    Gap filling


    Word Stress Reading Part 2

    Unit 6Famous Faces

    40 -45

    Fame and Success Past Simple Will Smith



    Fact File

    Gap filling

    Describing a


    /d/ /t/ /d/ Writing Part 2

    Unit 7The world we live in

    46 -51



    Present Perfect

    Past Simple v Present Perfect

    Paradise Lost

    (True / False)


    Matching / Gap


    Describing a



    Reading Part 3

    Unit 8Peaceful People

    52 -57

    Social Interaction Used to Sir Bob(Multiple-choice



    Multiple choiceNegotiating

    /just/ Writing Part 1

    Review Units 5 - 8

    58 - 59

    Unit 9Fashion

    60 -65

    Clothes Past Continuous

    Past Simple v

    Past Continuous

    The Price of







    Describing a


    // Listening Part 2

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Contents map

    PET Practice Test 112 - 131

    Grammar Reference 132 - 138

    Phrasal Verbs 139 - 140

    Visuals 141 - 143

    Irregular Verbs 144

    Answer Key and Audio Transcripts 145 - 176

    TopicGrammar /

    Use of English

    Reading /


    Listening /

    SpeakingPronunciation Exam Buster

    Unit 10Music for your ears!

    66 - 71

    Music and


    Past Perfect

    Past Perfect v Past Simple

    Review of Tenses

    Listening to

    Music: Freedom

    or Piracy?




    Matching /




    /e/ /e/ Speaking Part 4

    Unit 11All ready and


    72 - 77

    Travel and


    Present Continuous and

    Present Simple for the Future

    Where on Earth

    am I?




    Matching /




    Pronounced rSilent r

    Reading Part 4

    Unit 12The Perfect Place!

    78 - 83

    Destinations Future Tenses: Going to and Will

    Let's and Shall

    Lets take a trip to

    Jamaica, shall we?

    (True / False)


    Multiple choice

    Decribing a



    Listening Part 3

    Review Units 9 - 12

    84 - 85

    Unit 13School life

    86 - 91

    Education Imperatives

    Make and Let

    Infinitives and Gerunds





    Gap filling

    Decribing a


    /ju/ // Listening Part 4

    Unit 14Forever Friends

    92 - 97

    Relations with

    other people

    Modal Verbs: would / could / should /

    may / might

    Question Tags

    So / NeitherReported Speech





    Multiple choice

    Negotiating/t/ /f/ Speaking Part 2

    Unit 15Whats on tonight?

    98 -103


    and Media

    The Passive

    The Causative

    Reality Bites




    True / False

    Decribing a


    /d / // Reading Part 5

    Unit 16Spend! Spend!


    104 -109

    Shopping Zero, First and Second Conditional Shopping Centres

    (True / False)


    Multiple choice

    Negotiatingll d Writing Part 3

    Review Units 13 - 16

    110 - 111

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster



    Unit 1

    Unit 1


    1 A l these photos were taken ata festval in BrtanCan you guess whch festva l it is? What aret he

    peop e in the photos durng? How do you thnk they

    fee ? Descrbe the photo you lk emost to your


    a Doyouhavea similarfestivalinyourcountry?

    b Whendoyoucelebratethisfestival?Whatdoyoudo?

    c Doyoudressup oreatspecialfood?

    d Isthereusuallya fireworksdisplayat night,too?


    2 Now answer these questons. Te l your partner

    Festival Fun!







    How PET Buster works

    Unit 8


    4 Read the artc e and choose the correct word foreach space

    a sympatheticpityandconcernforthesufferingsofothers.

    b concernedwith orseeking topromotehumanwelfare.

    c sufferor diefromhunger.

    d aserious, unexpected,andoften dangeroussituationrequiring immediateaction.

    e anorganizationsetup toprovidehelpandraisemoneyforthosein need.

    f extremescarcity offood.

    5 Look through the artc e and under ne the wordswhchmatch the f oowng defntons

    1 A is B are C be D being

    2 A of B to C from D at

    3 A slower B faster C slowest D fastest

    4 A wide B huge C big D grand

    5 A over B up Cmore D much

    6 A strengths B efforts C tries D helps

    7 A habit B manner Cway D action

    8 A from B of C enter D by


    3 Look at the photos and gv e your opnon on charty events

    Sir ob

    Reading Tip

    If you dont know which option to choose, try saying each word out loud to see if it sounds

    right in the gap.

    Bob Geldof (5th October, 1951) is the Irish singer, songwriter,

    actor and political activist who organized the Live Aid concert.He used to 1________ notorious for his wild lifestyle whereas

    today he is kno wn as Saint Bob because of his compassion

    and humanitarian efforts.Moved by images of young children in Africa dying 2______

    starvation, Bob Geldof organized with Midge Ure Band Aid, a

    "supergroup" of British musicians and singers which recordedthe single "Do They Know It's Christmas". The single was

    released just before Christmas 1984 and it became the3_________ selling single in UK history and raised over 8

    million worldwide in funds for emergency aid to Ethiopia.

