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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
5 W#at is #oto$Image Editing
6  Basics o" Image Editing 9
7  W#at is #oto %ani!ulation or &etouc#ing 10
8 T'!es o" #oto Editing (er)ices 11
9 #oto En#ancement 1!
10 #oto &etouc#ing 16
11 #oto &estoration 19
15 #oto %ani!ulation 27
17  #oto %ontage !1
18 Detailed +om!etition Anal'sis !!
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
20 #oto Editing Business ricing Anal'sis 44
21 romotion (uggestions 4
22 uture ros!ects 50
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
WebGuru India is pleased to bring out this photo editing ebook  , which we believe will prove
extreel! bene"icial "or those who want to collate authentic in"oration on photo editing business# $ainsta%ing e""orts have been ta%en "or a%ing this e&boo% as in"orative and error&
 "ree as possible# 'he credit goes to our tea who has done extensive research# (ope this will
 serve as a great resource "or all the readers#
 – Web Guru India
The flourish of photo editing industry in recent years has turned turtle the common
concept that photo editing is not a lucrative business. It fact, image editing industry has expanded manifolds over the years and thereby offering a unique growth opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to try their luck in this industry. However, none would dare to invest in a business without garnering authentic information about the very nature and the future possibility of a business. A marketing analysis of the photo editing industry is all we need before making a final decision. But we know how hard is it to collate statistic on market analysis and market condition. e are aware of this difficulty
and this is what prompts us to release !Comprehensive Guide on Photo Editing Business", which will offer a unique solution to all your problems.
 !Comprehensive Guide on Photo Editing Business" is specifically written for those entrepreneurs, who want to reap the benefits of this promising photo editing industry. #his e$book is crafted in the hands of the veteran marketing professionals at %uality eb &olutions and they made extensive market research and collated accurate details after following market trends very carefully. Here in this e$book you will get all the information on the specification of service, analysis of market trend and competitor. In fact, you can term this e$book a one$and$all photo$editing manual, where you will get all the resource
that you need to unlock the door to success.
'o fluff, no unnecessary information ( it is absolutely a professional guide on image editing tailored specifically for professional people only. However, people with an inquisitive set of mind can check out this e$book for garnering useful and authentic information on various aspects of image editing industry. #he language of this e$book is absolutely simple and no unnecessary )argon is used. *very single aspect of photo editing service and industry is illustrated with ample example and care has been taken to free it from errors as far as possible. e hope that this e$book will prove extremely effective for you all.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 6/52
WebGuru India is one of those few web design and development companies, which
have managed to deliver quality service to its clients without increasing the cost of production. By harnessing the power of latest technology and its vast experience, WebGuru India has succeeded in curving out a niche for itself even in this competitive market. eb+uru India does not believe in )ust delivering cost effective solutions rather it strongly believes in winning the trust of its clients by exceeding their expectations in every possible ways.
-ver the years, eb+uru has managed to consolidate its position in the field of websitedesign and development by sticking to its core value that includes Honesty, Integrity and %uality. ith an aim to build and retain long$term relation with its clients, WebGuru India strives hard to ensure mutual growth.
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-ur professionals at eb+uru India are all conversant with the latest trend of the web design industry and this is the reason why we have succeeded in shaping the varied requirements of our worldwide clients by fusing creativity and professional approach and by capturing the very essence of the ongoing trend. e also offer 4567 customer support for our esteemed clients.
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ur!ose o" t#is book 
If perfecting picture is the purpose of photo editing, the purpose of this e$book is to
offer a perfect solution to all your business need. As it has already been mentioned that this e$book is targeted for mainly business professionals and entrepreneurs, our marketing professionals at ebguru India toiled hard to enrich this e$book by providing accurate information pertaining to photo editing industry so that it proved extremely helpful those who do not have a slight idea about the very nature of this e$book.
Photo editing industry  is now undergoing a ma)or transition stage. 'o longer photography and photoshop are treated differently and this new trend has opened up a new vista of opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are raring to scale a new height. However, before you start investing in a business, you will definitely have to collate as much information about the nature, possibilities and the recent trend of that industry as possible. 8ailing to do so may frustrate your attempt and your ambition might be nipped in the bud.
/ollating information about the market trend, analy9ing them and then making a final decision is almost impossible for a person, who does not have any professional exposure
in the domain of photo editing. e are aware of this problem and this is the reason whywe come up with a sound solution. :ou will find a complete and comprehensive report on the market trend of photo editing industry, its possibility of growth in near future and its competition in this e$book. 'o need of making a diligent search, )ust go through this e$ book carefully and you will find all the answers of your queries.
e have not included any unnecessary details )ust for sake for increasing the volume of this e$book rather we have aimed at providing accurate information based on our market research which is conducted by some of leading online marketing professional.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
W#at is #oto$Image Editing
Be it an analog photograph or a digital photograph ( image editing can be used for
altering both formats of photographs. By photo retouching process the analog images can be edited. #here is a number of graphic software with which one can edit, alter and manipulate the images. Both raster and vector image editors are used for this purpose.
Image editing has become quite popular with the extensive use of digital cameras. &ometimes the basic features like cropping and rotating the photo are available with the
digital cameras. But photo editing is something more to it. #he photos can be processed in the photo labs and can undergo manipulations with advanced software. &ome of the mostly used photo editing software are Adobe Photoshop, Core Photo-Paint, Paint.!ET, GI"P ( only to mention a few. &ometimes different batch image processing tools are also used to edit the photos.
;hoto editing software can alter the pixels of the raster images to edit them. #hey can work with altering the pixels individually or changing them in groups. In case of the vector images, the image editing software edits the texts and descriptions instead of the pixels.
