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Website Analysis Cruz, De Leon, Reyno, Tan, Vitales

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Comparative analysis of Petron's website VS local and global brands.


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Website AnalysisCruz, De Leon, Reyno, Tan, Vitales

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Petron The Philippines’ Leading Oil Company

PETRON CORPORATION is the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines. Supplying nearly 40% of the country’s oil requirements, our world-class products and quality services fuel the lives of millions of Filipinos. We are dedicated and passionate about our vision to be the leading provider of total customer solutions in the energy sector and its derivative businesses.

Source: About us Page

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User Interface (UI)

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User Interface (UI)Brand General


Petron 2 Column Layout, 8 navigation tabs, large header, text looks cramped

Slogan (positioning) is clear in the homepage (We Fuel Success), Core business is identified in the homepage (Fuel Journeys, Fuel Service, Fuel Business), PCOR real-time stocks integration

Text looks cramped while there is a lot of white space, contact us and sitemap location is a bit off, Site is not Web 2.0 Compliant


2 column layout, 7 navigation tabs, large header, there’s a balance between text and graphics/pictures

Market Positioning is very evident in the homepage. It sells itself by putting first environmental and global issues. Its products and services are found towards the last tab. Tabs are very organized according to topics.


Caltex Global

Interactive banner, clean interface

Very clean. Branding is evident and slogan is present: Enjoy the Journey

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User Interface (UI)Brand General


Caltex Ph

It follows the Caltex Global feel and layout

Since it follows the global site, it has the same look and feel but they added a few local touch by adding Philippine related promos and information.

SeaOil 3 column layout, 6 navigation tabs, Header has changing images

Home page has station locator, News feeds seem updated, all information regarding Seaoil can be readily accessed

Doesn’t have a link to sitemap, transition of images is too fast, No slogan typed on the homepage

Flying V Judging it on the appearance, it is safe to assume that the website is not developed by a professional web designer

Having the impression that they did not clearly invest in their webpage, they still have their site map.

Site map has no permanent location, the image used in the background doesn’t fit the screen properly hence some text could not be read.

Page 13: Petron Site Analysis

Quick SummaryCompany Layout   Overall feel Speed

   Web 2.0


Petron2 columns, header, footer, 8 navigation links No

Navigation is easy using the navigation bar. Content and layout looks cramped in homepage. There's a lot of unused white space on the right side of the site. Site mostly targets investors and dealers. Some pages are incomplete or no content. 4 seconds

Chevron2 columns, header, footer, 7 main navigation links Yes

Navigation is easy. Very user-friendly. Although it seems that pages are cramped, there is actually a balance between text and graphics/pictures. Pages are relevant. 1 second

Caltex Global3 columns, header, footer, 3 clustered navigation links Yes clean, interactive, very fast load time 6 seconds

Caltex Philippines3 columns, header, footer, 5 clustered navigation links Yes

clean, interactive, very fast load time, images looks cramped in the three column layout 13 seconds

SeaOil3 columns, header, 6 navigation links No

Branding is present, interactive header, 3 column body is a bit small/cramped 16.72 Seconds

Flying V1 column, header, footer and 9 navigation links No

The website's feature is not user friendly because, the text are small and sometimes blends with the background color. The site is not well maintained since some page has different page format as compared to the original. 5 seconds

Page 14: Petron Site Analysis

URL Analysis  URL Branded (Y/N)

URL Canonicalization

Petron Yes No

Chevron Yes Yes

Caltex Global Yes Yes

Caltex Philippines Yes Yes

SeaOil Yes Yes

Fyling V Yes Yes

Page 15: Petron Site Analysis

Sitemap AnalysisBRAND PAGE


Petron Upper Right Corner

When click it is opened in a new window, therefore current window is not lost; segregated according to all the main links in the homepage

Layout is just one column so user must scroll down to see everything

Chevron Footer Two columns to compensate for the length due to the number of links in the page; “Add This” functionality present to easily share the page as well as email and print

Since the site has many contents, site map is too long; arrangement of texts seem not aligned on first glance because of drill downs

Caltex Global

Footer It has a social bookmarking feature for easy sharing and an integrated toolbox for easy navigation.


Caltex PH

Footer Aside from the social bookmarking feature, the toolbox has a link to subscribe to caltex philippines updates.