    But Bob wanted to do more and in the summer of 1985 heand Ure organized a 4______ charity concert: Live Aid. Many

    stars agreed to take part in the concert and two shows were

    staged live on 13th July at Wembley Stadium in London andJohn F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia.

    Nearly half the people in Britainwatched the concert. In total,

    Live Aid raised 5______ $100 million for

    famine relief. Geldof was subsequentlyknighted, at the age of 34, for his 6_______.

    On the 31 March 2005, Geldof and Ure announced the

    Live 8 project with the aim to put pressure on the G8 andraise awareness of the poverty in Africa. He believes that the only

    7_____ to help Africa is to cancel the continents huge debt. Africa is

    the only continent that has grown poorer over the past 25 years and weare helping it to stay poor, he says. Ten simultaneous concerts were

    held on 2nd July in different countries and one on 6th July.

    On 7th July the G8 leaders pledged to increase aid to Africa by US$25

    billion 8_____ the year 2010.

    Each unit offers a warm-up to introduce the themeof the unit with brightly coloured photographs to

    promote conversation on the topic portrayed.



    This is then followed by personalised questionsoffering the students the opportunity to talk abouttheir own experiences in pairs or small groups.


    Unit 6


    6Work in pars. Te l your partner what you can see in your photograph .

    7 Can you remember the past smp e ofthese verbs? Ifyoure not sure, check the artc e about W l Smith on page 41

    Speaking Tip

    Use the following words to describe different areas of the picture: in the bottom right-hand corner,

    top left-hand corner, background, foreground, middle of the picture.

    8 Look at the comc and wrtea capton for each pcture.

    One morning, Tom lookedout of his bedroom windowand saw the snow. So hedecided to phone Jenny.

    s tart ____________

    g et _ __ __ __ __ __ _

    b e _ __ __ __ __ __ _

    called ____________

    a dd _ __ __ __ __ __ _

    form ____________

    become ____________

    have ____________

    record ____________

    l os e _ __ __ __ __ __ _

    f ind ____________

    w in _ __ __ __ __ __ _

    prefer ____________

    come ____________

    make ____________


    a ____you______(ask)him forhis autograph?

    b MrandMrsBlack_______(go)tothefilmpremier.

    c John__________(notput)hiscameraawayanditwasconfiscated.

    d She_____(win)anOscarattheacademyawards.

    e I_______(notread)themanuscriptbeforetherehearsal.

    f ____James______(get)therole heauditionedfor?

    g I________(think)she wasan exceptionalactress.

    9 Compete the sentences wt h the correct form ofthever



    a you /go/ concert/ on /Sa turday?


    b I / not/know/she/be/ so/famous .

    c Howmuch/ tickets/ cost?

    d We/s it / in /f ron t/row/under/ s tage.

    e He/not/ have/very/good/ pa rt/ in /f i lm.

    10 Make sentences n the past smp e wth the prompts beow.

    Din ask

    Did you go to the concert on saturday?

    Past Simple


    1 2

    3 4

    5 6

    Attractive magazine articles givethe students a meaningfulreason to read.

    Pre-reading questions give thestudents the chance to anticipateand discuss the topic dealt with inthe article.

    Matching activities introduceand revise lexis.

    Comprehension activities such asquestions and true / false statementsverify whether the students havegrasped the general and specificmeaning of the text.

    Students are offered a Reading Tipwhich they can put into practicewhile carrying out the activity.

    Speaking Grammar

    Students are invited to describephotos or carry out problem-solving activities such as thosefound in the PET examination.

    Students are offered a Speaking Tipwhich they can put into practice

    while carrying out the activity.

    The grammar offered is that coveredby the PET syllabus. Revision throughpractical activities is provided andthe students are given the possibilityto read up on the rules in theGrammar Reference if they shouldfeel the need to do so.

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster




    Exam Buster 3


    Exam Buster 3

    Quest ions1-7

    Therearesevenquestions inthis part. Foreachquestionthere arethreepicturesand ashort recording.


    1 Whatcantheyrentatthesportsshop?

    Paper 2 Listening: Part 1Therear efou rpart st oPaper2 Listening .Par t1assessesyou r abilityt o identif y specific information .

    Pointer 1 Listent othe instructions.I tisalwaysimportanttoknowexactlywhattodo.





    6 Listent oth erecordingfo rEx .4 . Chooseth ecorrect

    picturean dpu tatic ki nbo xA ,B ,o rC .

    1 Whichsportisthegirlgoodat?

    a InpictureA thegirl_____________________.

    b InpictureB thegirl_____________________.

    c InpictureC thegirl_______________________.

    a 10/06 b 20/12 c 2,012 d 1066

    e 11.40 f 212 g 22 h 6.10

    4 Rea dth equestionan ddescrib eth edifference si nthe

    pictures .