#here was a time when you used to develop your films and simply pick up the prints. It often happened that you were not satisfied with the quality of the photos. #here were no options to sharpen the photos or change their contrast and brightness. 'either they could be cropped or rotated. But with the advent of the photo editing software you can make the necessary changes and give the photos the desirable effects.
<igital photography profoundly helps the use of photo editing process. #he old and distorted photos can be scanned and they can also be edited. #he faded memories can be enlivened from the old faded photographs with the use of photo editing software.
ith photo editors, the sub)ect of one photo can be placed into another. #he background of the sub)ect can be also edited in an image. An old picture can be modified by removing certain ob)ects from the picture or be given a new appearance by adding some. ith a few click of the mouse, creativity and skill the forgotten days can be relived as the
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
Basics o" Image Editing
Photo editing is a process by which a photograph can be modified and given the desired
effects. Both digital and analog photos can be treated using the photo editing software. #he existing photos can be edited, manipulated and even transformed into a photo that can completely differ from the original photo. Initially the analog photos were edited by using photo retouching tools. =aster graphics editor, vector graphics editor and >< modelers are popularly in use to edit the photos.
#he raster images are stored in the form of pixels. If an image requires some
modifications, then the photo editor will work with the pixels to give the new effect as theinformation about the color and brightness of the photo are stored in these pixels. #hese photo pixels can be edited either in group or individually. ?nlike the raster graphics, the vector graphics are stored as texts or lines of descriptions. /ompared to the raster images, the vector images are easier to modify. 8or photo editing, generally Adobe ;hotoshop, /orel ;hoto$;aint, ;aint.'*#, [email protected]; and other image editing software are used.
ith the photo editing services, you can bring new life to your old and damaged photographs. #he images can be cropped their colors, brightness, contrast can be ad)usted and sharpened with the use of photo editing software. If there are any flaws in
the picture, then they can also be removed and corrected with photo editing.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
W#at is #oto %ani!ulation or &etouc#ing
hoto manipuation  is one of the techniques of photo editing. By this process, a
photograph can be edited and modified with technical means and skills. #his technique is applicable for both digital and analog photos. ;hoto manipulation is not about editing the color balance or ad)usting the brightness and contrast of the image. It is often used to develop an illusion in the photo.
;hoto manipulation techniques are widely used and it is also considered as an art form.
#he use of digital camera has further enhanced its popularity as the digitali9ed images can be directly used for editing on a computer. Incase of the printed photos they can be digitali9ed by scanning them.
Image editing software can be used for photo manipulation or photo retouching. A photo can be warped to make the desired changes in it. #he edited photo may appear completely different from the original photo after retouching.
Before computers and software were in use, photo manipulation practice was carried out with help of simple paint and ink. #he negatives were doubly exposed or pierced to give
the desired photos. It was during CDs that digital retouching was adopted. Initially the image retouching was done with %uantel computers with ;aintbox application and the &ilicon +raphics computers using Barco /reator. #hese initial image editing tools were replaced by much sophisticated and up$to$date software known as Adobe ;hotoshop.
;hotographs that have discolored and faded with time can be reset with photo retouching. #he unwanted elements and spots can be removed from the old or affected photos with the help of photo editing software. ith the help of photo manipulation the color balance and water color effects can be ad)usted and added to a photo. 8ace touch up, body contouring and removing skin blemishes of a sub)ect can be accomplished with
photo retouching.
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
T'!es o" #oto Editing (er)ices
Photo editing is the process of making ma)or or small changes in both traditional analog
images and digital photographs either for rectifying or for enhancing the their visual appearance. -ver the years, this process has transformed and modified a lot and it has now emerged as a form of art. #his is a unique form of art where creativity and professionalism are intertwined together for giving it a finessing touch and for making images more impressive and attractive. However, photo editing can be of different types and each type has its own set of unique features, which differentiate it from its ilk. &ome of the ma)or types of photo editing are specified below
Photo Enhancement
It is the process of improving and enhancing the damaged areas of a photograph without having any concrete information about the actual source of the damage. As you are not certain about the source of the denigration, you will not be able to restore its pristine form. #he only thing you will be able to do is to fill those damage areas by exploiting the power of both image editing software and your creativity.
Photo #estoration
As the name suggests, photo restoration is the process of restoring the originalform, color and the pattern of an image. However, you need to have concrete information about the source of the denigration otherwise you will never be able to bring back its original form. #he primary ob)ective of photo restoration is not to enhance its visual artificially but to revive the pristine form of an image by using various features of photo editing software. In this process technological expertise play a dominating role but it also allows a unique opportunity to hone your creativity as well.
Photo #etouching
It is process where some effects are added to photos for making them more attractive and enticing. Attaining perfection in photography is no longer an issue
because now we can change the visual appearance of an image without wasting long time. :ou need to use some cool tools of some photo editing software and you have almost done it. /reativity, professionalism and technical expertise all play decisive roles in the process of photo retouching.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
Photo Pop Art
;hoto pop art is the process of changing digital and analogue images into a unique form that was invented and flourished in ED. #he basic ob)ective of photo pop art is to segregate an image or photograph from the rest of the other sections for making it prominent and for centrali9e the focus of attention. Here the image is tweaked, twisted and prodded endlessly until the desired effects.
Photo $ector Conversion

Photo Image "as%ing ;hoto image masking is a process of bringing dramatic change in images by keeping intact certain portion and by completely removing or partially removing unwanted elements from images. 'ot loosing any detail is the main ob)ective of photo image masking. hat you have to do is to make it more attractive by adding missing parts or by removing unnecessary parts.
Photo "anipuation
It is a process in which the very appearance of an image is altered for giving it a different look. @anipulated image can be drastically different from the original one and the main purpose of photo manipulation is to create a sense of allusion for giving a pleasant shock to the viewers. ;hoto manipulation is not )ust making slight changes in images it is about bringing radical and drastic changes in images.
