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This Book is written by Ameer e Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Maulana Ilyas Attar Qadri Razavi Ziaee. This book include the following topics: * Excellence of Salat-Alan-Nabi * Pharaoh’s dream * What was the real name of Pharaoh’s * And many more..


  • 1. Pharaohs DreamAn English translation of Firawn k KhuwbALL RIGHTS RESERVEDCopyright 2014 Maktaba-tul-MadinahNo part of this publication may be reproduced, or transmitted, in any form or byany means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, withoutthe prior written permission of Maktaba-tul-Madinah.Date of publication: Jumdal Al 1435 AH (March, 2014)Publisher: Maktaba-tul-MadinahISBN:Quantity:Du for Reading the BookRead the following Du (supplication) before you study a religious book oran Islamic lesson, you will remember : whatever you study,

2. # %! Translation: Y Allah ! Open the doors of knowledge and wisdom forus, and have mercy on us! O the One who is the most Honourable andGlorious! (Al-Mustaraf, vol. 1, pp. 40)Note: Recite alt-Alan-Nabonce before and after the Du. 3. Firawn k KhuwbPPHHAARRAAOOHHSS DDRREEAAMMThis booklet was written by Shaykh-e-arqat Amr-e-Al-e-Sunnat, the founder of Dawat-e-Islami Allma Mauln AbuBilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi inUrdu. The Translation Majlis has translated this booklet intoEnglish. If you find any mistake in the translation or composing,please inform the Translation Majlis on the following postalor email address with the intention of earning reward [awb].Translation Majlis (Dawat-e-Islami)Aalami Madani Markaz, Faizan-e-Madinah, Mahallah Saudagran,Purani Sabzi Mandi, Bab-ul-Madinah, Karachi, PakistanPhone:+92-21-111-25-26-92 Ext. 1262Email:[email protected] 4. Transliteration Chart A/a / L/l A/a Z/z M/m B/b X/x N/n P/p S/siiV/v, T/t Sh/sh W/w / / / / / / / Y/y J/j / Y/y Ch / A/a / U/u Kh/kh Gh/gh I/i D/d F/f / / Q/q / / K/k R/r G/g / 5. 6. +,+ 01 1 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. +,- - PPHHAARRAAOOHHSS DDRREEAAMMExcellence of alt-Alan-Nab The Prophet of Rama, the Intercessor of Umma,the Owner of Janna $ has said: Hewho recites alt upon me once, Allah sendsten blessings upon him.(Muslim, pp. 216, ad 408)' *( ) /+ ,- .(345 13. Pharaohs Dream1. Pharaohs dreamPharaoh once dreamt that a fire appeared from Bayt-ul-Muqaddas, which surrounded the whole Egypt andburnt all the Copts1 to ashes. But Israelites remainedunharmed by the fire. Pharaoh was deeply upset tohave seen such a bizarre dream. He then asked theastrologers to interpret the dream, to which theypredicted, A boy will be born in Ban Isrl who willcause the fall of your kingdom. Upon listening tothis, he gave the order to kill every newborn Israeliteinfant boy. Thus, following the order of Pharaoh,twelve or seventy thousand (infant) boys were killed.(Tafsr-e-Khzin, vol. 1, pp. 52)21 The native people of Egypt 14. Pharaohs DreamWhat was the real name of Pharaoh?Dear Madan children! In ancient times, the king ofEgypt was called Pharaoh, similarly, the king of Rome,Qayar, the king of Iran, Kisr, the king of Yemen,Tuba, the king of Turkey, Khqn, and the king ofabsha/Africa was called Najjsh. Among allPharaohs of Egypt, the Pharaoh at the time of SayyidunMs Kalmull was the most ill-mannered,stone-hearted, and cruellest. His name was Wald IbnMuab Bin Rayyn and he belonged to the CopticTribe. The name of Pharaoh at the time of SayyidunYsuf was Rayyn Bin Wald who became abeliever.There is a time span of more than 400 years betweenPharaohs at the times of Sayyidun Ysuf andSayyidun Ms Kalmull . 3 15. Sayyiduna Musa %6 7 wasthrown into the Tandur (clay oven) 16. Pharaohs Dream% 6 was thrown into2. Sayyidun Ms 74the clay ovenWhen the time of Sayyidun Ms Kalmulls birth arrived, a midwife appointed by Pharaoh for thewomen of Ban Isrl came to his mother . When Sayyidun Ms was born, the rays ofNr (light) were radiating from between his eyes. Asthe midwife saw the rays, she started trembling fromhead to toe and she felt great affection for SayyidunMs Kalmull . The midwife said to hismother , I purposely came here to kill thenewborn if it is a baby boy, but now I feel deepaffection for your child. Hide your child from thespies of Pharaoh. Having said this much, she left.When the Pharaohs spies saw the midwife comingfrom the house of Sayyidun Ms , theyreached the door. Maryam, the sister of Sayyidun 17. Pharaohs DreamMs Kalmull , informed her mother ofthe spies. Sayyidun Mss mother couldnot understand the situation in a hurry. Nervously,she wrapped the child in a cloth and put him into aburning clay oven. The Pharaohs spies entered thehouse. They searched high and low but could not findany child. They did not even turn their attention tothe clay oven and went away. The mother took a sigh of relief, mean while she heard the soundof soft crying coming from the clay oven. Uponseeing, she found that Allah had made the firepleasantly cool and peaceful for the little child (i.e.Sayyidun Ms ). She then took him out ofthe clay oven, safe and sound.