    5 Listent othesenumbers ,dates ,pricesan dtimes .Putthe mi nth e orderyo uhea rthem.

    Youcanlearna lot by


    1 Listent oth einstruction san dfil li nth egaps .

    2 Answerth equestions .

    InPart1 oftheListening test,thereare 1________

    questions.Foreachquestionthereare 2________

    picturesanda shortrecording. You 3______each

    recording4_______. Choosethecorrect 5_______

    andputa 6_______ intheboxbelowit. Atthe


    your 8__________onto theanswersheet.

    a Howmanyquestionsare thereinPart1? ____

    b Howmanypicturesarethereforeachquestion? ____

    c Howmanytimesdo youheareachrecording? ____

    3 Rea dth equestionan dtic k wha tyo uth ink therecordingi sabout.

    a Whenisthe basketballmatch?

    1 wherethebasketballis

    2 thetimethebasketball matchstarts

    b Whatdoestheboydoinhisfreetime?

    1 whattheboys doingnow

    2 whattheboys hobbiesare

    Pointer 2 Readth e question .Beforelisteningto therecording,readthequestion.Itte llsyouwhattolistenfor.

    Pointer 3 ookatth e pictures.Afterreadingthequestion,look atthethreepicturesandnotethe differences.

    Pointer 4 isten carefullytoth e text.Listenattentively,especiallytothe verbtenses,adverbsoffrequency,numbers,dates,etc.

    Pointer 5 isten againandpu tatic k inboxA ,BorC .

    Pointer 6 Markyou ranswer sheet carefully .Afterthelastrecording,you have6minutes totransferyouranswersto youranswersheetandshade thecorrectlozengecarefully.

    T2 . 38

    T2 . 38




    A B C

    2 Whatdoesthemanwanttodothisevening?

    A B C

    3 Whendoesthe basketballmatchstart?

    A B C

    4 Howmuchareticketstotheconcertsellingfor?

    A B C

    5 Whichcomicbooks doestheboy receive?

    A B C

    6 Whatsthedate ofthe girlsbirthdayparty?

    A B C

    7 Howare theygettingto school?

    A B C

    T2 . 38

    T2 . 38

    ListeningPar t1

    A B CAnswer:

    Unit 14


    Listening Tip

    If the three options confuse you, consider how you would answer the question in your own

    words and choose the option which best matches your own answer.


    13 a Listenand repeat.Imi ght gooutwithJohnonSaturday.

    Youshouldntlau gh atpeople.

    b Writethewordsinthe correctcolumn.

    Then listenandcheck.

    thought-enough- fight-tough- caught

    rough- height- cough

    c Pronunciation PracticeTrythis tongue twister



    11 Howdoyou think attitudestoloveand marriagehavechangedoverthe ages?Discussyour ideaswitha partner.

    12 Nowlistentoanextractfroma radioprogrammeentitledA historyof love.Fo reachquestion,pu tatick()in the correctbox.

    1 Theconcepto fcourtlylov ewa s developedby:


    knightsand muses.


    noblemenand poets.


    actsof strengthandbravery.

    2 Wha twa smarriagebasedonduringth eRenaissance?



    B Money.C Age.

    3 Wha twer eth ePuritans like?






    Theybelievedinlove andmarriage.

    4 Duringth eAgeo fReasonpeopleha dto


    hidetheir feelings.


    showtheir feelings.


    pretendnotto haveanyfeelings.

    5 Wh ydidromanticlov ereturnduringVictoriantimes?


    Becauseof theIndustrial Revolution.


    Becausemoretimewasspenttogetherat work.



    6 Wha thappenedinth etwentiethcentury?


    Peoplegavelessimportanceto romanticlove.


    Equalitywas womansonlygoal.


    Peoplestarted datingmore.

    laugh //

    .............. ..............

    .............. ..............

    might //

    .............. ..............

    .............. ..............

    T2 .38

    T2 .38

    T2 .38


    14 Youhav efallenoutwitha friendofyours.Writeanotetoyour friend.



    inviteyourfriendtothe cinema.

    arrangeatimeand placeto meet.

    T2 .38


    Each listening activity is followed byan activity on pronunciation whichaims to improve the studentsintonation and fluency at PET level.



    At the end of every four units the students can check theirprogress by completing the vocabulary, grammar, reading,listening, writing and speaking activities provided in the two pageReview.

    Exam Buster

    PET Practice Test

    At the end of the book there is a PETPractice Test for the students to do in orderto see if they are ready for the exam!


    The students are introduced to thetopic dealt within the listeningactivity via a pre-listening task.

    The listening texts are made up ofauthentic adapted material and areof the same level and length asthose found in the PET examination.

    Most of the activities follow theformat of the PET examination, thusproviding the students with liberalexamination practice.