Photo Bac%ground #emovas
=emoving background from images is not an easy task by any means. It becomes a necessity when an unwanted element pops up all of a sudden or an unnecessary element bobs up its head in the middle. #he only way you will be able to get rid of this complex issue is by opting for photo background removals service.
Photo "ontage
;hoto montage is a process where a number of images are dovetailed seamlessly
that leads to the creation of a unique image. #his is undoubtedly a typical task and demands a high level of technical expertise. However, creativity also plays a dominating role in this process.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
#oto En#ancement
Photo enhancement is the process of improving the quality of digital images without
having prior information about the exact nature of the degradation or the source of distortion. <igitally stored images are manipulated in this process for enhancing the appearance as far as possible. However, photo enhancement is not )ust making an image darker or lighter or )ust increasing and decreasing the contrast of an image, it is far more complicated. ithout having a flair for perfection and a good command over some photo editing software packages such as ;hotoshop, Image =eady etc, you will never be able to give a new lease of life to a partially distorted and blurred image.
A #are Combination o& Art and 'cience
*nhancing a partially distorted image is all about maintaining a delicate balance between the art and the science of photo editing. #hough it is virtually impossible to enhance the quality of an image without exploiting the features of an image editing software package, art of photo enhancement should be not be discarded all together. Here lies the difference between photo enhancement and photo restoration. In photo enhancement, images are not only restored to their original form but the images are also manipulated for giving them a perfect look.
The Aim o& Photo Enhancement
#he main aim of photo enhancement is to improve the quality of an image for bettering its perception and interpretability so that human beings can appreciate it. #he focus of attention should not be solely on restoring the original form of an image rather we should concentrate on making it unique by harnessing the power of creativity and latest technology.
Before you start enhancing an image, you need to have a fair concept of the future use of that image. A photo can be perfect for using in an exhibition but the same image may
appear outlandish, if it is used in a public place. :ou need to have a creative bend ofmind for differentiating images based on their suitability.
'ome (acts on Photo Enhancement
-ne might wonder why there are so many companies vying with each other in this field.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 14/52
Fust check out search volume with the term !photo enhancement" in this picture
#his picture simply illustrate the fact that a large number of people search with this term for getting reliable service to enhance the quality of their images. #he next image depicts the fact that the people of Asia tend to search with this term to get reliable service.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
'ome Crucia Areas o& Photo Enhancement
#he ultimately aim of photo enhancement service is to make a photograph its best. All we need is good look but the problem is that different people have different perception about what looks good and what looks bad and therefore you must make sure the fact you have the in thing in your that will help you to make a difference in this field by exploiting your expertise and experience and by blending them into a harmonious whole. #here are a number of options available that you can use for improving the standard of image but )ust having knowledge of their usage would not be sufficient. :ou need to blend your creative inputs for making the most of it.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
#oto &etouc#ing
Photos are seldom perfect. #his is a universal truth not because we do not have that
sophisticated technology that can capture the spirit of a precious moment preciously but because we are very fickle$minded in nature. e like one thing at one time and despise the very same thing at the next moment. #hanks to enormous technological development, now we will be able to fix this issue, which often becomes a big issue. 'o matter how hard you may try, it is virtually impossible to attain perfection while capturing the essence of a moment in a digital or analogue frame. +iving finessing touches to an image has become a must in the photographic industry, as the
requirements of people tend to change in every now and then. But none but a hardcoreprofessional would dare to do this task because a slight mistake can spoil the entire effort.
The Purpose o& Photo #etouching
#he basic purpose of photo retouching is to make it more appealing and more enticing to look at without distorting the original features of the image as far as possible. #hough most of us usually associate the concept of photo retouching with only changing the background, increasing the brightness, contrast etc of an image, it is far more complex and intriguing. It is not )ust weeding out unwanted elements from images mechanically
it is also about making an image suitable for a particular purpose by harnessing thepower of latest technology and by unleashing your creative force.
Basics o& Photo #etouching
Before start learning the ins and outs of photo retouching, you need to have a fair idea of the very basics of photo retouching. =emoving wrinkles, smoothening skin, appropriating skin tone, rectifying some common problems such as rash, acne, scars, spots etc, changing the background etc are some of the common areas that are intrinsically associated with the concept of photo retouching. :ou can find the image editing options in some popular image editing software packages but it is you who have to make the real difference.
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword ;hoto =etouching Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
Photo #etouching To 'tand )ut
*very photo has a story to tell and your )ob as a photo$retouching expert is to spice up that story by blending your creative inputs seamlessly in it. If an image is supposed to be placed on the front page of a maga9ine or newspaper, it has to be different. 'ow making an ordinary image a little bit different is your main task that has to be done precisely and with great care and caution. It should be arresting and the same time it should have the in thing in it to sei9e the attention of the viewers. #he concept of photo retouching gets a whole new dimension, as it is now employed for promotional purpose. Here you have to infuse the concepts of creativity and advertising tactics into a unique whole for oo9ing out the best possible impact at the end.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 19/52
#oto &estoration
Photo restoration is the process of restoring original shape, color and pattern of an
image, which has damaged badly or which has become worn out over the years. #he main ob)ective of photo restoration is not to enhance its quality artificially rather the main ob)ective of ;hoto restoration is to restore the original form, color etc of an image. In photo restoration process technological knowledge plays a vital role as opposed to photo enhancement, where creativity plays the pivotal role. However, photo restoration is not all about playing it safe, it is also about maintaining a perfect balance by adding creative touches when it needs most and shunning it altogether when it does not need at all.