(Tafsr Baghaw, vol. 3, pp. 373)5 18. The carpenter became dumb 19. Pharaohs Dream3. The carpenter became dumbSayyidun Mss mother went to acarpenter to buy a wooden box. He asked: What willyou do with the wooden box. She told him the truththat she wanted to place her child in the box and putit into the river to possibly save him from the Pharaohsmen. Although the carpenter sold a wooden box toher, he later changed his mind with an evil intention.In order to inform about the newborn, he went to thePharaohs merciless executers who were appointed tokill the infant boys of Ban Isrl. When he approachedthem, Allah locked his tongue; he used gesturesto make them understand but the kings men beathim (considering him as an insane) and forced himto flee. By the time he returned home, Allah unlocked his tongue. He again went to the Pharaohsmen to inform them, but he was dumb over again!6 20. Pharaohs DreamHe used gestures, but they beat him again (consideringhim as an insane). When he returned home, histongue became unlocked. The third time when hereached the Pharaohs men to inform them, he wasmade dumb and went blind too. Beaten, he wasmade to run away. Due to this, he sincerely repentedand said: O Allah ! If you just restore my visionand unlock my tongue this time, I will not informanyone about that newborn infant boy (i.e. SayyidunMs ). Allah accepted his repentanceand his faculties of sight and speech were restored.(ibid)We would rather not listen, see or speak ill ofanybody!Dear Madan children! The above parable taught usthat a bad intention always brings an unfortunate7 21. Pharaohs Dreamoutcome; we also learnt that Allah is All-Powerfulto save us from enemies. We also came to know thatbad intentions cause troubles and the troubles, ifAllah wants, are removed upon showing sincererepentance for bad intentions. You should thereforebecome good children, make up your mind as weshould rather not listen, see or speak ill of any to bur kis k daykayn sunayn na bolaynAchc bt bolayn jab zabn kolaynIt means that we must avoid seeing the fault of anyMuslim. If known to us, we must not let anybodyknow about it. If someone tells us, we must not listento it as well. We should only mention good of everyMuslim within the stipulations of Shara.+ 01 8' *( ) /+ ,- .(345 22. From the waves of the river tothe lap of the mother 23. Pharaohs Dream4. From the waves of the river to the lap of themotherSayyidun Ms Kalmull was born duringthe time when new born baby boys of the Ban Isrlwere being brutally killed on the Pharaohs order.His mother placed him in a wooden boxand put it into the River Nile due to fear of Pharaoh.(According to a narration, she hid him for fourmonths.) A canal from the River Nile flowed near thePharaohs palace; the box floating down the River Nileentered the canal. Pharaoh and his wife Bb siya 3 (who had her belief in Sayyidun MsKalmull later on) were sitting in the palaceand enjoying themselves with the beautiful sight ofthe canal. When they saw the box floating down,they ordered the servants to bring it to them. Whenthe box was opened, a very beautiful baby boy was9 24. Pharaohs Dreamfound inside. Both Pharaoh and his wife Bb siya 3 had a feeling of love for the infant! Bibsiya 3 said to Pharaoh:5 25. : 26. ;104 27. 28. 29. [email protected] BJKH 30. 31. 32. P ON This child is the comfort of my eyes and yours; do notkill him; perhaps he may benefit us, or we may adopthim as our son - and they were unaware.[Kanz-ul-mn (Translation of Quran)](Part 20, Sra Al-Qaa, verse 9)They adopted the child. Since Sayyidun Ms was just an infant, they looked for a wet nurse forhim but Sayyidun Ms would not nurse any 33. Pharaohs Dreamwoman. On the other hand, the mother of SayyidunMs Kalmull was much worried aboutthe condition and where abouts of her little child. Atlast, she sent Maryam, the sister of Sayyidun Ms to the Pharaohs palace to gather someinformation. When Maryam saw that the little childwas not suckling, she said to Pharaoh: I shall bringa woman, perhaps the baby will start nursing.Thus, Maryam took the mother of Sayyidun MsKalmull to the Pharaohs palace, and themoment she started nursing the baby, he began to suckle. Hence, the mother ofSayyidun Ms was reunited with herseparated son!11(Ajib-ul-Quran, pp. 171) 34. Pharaohs DreamThe parents name of Sayyidun Ms + 01 12%6 7Dear Madan children! The names of SayyidunMss mother and father were Yunz and Imrnrespectively. The above mentioned faith-refreshingparable taught us that Allah does as He wants.Pharaoh had thousands of children killed for fearof a child. Allah put the same child in the careof Pharaoh for upbringing! We also came to knowthat if Allah wants to protect anyone, heremains unharmed even in the strong tides of theriver, as He took Sayyidun Ms fromthe tides of the River Nile and put him into the lapof his mother . T nay kis shn say Ms k bach ay jnTayr qudrat pay