photo editing #2 colby jenson the rule of thirds this is the before picture. notice that, when...

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Photo Editing #2 Colby Jenson

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  • Photo Editing #2 Colby Jenson
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  • The Rule of Thirds This is the before picture. Notice that, when gridlines are added, the picture is perfectly centered. Also, if youre paying attention to the mirror, you can see me in it!
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  • After In this slide, it is quite different, as the rule of the thirds has been utilized. If you look at the gridlines, youll notice that there is nothing centered; however, there are quite a few subjects that appear in the corners. First, there is a dog in the upper left hand corner, there is a shirt and a paper towel underneath the bottom gridline and between the two vertical lines, and there is a remote near the top of the right vertical gridline. In this photo, there was care taken in not focusing on any material within the middle of the photograph.
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  • Cropping! This picture obviously needs some fixing in order to work correctly!
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  • After Cropping! By zooming in just a little bit and focusing a little more on the subjects (me and my wife), I have created a more personalized picture for the audience.
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  • Angles In this picture, I wanted to get an up close and personal doggys view of this Angry Birds dog toy! In order to do so, I did exactly as I said: I got on the floor and shot straight at this bird. I also was able to use the rule of the thirds as well in order to make the picture more interesting and less boring.
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  • Foreground In this picture, care was taken to include all of the elements of foreground. There is a rock and there are leaves on the ground. What helps to lead to the subject of the picture (the birdhouse) is the stump that the birdhouse sits on.
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  • My Best! In this picture, the main subject is, obviously, the door to the house. Interestingly, though, to add some interest to the picture, I was able to include the shadow, not only on the stairs, but on the house as well. The stairs leading up to the door, a little off center, using the rule of thirds helped to create an effective picture.