The Basics o& Photo #estoration
=emoving scratches, damages, aging effects etc from images are performed in the photo restoration process for giving an image a new lease of life. However, the images should not be in a position where it might become impossible for the viewers to make an assumption about the original shape or form of those images. *ither ;hotoshop or Image =eady is used in this process for performing this task. However, without having professional exposure in this domain, it is virtually impossible for a person to bring back the pristine form and color combination of an image accurately.
Photo #estoration Process
In fine, photo restoration is the process of pinpointing those damaged areas of an image that can be restored. At the first stage, damaged areas of an image should have to be located. After the completion of this task, you should gear up for restoring those spots or areas by exploiting the power of any photo editing software.
#eincarnating "emories
;hotos are saved for revving up our memories when we are in solitude. e love to keep
alive our memories as long as we can by capturing them in either digital format oranalogue format. However, time takes its toll on them and they become blurred and their pristine color starts waning with the course of time. #he only way you will be able to bring them back in their pristine form is by opting for photo restoration service. #he process should be done meticulously and arduously if you are longing for the best possible results at the end.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 20/52
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto =estoration Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
What is Photo Pop Art*
It is nothing but converting an analogue or digital image into a form or shape that conforms
with the tradition of pop art that was flourished in the middle of ED against the prevailing ideas of abstract expressionism. Here an image or photo is alienated from other ob)ects and
from the context itself for drawing the attention of the viewers. #hough this form of art has changed a bit in the past few decades, people still loves it dearly. #herefore, it is no wonder
why people still have a craving for transforming their photos into a unique form of pop art image. As a pop art image looks ama9ingly different from the original one and as it is astutely upholding and blending the charm and the charisma of the pop art of EDs, people still loves it dearly.
Technoogica +eveopment and The Tradition o& Pop Art
#hings have changed drastically from the past. 'o longer, you need to hire a professional artist for the entire day for having a pop art image. 'ow you can don that smartly by trying out some cool features of some image editing software for example ;hoto&hop, Image =eady etc. #hese image editors have facilitated this task by blending the power of art and
technology. In fact, pop art is offering us a unique opportunity for to showcase our creativity by exploiting the advantages of this unique platform.
,se o& Photo Pop Art
;hoto pop art is now being used extensively in different areas. It has succeeded in revolutioni9ing the concept of advertising. A number of companies are flaunting pop art image in their product labeling. &ome even have gone extra miles by using pop art culture in their companies0 logos. #his shows the enduring appeal and popularity of photo pop art. 'owadays, a large section of people are using photo pop art to decorate their home, which definitely adds to its appeal. #his has become so common that people, who do not have any faint idea of photo pop art, appreciate its visual appeal unabashly. #hose who are getting bored of seeing their same portrait photo over and over again, photo pop art can offer them a welcome deviation from the set norms. Fust convert your portrait photo into a pop art portrait artwork and see the difference.
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto ;op Art Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
#oto *ector +on)ersion
It is customary to categori9e computer graphics into two parts $ vector graphic and
raster graphics. :ou can scale up or down a vector image without compromising with its quality as lines and curves are mathematically defined in vector images. But the same thing can0t be said of restore images, as restore images are made up of pixels and therefore, you will not be able to scale them up or down at your will. However, this problem can easily be fixed by converting a raster image into a vector image. However, photo vector conversion should be done with meticulous attention for keeping intact the effects and for improving the picture quality of the existing images.
A Coor&u Presentation
If you want to capture the hottest trend of the image editing industry, you should try your best to mix photo and vector into a unique whole for giving it a cool and modern look. In a bid to catch up with this changing trend, an increasing number of photo editing experts are making a beeline for garnering authentic information pertaining to this issue. ;hoto vector conversion can be a fulfilled activity if you can manage to blend these two contradictory concepts seamlessly. #hough photo vector conversion demands a high level of accuracy and professional exposure otherwise you will never able to explore the power of this colorful art.
Advantages o& Photo $ector Conversion
By converting an image into vector image, you will be able to increase or decrease the si9e of an image without compromising with its quality. =esolution of an image can also be changed without loosing any details. Besides that, photo vector conversion will allow you to change the color of a photo with ease.
,se o& Photo $ector Conversion
#he concept of photo vector conversion is now being widely used in different medium for promoting cheerfulness look that helps a lot to sei9e the attention of the viewers at the
very first glance. /< artworks and club flyers are the latest to )oin in this bandwagon asphoto vector conversion has successfully added a new dimension by investing them with a brand new look. If this is not enough, photo vector conversion is now foraying into other fields as well, as it popularity is continuously on rise.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 24/52
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto 3ector /onversion Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
#oto Image %asking
Photo masking or image masking is a process that allows a person to keep intact certain
parts of an image while making radical changes in the other parts of the image for producing a unique effect. ;hoto masking is used widely for removing background from an image without loosing a single detail. #herefore, photo image masking is offering twin benefits greater image clarity and magnificent effect. @asking is mainly done for transforming an ordinary photo or image into a unique piece of artistry by adding some cool effects and weeding out unwanted parts.
The Advantages o& Image "as%ing
#he main advantage of photo image masking is that it helps image$editing expert to make changes in images without affecting the quality of an image. If an image comprises
intrinsic details, you might find yourself in a struggling situation while introducing a slight change in it. #he only way you will be able to fix this issue is by opting for image mask.
&ome /ommon ;hoto Image @asking #echniques
/omplex 2ayer @asking #his image masking technique is applied for removing background from fine ob)ects of an image. #his technique is widely used for masking those ob)ects, which are translucent or semi transparent in nature. Images with smoke, hair, features etc are mostly used in this technique.
;hotoshop #ransparency @asking If you are trying to remove transparent ob)ects from an image, you should try out this image masking technique. &mooth removal
of transparent ob)ects such as glass etc can be achieved in this image masking technique.