    The students are provided with aListening Tip to put into practice

    while carrying out the activity.

    Each unit ends on a writing task inwhich the students are asked to writea text comprising the structures andlexis featured within the unit. Thestyle of each task strictly adheres to

    the PET writing format.

    Each unit is followed by anExam Busterwhich focuseson an individual Part ofeach Paper.

    The Pointerindicates thestrategy the students needto apply in order to succeedin that particular Part.

    In Lets have a try! thestudents are then given theopportunity to put all thestrategies together and trythem out on a realistic Partof a PET Paper!


    Review Units 1-4


    1 Completethesentenceswiththewordsinthebox.


    3 Completethetextwiththe correctform PresentSimpleor PresentContinuous)ofthe followingverbs.

    You will hear a trainer in a sports centre talking to

    some young people about courses. For each question,

    f ill in the missing information in the numbered space.

    Complete the second sentence so that it means the

    same as the first. Use no more than three words.

    Work with a partner. In turns, ask and answer

    questions about the photograph.

    Use the prompts below.

    2 Completethesentenceswiththemissingwords.

    Thereare letterstohelpyou.

    a Therockbandisgivingap__________at9 tonight.

    b Alltheeventsin afilmor anovelforma


    c Whoisyourfavouritesportss_____r?

    d Howmucht_______gisnecessarytobecomea


    e Canyout_____torcallmesoon? Ineedananswer!

    f Mymobilephonebatteryis flat. Canyouc_____e

    itupfor me,please?

    g Yourealwayst_______g onthe phone!

    Pacoismybestfriend.HisfatherisAmericanbut his

    mother 1_________fromMexico,sohecan speak

    Spanishverywell .We 2_________tothesame

    schoolbuthe isntin myclass.Heusually



    ThisSaturdayourfootballteam 5_________avery

    importantmatch! AtthemomentI 6_________him

    ansmsmessagebecauseI 7_________his help.

    I 8_________my Spanishhomework!


    T 2 .3 8

    4 Rearrang ethe wordsinthe right order.The firstword

    isin bold tohelpyou .

    festival hosts Thanksgiving charityEaster floats relatives

    a Howdoyoucelebrate____________?

    Oh,ourfamilyalwaysgathertogetherandI have


    b ______Sundaydoesnthaveaprecisedate.

    It usuallyfallsinMarchorApril ,though.

    c Ourlocalkite_______forchildrentakesplaceon


    d WhatIlikemostaboutCarnivaliswatchingthe

    ______in thestreets.

    e Thismusicalevent______thebestartistsfroma

    lotof differentcountries.

    f Joinour festival!Youcan helpsupportour ______.


    learn spend play need send

    come go listen do

    a She / the/wear/ parade/ for/Carnival/

    colourful/some/ clothes/can



    b You /school/mobile/use/at/phone/your/mustnt



    c Do / books/ you/ t o / I t a li an/ for/many /course /

    read/the/ have



    d You /arent/competition/part/ if/ the/in /

    you/cant/ take/fit



    e This /than/ skirt/cost/ten /cant/euros/ more



    f The /February/23rd /festival/ on/place/ takes_______________________________________


    g Yvonne /train/to /doesnt/to/ doesnt/ have/

    she/want/ today/ if



    She can wear some colourful clothes for

    the Carnival parade.



    5 Lookatthetextineachquestion.Wha tdoesit say?

    Mar kthe correct letterA ,BorC.

    A Ifyouareyoung,youmustntsitin thefront.

    B Youdonthavetositin thefront.

    C Oldpeoplecantsitinthefront.


    A Youmaybein dangerifyou breaktheglass.

    B Youcanbreaktheglassonlyforemergencyuse.

    C Youmustntpaniciftheglassbreaks.

































    Practice Tests


    Be sure to bring or buy warm (14) .........................................

    Things to do during the day:

    (15) at Fishermans Wharf

    Tours to Alcatraz Island: Adult tickets cost(16) $ ...............................

    Chinatown: Lunch at House of Nanking

    The Mission District: Take a walk down(17) ...............................Street

    Things to do at night:

    South of Market for(18) ...............................

    North Beach: famous for(19) ...............................restaurants and bars


    s 14 19

    Youwillheara womantalkingtoa tourgroup.

    Foreachquestion,fillin themissinginformationin thenumberedspace.



    A Day in San Francisco

    T 38

    The students are thenprovided with an activity inorder to put that strategyinto practice.

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 1

    Unit 1


    1 All these photos were taken at a festival in Britain.Can you guess which festival it is? What are the

    people in the photos doing? How do you think they

    feel? Describe the photo you like most to your


    a Do you have a similar festival in your country?

    b When do you celebrate this festival?

    What do you do?c Do you dress up or eat special food?

    d Is there usually a fireworks display at night, too?


