pharaoh’s mummies

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Grades 5-8


  • 1. Pharaohs Mummies

2. Ba and Ka two parts to your soul. 3. Valley of the KingsKV= Kings Valley The number= the order in which the tomb was found 4. Tools of the Trade 5. Canopic J ar s held t he int er nal or gans.J ackal= st omach Baboon= lungs Falcon= int est ines Human= liver 6. Movie Clip Discovery Education Mummy video 7. Ramses 8. S E T I I 9. Ramses II 10. King Tut 11. Bibliography of Books Berger, M., & Berger, G. (2001). Mummies of the Pharaohs. Washington DC: National Geographic Society. Chrisp, P. (2002). Ancient Egypt Revealed. New York: DK Publishing. Macdonald, F. (2000). Mummies and Tombs. New York: Lorenz Books. McCall, H., & Antram, D. (2000). Egyptian Mummies. New York: Franklin Watts. Rubalcaba, J. (2007). Ancient Egypt: Archeology Unlocks the Secrets of the Past. Washington DC: National Geographic Society. These books came from the Buffalo Public Library 2010