Alpha channel masking #his masking technique is often termed as !raster masking". hen you are facing immense amount of difficulty to mask an image by creating a new layer over it. By using this technique, you will be able to smooth the edges of those images, which are semi$transparent or translucent in nature.
/ollege @asking #his masking technique is widely used for removing background from those images, which are mainly used in commerce websites, catalogues, brochures etc.
If you aspire to be an image editing professional, you need to ensure a professional
touch at the end. Fust removing background or transparent ob)ects from the images should not be your soul ob)ective rather you should concentrate on giving it an artistic finessing touch that will differentiate an original image from the masked one.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 26/52
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto Image @asking Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 27/52
#oto %ani!ulation
Photo manipulation is the process of changing the very appearance of an image for duping the viewers into believing something that does not exists in reality at all. It is above and all a photographic technique that is being used for producing a sense of allusion and for giving a pleasant shock to the views by tweaking and prodding some images until they produce the desired effect at the end. It is not )ust making a little bit changes in an image or making corrections in a photo for brining back its pristine form, it is far more complex. It demands creative inputs but without having technical skills, you will never be able to make any powerful impact.
)bective o& Photo "anipuation
#he concept of photo manipulation is smeared with controversies. &ome argue that this technique is marring the purity of images by altering original form of images blatantly and this concern is somewhat )ustified. However, it can be said that manipulation of an image is acceptable as far as it does not cross the moral and ethical boundaries. However, if your soul aim is to play with this art or if your aim is to impress the viewers by showing a presentation of your skill and creativity through this visual medium, there should be no cause of concerned.
istory o& Photo "anipuation
;hoto manipulation is not the brainchild of digital imagery. Before the computers came
into being, this technique was widely used for producing desired effects by using some simple tools such as piercing photos, double$exposure, paint, ink etc. However, it used to take awfully long time and often the result was not absolutely perfect and impressive. ith the advent of technology, the concept of photo manipulation has changed dramatically. 'o longer you will have to work for days for bringing radical change in the visual appearance of an image, you can now do that smartly by trying out some cool tools of an image editing software for example ;hotoshop or Image =eady.
As a (orm o& Art
;reviously photo manipulation was not considered as a form of art but the concept has
changed a lot in the past few years. #oday, it is deemed as a unique form of art where both creativity and technological skill play dominating roles. #he final result of image manipulation can be drastically different from the original one but you should make sure one thing that the final result will be powerful enough to sei9e the attention of the viewer.
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8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 28/52
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto @anipulation Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
#oto Background &emo)al
Those, who are in the pursuit of perfect picture, know very well how hard it is to capture
a rare moment. 'o matter how hard you may try, something always goes wrong. *ither, a stranger emerges all of a sudden or an unwanted wire or ob)ect comes in between. If you are tired of all these nagging trivialities, you should opt for photo background removal, as it is highly effective in eliminating disturbing elements from images. ;hotoshop, Image =eady etc are some of the common image editing software packages that are widely used for this purpose.
The Purpose Photo Bac%ground #emova
#he main purpose of photo background removal is to bring perfection in an image by
removing unwanted elements from an image or by removing the background of an imagecompletely. Another ob)ective of background removal is to change the focus of the image to get desired result. Backgrounds are moved from images for using them from for promotional purpose. Apart from that, new background is added in lieu of the existing one for improving the visual appearance of that image and for endowing it with a professional look.
Conugation o& E&&iciency and Creativity
;reviously removing background from images were done manually but with the massive development in the field of technology, this can smartly be done by using some simple tools such as background easer tool, magic eraser tool, magic wand tool etc of ;hotoshop Gan image editing software package. hat you need to have is a creative bend of mind
and good command over some popular image editing software. However, you have to hone your skill and have to keep yourself updated about the latest development in the field of image editing otherwise you will find yourself lagging behind others. An ideal combination of creativity and efficiency can make all the difference. It can transmute an ordinary image into a unique one by removing unnecessary elements from that image with utmost care.
However, you should make sure that only unnecessary elements are removed and the rest of the areas of the image remain intact.
;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto Background =emoval Along ith &earch
3olume in <ifferent =egions
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 31/52
#oto %ontage
The history of photo montage dates back to the *dwardian and 3ictorian era when the art
came into being. #he art started primarily as a welcome break from the traditional way of presenting image. It is somewhat whacky and different in pattern because the basic aim of photo montage is to dovetail two or more images seamlessly in such a way that creates a
different picture altogether. #hough the art of photo montage was flourished in the Cth century, it still captivates the senses of modern people and appeals to those, who are
engaged in the eternal pursuit of beauty and novelty.
Tradition and Technoogy
#he pattern and the style of the art of ;hoto @ontage have undoubtedly changed a lot. #he art of photo montage has become much more complex and the scope of exercising originality has definitely broaden in the past few decade because of the massive development in the
field of technology. #echnology has made several inroads into this field and at the same time it has endowed us with an opportunity to bring radical changes in its look and feel without altering its basic pattern.
!ot "ere /u0taposition o& Image
;hoto @ontage is not )ust the mere )uxtaposition of a number of images rather it is a unique mode of visual representation by collating and presenting the essence of diverse types of images into a unique whole. #herefore, the task is far more complex and intriguing than creating a new image because here you will not be able to give full swing to your imagination. hat you have to do is to choose some pictures with meticulous care Gbe careful
because this will be going to shape the future of your endeavor after gauging their creativeappeal astutely.
'ext comes the most vital stage of ;hoto @ontage. Here in this stage, you will have to merge them into a unified whole for producing the desired effect. But remember that the final result has to be aesthetically pleasant and creative to the core. But what if you have to portray a message through this visual medium It obviously takes some time. Be sure to a take step$ by$step approach and for +od0s sake do not be in a hurry because ultimately you will mess up the entire thing.