    2 Now answer these questions. Tell your partner.

    Festival Fun!





  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 1


    4 Read the article and answer the followingquestions.

    1 choir a fabulous

    2 display b long clothes

    3 druid c group of singers (usually in a church)

    4 floats d a table showing different things

    5 greenfield e pagan priest

    6 robes f decorated lorries in parades

    7 fab g in the open countryside

    5 Read the article again and match the words belowto their definitions.

    a When does the Notting Hill Carnival take place?

    b How many people usually attend this festival?

    c When does Glastonbury host its music event?

    d Which charities does this festival support?

    e What is Eisteddfod?

    f Are the events at Eisteddfod in English?


    3 Look at the headings. Have you heard of any of these festivals?

    Summer time is a time for festivals in Britain.

    Join us as we go to three fab festivals!Notting Hill CarnivalThe Notting Hill Carnival takes place in the Notting Hill

    area of London on the last weekend in August. It is a

    huge multicultural arts festival and is the largest street

    festival in Europe. Groups come from all over the world

    to take part. Theres music, dancing, street theatre and

    decorated floats. Up to 1.5 million people come to the

    festival and theres something for everyone to see and do.

    Glastonbury FestivalIn June Glastonbury hosts a huge contemporary music

    event. Glastonbury Festival is the largest greenfield

    festival in the world (past performers have included

    Coldplay, Radiohead, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Franz

    Ferdinand). As well as having some of the bestcontemporary pop, rock, folk and jazz music, Glastonbury

    also supports charities such as Oxfam, Fairtrade, WaterAid

    and Greenpeace. There are also talks on alternativemedicine and displays of environmentally friendly

    products and techniques.

    EisteddfodEisteddfod, a celebration of Welsh music and poetry, is thebiggest cultural event in Wales and it takes place in the

    first week of August. There are competitions for all the

    best singers, choirs and poets. The Gorsedd of the Bards,an association of the best poets, writers, musicians and

    artists in Wales, selects the winners. The members of the

    Gorsedd are called druids and they wear long colourful

    robes. All the events are in Welsh, but there are

    headphones with English-language translations for anyone

    who doesnt understand Welsh!


    Reading Tip8If you cant find an answer, leave it and come back to it later. You may find it when yourereading the text (scanning) for a different answer.

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 1

    9 Read about the Festival of the Tuareg in Libya.Fill the gaps with a word in the box using the

    Present Simple.

    10 Complete the sentences with the imperative form ofthe words in brackets.

    a ___________ (no park) your car on the grass!

    b ___________ (book) your tickets early!

    c ___________ (bring) an umbrella just in case it rains!

    d ___________ (no stare)! Its rude!

    e ___________ (queue) here for free drinks!

    f ___________ (close) the gate after you!

    g ___________ (throw) your litter in the bin!

    A: Its an arts festival and it takes place in London.

    Its the largest in Europe with up to 1.5 million

    people taking part.

    B: I know! Its Notting Hill Carnival!

    See Grammar Reference page 132

    See Grammar Reference page 132

    Adverbs of Frequency

    Present Simple

    a The Notting Hill Carnival ________ takes place inAugust. (always)

    b Up to 1.5 million people come to the festival.


    c There are talks on alternative medicines at

    Glastonbury Festival. (often)

    d The events at Eisteddfod are in English. (never)

    e The competitors dont wear long colourful robes.



    6 Work in pairs. Describe the festivals on page 9.


    a Glastonbury Festival ______ (host) some of the

    best contemporary pop music.

    b Groups ________ (come) from all over the worldto take part in this carnival.

    c The Notting Hill Carnival _________ (take place)

    in June. Its in August.

    d What ________ the druids at Eisteddfod

    _____ (wear)?

    e What kind of competitions ______ (be) there?

    f It ________(be) a huge multicultural arts


    g An association in Wales ______(select) the


    sing take place put wear play go dance

    The Festival of the Tuareg 1______________inGhadames, in the Libyan desert, every October.

    It is a three day long festival full of music, dance and

    traditions. The men 2__________ traditional turbans

    around their heads and faces with only their eyes free.

    The women 3__________ on bright, colourful clothes

    of purple, blue, green or silver. They 4_________

    traditional songs, 5______ and 6________ the imzad, a

    type of violin, or drums. On the last day of the festival

    everyone 7_________to the Great Dune to see a parade

    of decorated white camels.

    Speaking Tip8 Give your partner as much information as you can, eg: type of festival, where it takes place, when, etc.

    7 Read each sentence and insert the adverbs offrequency in the correct place.

    8 Read the article again and write the verbs inbrackets in the correct form of the Present Simple.



    takes place


    See Grammar Reference page 132


    Dont park

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 1


    Pronunciation -// /i/ /a/

    13 a Listen and repeat the examples.

    b Write these words in the correct column in the

    chart above. Then listen and check.

    with - people - might - hill - buy - street - time

    mean - million - think - I - week - typical - my - see


    a ...................................................................................................................

    b ...................................................................................................................

    c ...................................................................................................................