Flying V Footer Simple; all major links are present

Some links are directing to an under construction page, too many white spaces

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Page 21: Petron Site Analysis
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Page 24: Petron Site Analysis

Content AnalysisCompany Content

  Title Keywords DescriptionRobots.TXT

present?Alt Image Attributes General Observations

Petron Petron Home None None NoNo IMG Alt Tags

Slogan and positioning is clear in the home page "We Fuel Success". 8 subpages that discusses the following: About Petron; What's New' Investor Relations' Newsroom' Dealerships' Health, Safety & Environment; Corporate Social Responsibility; Careers

ChevronChevron Corporation Home - Human Energy

cvx, chevrontexaco, cheveron, chevron, texaco, caltex, chevron gas, chevron texaco, human energy, oil, petroleum, natural gas, energy company, energy, gasoline, petrol, service station, gas station, crude oil, energy companies, oil companies, hydrocarbon

Chevron works to meet the world's growing demand for energy by exploring for oil and natural gas; refining and marketing gasoline; producing chemicals and geothermal power and more. index,follow Yes

Homepage is clear. Slogan " The Power of Human Energy" is catchy. It has 7 subpages that include the following: Home page, Human Energy Stories, Global Issues, Energy Sources, Product & Services, Careers, About Chevron.

Positioning is very clear. It uses its CSR and environmental issues as a strong marketing strategy for their business.

Caltex Global Caltex Website - HomeCaltex, Corp, Home

Caltex Corp - Home No Yes

Clean and very simple interface. Acts as a portal to all local sites.

Page 25: Petron Site Analysis

Content AnalysisCaltex Philippines Caltex Philippines - Homepage Caltex, Philippines

Caltex Philippines No Yes

Similar look to global site. Uses images of Filipnos (asian) to look more local.

SeaOilSEAOIL Philippines, Inc. - Homepage None None No Yes

Interactive header shows the products and promos

Fyling VFlying V Gas Stations - petroleum fuel and oil

Flying V gas stations Philippines website high performance fuels oil industry petroleum products and services filling gasoline diesel unleaded premium

Flying V Gas Stations provides clean, economical, competitively priced, and high performance fuels, oil products and services in the Philippines. It has a fleet of several hundred gasoline and filling stations that sell diesel, unleaded and premium petroleum fuel. No

No IMG Alt Tags

The home page of flying V website is a bit plain, using simple text and hard to read color. Background image makes it harder to read

Page 26: Petron Site Analysis

Rankings and Site Features

Company Rankings Site Features

  Alexa Google Page Rank  

Petron 1,213,956 4

Art Petron, Webmail, Press Release; CSR News; Disclosures; Stocks update; Information on services; Dynamic Date

Chevron 33,379 8

CSR, most popular stories including editor's selection, discussion page, includes Chevron Stations, Pay bills through their Chevron or Texaco Credit Card, has links to their other brands: Caltex and Texaco, Chevron Worldwide

Caltex Global 474,900 7

Gateway to all international sites. Site uses interactive format (gif, flash), has a link to “fun stuff” which offers games and sending e-cards.

Caltex Philippines 472,669 6

Includes local news and promos. Site uses inteactive format (gif, flash), has a link to “fun stuff” which offers games and sending e-cards. Hot Tags are available and displays all relevant article/page. Pages include social networking buttons linking to their respective social accounts.

SeaOil 1,976,700 3 Share this, updated news feed, station locator

Fyling V10,294,488

4 Navigation links and company news

Page 27: Petron Site Analysis

Backlinks, Browser Test, Social Media Plugins

Company Backlinks Browser Test Social Media Plugins/Buttons on Site

  Google Yahoo Live IE Firefox Chrome Safari (Y/N) Social Sites

Petron 35 715 299 Passed Passed Passed Passed No -

Chevron 1,430 191,479 15.300 Passed Passed Passed Passed Yes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Caltex Global 1.510 135 11.800 Passed Passed Passed Passed No -

Caltex Philippines 1.510 561 1.180 Passed Passed Passed Passed Yes Facebook, Twitter

SeaOil 144 16 114 Passed Passed Passed Passed Yes Share this

Fyling V 31 0 12 Passed Passed Passed Passed No -

Page 28: Petron Site Analysis



USER INTERFACE Chevron It adheres to web 2.0 standards. Clean interface. Easy navigation. Fast Load time. Content is clear and site is highly optimized in terms of SEO.

SPEED Chevron Most likely they have a high bandwith allocation for their site, Site images are optimized, probably using a remote/localized server to speed loading time

URL Chevron and SeaOil

Because of its simplicity and URL are canonicalized

SITEMAP Caltex Global and PH

Extensive, it shows all links, has social bookmarking functionality, and they integrated a “toolbox” feature that allows people to do more aside from the links

Page 29: Petron Site Analysis



CONTENT Chevron pages have a good balance of text and graphics combined. Very dynamic and interactive with consumers/clients. Contents neatly arranged per topic and clearly defined. Marketing Strategy/positioning very evident (sells itself as a company for human development) not just an energy company

RANKINGS Chevron 33,379 with google page rank of 8

SITE FEATURES Chevron, Caltex Global, Caltex Local

Interactive sites. The sites considered user experience as a component when the sites were created