Creativity Couped With Technoogica Touch
#he most vital ob)ective of ;hoto @ontage is to cross the limit and the boundaries of cut$up
images by creating a surreal atmosphere from which the viewers will be able to view and understand what the exact thing you want to convey. Actually technology holds the key but the chest is obviously your creative inputs. :ou can be an expert in ;hotoshop or Image =eady but unless you have that creative bend of mind, you will never be able to succeed in this complex creative endeavor.
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;opularity #rends of #he 1eyword $ ;hoto @ontage Along ith &earch 3olume in <ifferent =egions
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
#oto Editing Business Detailed +om!etition Anal'sis
A detail and comprehensive analysis of market condition and competition is all you need
before you invest in any business. 2ike every business, you need to analysis the records of market competition of photo editing industry in advance in order to dissipate any kind of misunderstanding and to avoid possible loss in future. Being aware of this concern, our online marketing experts have done a detail and in$depth analysis of the ongoing competition in the market. If you are determined to make the most from this business, you need to make sure that you have targeted those keywords, which have good search volume.
/hoosing less competitive keywords can secure top ranking but they will not help your
business in the long run. However those keywords, which have high search volume, are extremely competitive in nature. Fust check out the chart inserted below. It clearly shows that high competitive keywords always have high search volume and this simply means that if you can manage to rank top in those keywords, you are bound to get benefited. 8or example the very term !;hoto *diting" is being competed by over 4E,DD,DDD companies in +oogle and 7>,DDD,DDD companies approximately in :ahoo. #he search volume of this keyword is near a staggering DDDDDD. #herefore, it is clear that if you want to make a difference in this regard, you have to toil hard.
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image editing 47,DDD,DDD E4C,DDD,DDD >J,DD,DDD J7>DDD
photo editing 4E,DD,DDD 7>,DDD,DDD >>,>DD,DDD DDDDDD
picture editing 44,DD,DDD 475,DDD,DDD 7J,DD,DDD >EDDD
digital photo enhancement 4,DDD,DDD E,DD,DDD 4,5ED,DDD DDD
photo enhancement 45,DD,DDD 5>,EDD,DDD J,JD,DDD 5CDD
picture enhancement 4,J7D,DDD 4C,JDD,DDD J,4D,DDD 4DD
photo editing service 47,EDD,DDD 5DC,DDD,DDD 7,CDD,DDD DDD
photo editing services 47,5DD,DDD 447,DDD,DDD 7,CDD,DDD CCD
photo background editing J>,DDD,DDD >4,DDD,DDD >,CD,DDD JDD
advanced photo editing 4C,DD,DDD 4D7,DDD,DDD J,5JD,DDD CCD
easy photo editing 4,EDD,DDD >>,DDD,DDD ,CJD,DDD 45DD
professional photo editing 4,5DD,DDD 4,DDD,DDD 7,>5D,DDD E5DD
image photo editing 45,DD,DDD 477,DDD,DDD 7,JDD,DDD >JDD
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edit digital photos >E,DD,DDD ,DDD,DDD 44,CDD,DDD DDD
photos editing ,E5D,DDD,DD
online photo edit 4J,DDD,DDD 5>,DDD,DDD EJ,EDD,DDD CDD
photoshop editing 5,>DD,DDD 5,DDD,DDD >,7DD,DDD 5DEDD
photoshop photo editing 4>,CDD,DDD 5C,DD,DDD C,4D,DDD DD
digital photo editing 4E,7DD,DDD C4,DDD,DDD 45,DD,DDD 5CDD
digital photo retouching 77J,DDD 7,7D,DDD ,D,DDD >DD
digital photo restoration J,4JD,DDD 4>,>DD,DDD 4,5CD,DDD DDD
photo retouching service 5DJ,DDD J,4JD,DDD ,DED,DDD 74D
photo enhancement services ,4CD,DDD ,5D,DDD 5,>D,DDD 4D
image editing services 47,DD,DDD 4J,DDD,DDD 7,EDD,DDD >4D
image processing services J4,4DD,DDD C5,4DD,DDD 4>,>DD,DDD ED
photo restoration services >,5JD,DDD ,CDD,DDD E,5>D,DDD >DD
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Detailed +om!etitor ,e'word Anal'sis
Analy9ing the strength and the position of your rival is the most vital thing that you
should not ignore at any cost. ithout having any fair idea about the position of your would$be competitors, you will never be able to make any difference in the long run. -ur online marketing experts are aware of this vital issue and this is the reason why we have tried to present a detail and in$depth analysis of various aspects of the leading photo editing service providers. Fust check them out carefully and you will definitely be able to curve out a niche for your organi9ation.
ix (#ar!
2ets start with ;ix &harp. #he chart that is inserted below simply shows that this company has managed to secure 5th  position in a competitive keyword $ photo enhancement and this keyword has a decent search volume as well. Another important fact is that ;ix &harp has not only targeted high competitive keywords but it has also targeted those keywords, which do not have high search volume.
 "#oto en#ance$ent 1400 24%700%000 4
 "icture restoration 5400 11%600%000 10
di&ital "#oto en#ance$ent 1000 190%000%000 21
 "#oto en#ance$ent services 210 1%20%000 1
 "#oto en#ance$ent servics 0 !%60%000%000 42
 "icture en#ance$ent service 0 1%110%000 6
 "icture en#ance$ent 2900 2%670%000 1
 "#oto editin& services 0 27%400%000
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0ilac Digital
2ilac <igital is another eminent name in the field of photo editing. Fust check out what type of keywords, it has targeted. #he chart clearly dictates the fact that it has opted for
both high competitive and low competitive keywords. It has managed to grab Ct# and t# positions respectively in the keywords photo retouching and photo restoration, which are fairly good, in +oogle and they have both 5DEDD average search volume.