    11 Listen to three teenagers talking about differentcelebrations. Number the photos according to the

    information you hear and write the name of the

    corresponding festival:

    KwanzaaChinese New YearHanukkah

    Kwanzaa T F

    A Kwanzaa is an Afro-American festival.

    B It starts on 25th December.

    C It means first fruits and celebrates harvest.

    D People reflect on the past and future.

    Chinese New Year

    A Chinese New Year is always in January.

    B People paint their doors and windows red for good luck.

    C On New Years Day they set off fireworks and firecrackers.

    D They give their neighbours presents.


    A Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights.

    B It lasts for a week.

    C People light a candle every morning.

    D The Menorah is a special candlestick with nine candles.



    .......... ...........

    .......... ...........




    .......... ...........

    .......... ...........




    .......... ...........

    .......... ...........


    CD 11


    14 Write a note to a friend telling him or her aboutone of the festivals in this unit.

    Say when and where the festival is what people do at the festival

    why you would like to go there.

    CD 12

    CD 13

    12 Listen again and decide if the following statementsare true (T) or false (F).

    Listening Tip8Read the sentences carefully before you listen! First listening: listen for general meaning and decideif the statements are true or false. Second listening: listen for more detailed meaning and check

    your answers.


  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Exam Buster 1

    Paper 3 Speaking: Part 1

    There are four parts to Paper 3 Speaking.

    Part 1 assesses your ability to interact in a simpleconversation. (Time 2-3 minutes.)

    Pointer 1 Know yourself.

    In Part 1 the Examiner asks you questions aboutyour personal life, your school / profession, yourlikes and dislikes, etc. Remember, dont give one

    word answers; try to add some extra information!

    a what / name?

    A: Now, ____________________________

    B: Its Carlotta.

    b and / surname?

    A: _________________________________

    B: Its Lopez

    c where / come from?

    A: _________________________________

    B: Im from Madrid, the capital city of Spain.

    d what / do?A: _________________________________

    B: Im a student. I study music at university.

    e ever / go / to any music festivals?

    A: _________________________________

    B: Yes, I do. I usually to the BenicassimFestival. It takes place in a small town on

    the east coast of Spain in July. Its ...ersimilar to the Glastonbury Festival.

    f what kind / like?A: _________________________________

    B: I love contemporary pop and jazz music.

    1 Complete the conversation between the Examinerand Carlotta. Listen and check your answers.

    3 Answer the following questions.

    4 Complete the alphabet with the missing letters.Listen, check and repeat.

    6 Think of a famous English pop singer. Spell his / hername and ask your partner to write it down.

    ___________________ ____________________

    whats your name?

    a How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

    ________________________________________b How many letters are there in the alphabet of your



    a How do you ________ your name?

    __ __ __ __ __ __

    b ______ do you write your ________ name?

    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    __ B __ D __ F G __ I __ K L M N __ P __ R S T __ V W __ Y __

    2 Underline the extra information in Carlottas

    responses to the Examiners question in Ex. 1.

    Pointer 2 Know the English alphabet.The Examiner asks you how to spell your name or surname.It is important you know how to say the letters of the

    English alphabet.

    CD 15

    5 Listen and fill in the gaps.CD 16

    CD 14

    PET is easy! Staycool and follow the

    exam pointers!

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Exam Buster 1

    Work with your partner and do Part 1 of the Speaking test; one is the Examiner and one is the Candidate.

    Ask questions and give personal answers. Change roles.

    Speaking Part 1

    1 Whats your first name?

    2 How do you spell it?

    3 Whats your family name?

    4 How do you spell it?

    5 Where do you come from?

    6 Where do you live?

    7 Do you work or are you a student?

    8 Where do you go to school?

    9 How do you get to school?

    10 Tell us something about your favourite subject.

    11 What kind of music do you like?

    12 Tell us about your favourite sport.

    13 Have you got any pets?

    14 What do you do in your spare time?

    Good morning / afternoon.

    Thank you.

    Lets have a try!

    Pointer 3 Always listen carefully.It is important to listen carefully to the Examinersquestions. When you dont understand something, ask

    the examiner to repeat it.

    a ____ us about the type of music you listen to.

    b Sorry, I _____ understand. Could ____ repeat

    that, _______?

    c Yes. _____ kind __music do you ______ to?

    7 Fill in the gaps. Listen and check.

    8 In pairs, ask and give personal answers for all thequestions in Ex. 1 and 5.

    D 17

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 1

    Unit 2


    1 Look at the pictures. Do you recognise these comic characters?What do they look like? Which do you like and why?

    2 Now answer these questions. Tell your partner.

    a Do you enjoy reading?b What do you usually read?

    c Are you reading anything at the moment? If so, what?