 "#oto restoration 40500 !%00%000 9
 "#oto retouc#in& restoration 1!00 129%000 1
 "#oto restoration service 720 !%720%000 4
retouc#in& service di&ital 0 167%000 1
di&ital "#oto retouc#in& 1!00 766%000 2
i$a&e retouc#in& services 91 494%000 !
 "#oto retouc#in& service 720 406%000 4
retouc# "#otos 2900 1%670%000 9
 "#oto retouc# service 170 640%000 1
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Amer #otorestoration
Amer ;hotorestoration is making a splash in the image editing industry by topping the list in +oogle in the term !photo restoration". #his keyword is fairly competitive and the average search volume of this keyword is approximately 5DEDD. #his website has topped the chart in +oogle search when you search with some locali9ed keywords such as photograph restoration service 2os Angeles, photograph restoration 2os Angeles etc.
 "#oto restoration 40500 !%00%000 1
'i(in& old "#otos 260 !%00%000
 "#oto&ra"# restoration los an&eles 0 5%990%000 1
 "#oto&ra"# restoration service los an&eles 0 665%000 1
 "#oto restoration services 1!00 !%40%000 1
 "#oto restoration service 720 !%770%000 1
 "icture restoration 5400 11%700%000 1
1utsourcing (er)ices India
-utsourcing &ervices India is one of those few companies, which have targeted those keywords whose average search volumes are all less than DDD. It has secured Eth rank in the keyword ( !image process services" whose average search volume is ED and which is competed by nearly 7>,JDD,DDD service providers.
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 "#oto en#ance$ent services 210 1%20%000
i$a&e editin& services !20 26%900%000 10
i$a&e "rocessin& services 590 61%900%000 5
 "o" art services 0 7!%600%000 !
Iipvapi is an eminent photo editing service provider, which has managed to grab top ranking only in those keywords, which do not have high search volume but which are
highly competitive in nature. It has grabbed 4nd  position in the keyword !photo retouching India" which is being competed by more than D,7DD and whose average search volume is 7D.
 "#oto retouc#in& 40500 1%620%000 59
 "#oto restoration 40500 !%00%000 5!
old da$a&ed "#oto 40 74%500%000 1
cli""in& "at# service 720 29!%000 25
cli""in& "at# 1400 679%000 19
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 "#oto en#ance$ent 1400 24%700%000 14
 "#oto retouc#in& "ort'olio 110 190%000 5
+li!!ing Images
Cli""in& )$a&es is an i$a&e editin& co$"any% w#ic# #as $ainly tar&eted *eywords t#at are associated wit# t#e ter$ cli""in& and #as succeeded in securin& to" ran*in& in +ot# #i&# co$"etitive and avera&e
co$"etitive *eywords. ,or e(a$"le% in t#e *eyword i$a&e cli""in&% it #as $ana&ed to &ra+ 7t#
 "osition in oo&le% w#ic# is all very &ood. /""ro(i$ately 59%000 we+sites are vyin& wit# eac# ot#er in t#is *eyword.
cli""in& "at# service 720 29!%000 !
cli""in& "at# services 590 !67%000 6
i$a&e cli""in& "at# 260 !57%000 14
i$a&e cli""in& "at# services 0 11%000 49
#and$ade cli""in& "at#s 0 59%600 7
$as*in& service 40 !%1!0%000 1
i$a&e cli""in& 2400 7%150%000 7
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8ixuppix is making its presence felt in the world of photo editing industry by mainly targeting those keywords, which are being competed by a large number of photo$editing service providers. However, it has not succeeded in securing its position in the first page of +oogle in most of these keywords. &till, it is doing a good business.
 "#oto retouc#in& 40500 1%620%000 !0
 "#oto restoration retouc#in& 1!00 97%200 17
retouc# "#otos scannin& 0 140%000 1
 "#oto retouc#in& service 720 406%000 1
 "#oto retouc# service 170 6!%000 17
 "#oto colorin& sservice 0 5!%000 10
 "#oto colorin& service 0 90%900%000 -
 "#oto'i( service 0 44%000 24
'i( weddin& "#otos 22 4%160%000 1
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%' (eogal
@y &eogal is another renowned photo editing company, which has managed to curve a niche for its business organi9ation in this fiercely competitive market. #hough it has diversified its business, it is mainly getting visitors who are looking for background removal service. #hough its targeted keywords for example background image removal services, photo background removal etc are highly competitive in nature but they do not have huge search volume.
 +ac*&round i$a&e re$oval services !20 !%00%000 1
 "#oto +ac*&round re$oval 260 71%000%000 11
a''orda+le +ac*&round re$oval 0 !07%000
 "#oto +ac*&round re$oval services 0 551%000 1
A2ure3 %ontage
/ure9 onta&e #as ran*ed to" in t#ose *eywords% w#ic# are not #i&#ly co$"etitive. )t #as ran*ed wit#in to" t#irty in oo&le in so$e less co$"etitive *eywords suc# as "#oto $onta&e slides#ow% weddin& "#oto $onta&e ideas etc.
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$onta&e "#oto !6000 11%00%000 10
 "#oto $onta&e !6000 6%420%000 2!
weddin& "#oto $onta&e 2400 170%000 5
 "#oto $onta&e slides#ow !20 211%000 4
weddin& "#oto $onta&e ideas 2 1!9%000 5
weddin& video $onta&e 1900 1!0%000 14
 "#oto video $onta&e 9900 955%000 1!