    Reading Time!


    3 4


  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 2


    4 Now decide if the following statements are True (T)or False (F).

    a a style or category of art, music or literature(paragraph 1)

    b things that dont follow a rule (paragraph 1)

    c an illustrated story (paragraph 1)

    d happening now, at present (paragraph 2)

    e a distinctive characteristic (paragraph 2)

    f a person who establishes something (paragraph 3)

    g tragic (paragraph 3)h every week (paragraph 4)

    i becoming bigger in amount (paragraph 4)

    5 Read the definitions below.Can you find the words in the article?

    a Manga comics are only in black and white.

    b A common feature of manga is simplegraphics.

    c Osamu Tezuka, the founder of manga,was also a doctor.

    d Japanese comics are more popular in theUnited States.

    e It takes a Japanese person about 20minutes to read a 300 page manga.


    3 What do you know about Manga? Read the article and find out.

    What is Manga?Manga is the Japanese word for comics or print

    cartoons, but outside Japan it usually refers to

    comics only. The storylines cover every genre:

    romance, comedy, gothic, horror and historic

    fiction. Most Manga are in black and white,

    although there are exceptions, for example, the

    cover or first few pages might be in colour. The

    word Manga means random pictures. Animatedcartoons such as Full Metal Alchemist, on the

    other hand, are known as anime.

    Its originsManga took its current form shortly after World War

    II when Japanese artists were increasingly exposed to

    western art. However, as far back as the 12th century

    Japanese art often used simple graphics

    and artists are still using this

    technique today. It is a common

    feature of todays Manga.

    Osamu TezukaOsamu Tezuka, who

    originally trained as a

    doctor, is widely

    considered to be the

    founder of modern

    Manga. His most

    famous Manga in

    the West isAstro Boy, which tells the dramatic

    story of a grieving scientist who is trying to

    recreate a copy of his dead son. It was Osamu

    Tezuka who introduced characters with large eyes.

    The facts The Japanese language does not have

    singular or plural nouns so Manga can refer

    to just one comic or to many comics.

    Weekly sales of comics in Japan are

    increasing day by day. They are now greater

    than the complete annual output of the

    American comic industry.

    More and more people are going to Manga

    cafs where you buy a drink and read Manga.

    Japanese readers can read a 300 page Manga

    in about 20 minutes.


    Reading Tip8 Read the sentences and underline any keywords. Find similar words in the text and read theinformation. Then decide if the statements are true or false.


    T F

  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 2

    10 Read what Paul saysabout Celebrity

    Authorsand fill the

    gaps with a word from

    the box in the correct

    form of the Present

    Simple or Present


    A: She has got a yellow face and funny blond hair.

    Shes wearing an orange dress.

    B: I know! Its Lisa Simpson!

    See Grammar Reference page 132

    See Grammar Reference page 132

    Present Continuous

    7 Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form ofthe Present Continuous. Then check your answers

    in the article.

    Present Continuous v Present Simple

    9 Read the article below and write the verbs in bracketsin the correct form of the Present Continuous or

    Present Simple.

    a Astro Boyis the story of a scientist who___________(try) to create a copy of hisdead son.

    b Weekly sales of comics in Japan______________(increase) day by day.

    c More and more people _________(go) toManga cafs to buy a drink and read Manga.

    d The mainstream Manga style _________(influence) many international artists.

    e Artists _________(use) simple graphics eventoday.


    6 Describe one of the comic characters on pages 14and 15. Can your partner guess who it is?


    Celebrity Authors

    Writing childrens books


    more and more fashionable.

    Nowadays everyone

    2___________ (write) books

    for younger readers: from

    actors to directors and artists to

    singers. One famous author 3______(be) Madonna.

    Madonna has published five childrens books already,

    including Mr Peabodys Apples, which 4_______ (retell)

    the story of a Ukrainian folk tale. The only problem is the

    kids she 5_____________ (create) her stories for

    6_________(not know) that the author is famous. So our

    celebrity author 7_________(have to) rely on her writing

    talents to make it in the world of childrens literature. She

    8__________(work) on a new short story at the moment.

    put write know

    have need

    Writing is an art. You must have a decent story and

    1________ how to tell it.

    Madonna 2____________ quite a lot of success

    with her childrens books. I really admire these

    celebrities who 3___________ themselves to the

    test all the time.

    It isnt easy; you 4________ lots of imagination!

    I wonder what she 5___________ now.

    It might be a bestseller!

    Paul, Switzerland

    Speaking Tip8 Try and describe the characters as fully as possible. Say what they look like, what they are wearingand what they are doing.


    is trying

    8 Use the prompts below to make question in the PresentContinuous.

    a what / you / read / at the moment?


    b why / you / not / do / your homework?


    c you / listen / to / me?


    d your brother / watch / cartoons on TV now?


    e your sister / train / to become a journalist?


    f John / not / come / to the cinema tonight?


    g what time / leave / we / on Saturday?


    What are you reading at the moment?

    is becoming



  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Unit 2



    11 What is the connection between the photos?

    1 The Womens Library is a

    A book shop.

    B cultural centre.

    C history museum.

    2 The Library has over

    A 600,000 books. B 60,000 books.

    C 6,000 books.

    3 The Library hosts

    A famous artists.

    B large parties.

    C various exhibitions.

    4 An award-winning journalist is

    A giving a talk there. B attending a talk there.

    C reporting on a talk there.

    5 Lisa approves of the Library because

    A women today are underestimated.

    B its easy for her to get to.

    C she gets on well with the staff.

    6 Joanna thinks the Womens Library

    A is a sign of todays equality.

    B goes against equality.

    C is in a small building.






















    CD 18


    14 Write an e-mail to a friend telling him or herabout the things you read.


    what you read and how often if you are reading anything at the moment and what

    who your favourite character is and why.

    12 Listen to a reporter interviewing two girls aboutThe Womens Library and for each question put

    a tick () in the correct box.

    Listening Tip8Read the options before you listen. First listening: tick the boxes in pencil.

    Second listening: confirm your ideas.


    Pronunciation -/n/ /m/ //

    13 a Listen and repeat the examples.

    b Write these words in the correct column in the

    chart above. Then listen and check.

    centre - documents - hosting - theme - exhibition -visiting - influential - dumb - anything - Britain -

    enjoying - most - giving - journalist - come

    CD 19

    CD 110



  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Exam Buster 2

    Paper 3 Speaking: Part 3

    In Part 3 the Examiner shows you a photograph, tellsyou what the people are doing and asks you to describe

    it. This part assesses your range of vocabulary and yourability to organise language. (Time 2-3 minutes.)

    Pointer 1 Expand your vocabulary.A good way to expand your vocabulary is to make mindmaps or spidergrammes.

    1 Complete the spidergrammes.

    2 Compare your spidergramme with your partners.

    3 Look at the photograph and write as many words asyou can to describe it.

    Pointer 2 Describe what you dont know.When you dont know how to say a word in English, try to

    describe what it means.

    4 Write the English word / expression for:

    a my mothers mother__________________________________________

    b not in colour__________________________________________

    c a person who writes for a newspaper__________________________________________

    d posters that advertise a product


    a place: ______________________________________

    b time of day / season: __________________________

    c weather: ___________________________________

    d people: ____________________________________

    e clothes / shoes / accessories: ____________________


    f activity: ____________________________________


    at a train station / on the platform

    A picture is worth

    a 1000 words !!!






    at home




  • 8/21/2019 PET Buster


    Exam Buster 2

    Work in pairs. Go to page 142.

    Student A describe photo 1A for about one minute. Student B describe photo 1B.

    Lets have a try!

    5 Describe in a few words the following objects / people:

    a paperback book ___________________________________________________________________

    b author ___________________________________


    c folktale __________________________________


    d library __________________________________________________________________________

    Pointer 3 Know how to say where things are.It is important to identify where things are when you are

    describing your photo.

    6 Look at the photo in Ex. 3 and match the people /objects to where they are in the photo.

    a a train

    b a young womanreading

    c train tracks

    1 in the foreground

    2 in the right hand corner

    3 in the background

    Pointer 4 Include facts and opinions.Dont only talk about what you see. Include your personalopinions and ideas, and use: perhaps, probably, may, might,

    could, etc.

    Pointer 5 Get organised.Good communication is always clear and logical.Before you describe your photograph, take a few

    seconds to organise your ideas and information.

    7 Look at the photo in Ex. 3. Discuss in class youropinions and ideas about why the young woman is at

    the train station.

    8 The description below of the photo in Ex. 3 is not

    organised very well. Put the sentences in logicalorder. Then listen to Carlotta and check.

    a Sorry, but I dont know the word in English for a

    book with erwith a soft cover.

    b And its definitely not winter because shes wearing

    a sleeveless top, a black skirt and low heeled

    sandals without stockings. The weather looks quite

    warm and sunny so perhaps its spring or even


    c The young woman is at a train station because on

    the right side of the photo I can see train tracks

    and in the background there is a train. There arent

    any other people in the photo so its definitely not

    rush hour. It could be midday or early afternoon.

    d In this picture I can see a young woman in her

    twenties and she is reading a book er not a

    book with a hard cover but.

    e I dont think she looks very angry that her train is

    late. In fact, she seems very interested in what she

    is reading.

    f I think the young woman is probably going on

    holiday as she has a suitcase. And maybe she

    is sitting on it and reading because the train

    is late. 5

    CD 111

    Speaking Part 3

    I think shes at the train station

    because shes going on holiday.

    Yes, and her

    train might be

    late, so thats

    why shesreading.