!-d "#oto $onta&e 0 4%550%000 4
c#ica&o video $onta&e 0 120%000 1
'ow, it can be said that you have formed a fair concept of the market position of some of the leading photo editing service providers. e hope that this will definitely help you to prepare a marketing strategy.
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#oto Editing Business ricing Anal'sis
Pricing is the most important factor in online industry as well as in the photo editing
industry. As people can compare the rates of different service providers without facing any hassle or without wasting any time, your offered price should be attractive and competitive enough to lure the possible clients. :ou can0t fleece a customer nor you can charge a client exorbitantly because this will definitely tarnish your marketing reputation. :ou can either make your pricing flexible or you can make it fix but it all depend on you. However, the first and the foremost thing that you have to do, is to check out the rates of your competitors. +o through the ins and outs of their pricing policies before finali9ing the pricing of your photo editing company.
In order to assist you in this regard, we have reviewed the pricing policies of some
leading photo editing service providers. Fust go through them before making any decisionin haste.
+om!an' Website is a leading photo retouching service provider whose minimum pricing is K5E. Its charge varies with the requirements of the clients. 8or example, if anyone wants
a detailed restoration of his images, he will have to pay more than KD.
(er)ices rice
etailed etouc#in& 75
8i$"le estoration 45-60
eneral estoration 60-0
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook 45/52
+om!an' Website
; is a well$known name in the field of photo restoration. Its starting price is KE but this can change depending on the specific requirements of the clients.
(er)ices rice
+om!an' Website
(er)ices rice
Color P#oto estoration !9
Coloried P#oto !9
B: i&itally !9
8/20/2019 Photo Editing eBook
ii!)a! and cli!!
#he pricing policy of and / is somewhat different from others. #hey charge barely K> and KJ maximum per image for offering basic photo editing or restoration service. However, the rate can increase if a client wants to add some extra effects in his images.
(er)ices rice
/ll :or* 0.90 =o 6.00 "er i$a&e
+om!an' Website
"ixu!! demands different charges depending on the complexity of the pro)ect. Its charge for basic image enhancement or minor correction starts at K. whereas it charges K>. for providing extensive or severe photo restoration services.
(er)ices rice
ediu$ "#oto correction 19.99
(tensive38evere P#oto estoration !9.99
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#he pricing policy of is quite different from others. Instead of charging each image separately, it charges for K4DD editing for ED images at a time.
(er)ices rice
50 Picture -P#oto onta&e 200
'ow, you have definitely form a fair understanding of the pricing policy of different photo editing service providers. &o go ahead with your plan. But be sure to not to offer a price, which will force you to comprise with the quality of your service because this can have serious backlash in future.
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romotion (uggestions
@uch has been discussed and talked about the endless business opportunities of photo editing business. But if you fail to promote your business properly in the online industry, your ambition of becoming a leader in this domain might nip in the bud. In order to avoid this situation, you need to remain aware of some vital promotion tips that are often termed as surviving tips in the photo editing industry.
Create A 'ub +omain
If you have an existing website and are offering services that are related to photo editing, you should create a sub domain dedicated to photo editing service as oppose to
create a separate website. As you have already established yourself in the online industry, there is no point of creating a separate website for this purpose. However, if your existing business has nothing to do with photo editing, you have to create a new domain. But this simply means that you have to start from the scratch. But there is no other option available.
E0poit the Power o& Bog and (orums
Blog can be your thing or not but one thing is sure that blogging is the best way to make people aware of your organi9ation. :ou should update your blogs regularly and with informative content because it will represent the brand image of your organi9ation. <o
not ignore the importance of forums. 8orum is another popular way of promoting the brand image of your organi9ation. ?nder no circumstance, you should not violate the rules and regulation of any forum because this can have serious backlash.
Get 'ociai3ed in 'ocia !etwor%ing 'ites
&ocial networking is the next big thing after search engines. #hey are the best place to promote your website. However, you should not be in a hurry while promoting your organi9ation in various social networking sites because you will eventually mess up the entire thing. A slow and steady approach is all needed in this process for ensuring long$ term success. #ry to build up a community first and then you can try to promote your
organi9ation. But you should violate any terms and conditions at any cost.
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Banner E0change
It is another popular way of polishing the online identity of your organi9ation. However,
you should not ignore the importance of link exchange, instead you should try both of them. Banners are graphically enticing and therefore people tend to click them as opposed to text links.
Create $ideo (or 2our Business
3ideo is a unique visual platform, which is highly interactive in nature. :ou should create a video based on your organi9ation, which helps your visitors to form a fair concept about the very nature of the organi9ation. :ou can submit of your video to different video sharing website which will definitely help you to promote the brand value of your organi9ation and at the same time, it will help you to get inbound links to your website.
#hese are some of the common promotional tips that you should integrate with your marketing strategy if you want to make a difference in the domain of photo editing industry.
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uture ros!ects
Before investing, you need to make a through analysis of the future prospect of that
business. #his is vital issue because no one wants to lose his hard earned money. Before investing in the photo editing industry, you need have a fair idea of the growth and future prospect of photo editing industry because your financial stability is intrinsically associated with it. &o before you make a final decision, check out these facts
It is (ourishing 'ector
#he demand of photo editing or image editing has shoot up drastically in the past few years and thereby making it the best place to earn revenue. #his is the reason why a number of companies are vying with each other to lure possible clients. But still, there is a chance to curve out a niche for new business organi9ation as this industry is expanding rapidly day$by$day. Fust try to deliver the best quality service as per the requirements of the clients and nothing all.
Popuarity o& +igita Picture
<igital pictures have become a rage among young generation. ;eople use to take picture whenever they want and wherever they want. But pictures rarely appear in perfect form and shape. In order to get them in perfect shape and form, they have to be modified in some photo editing software. #his is what increases the demand of the photo editing and
this is the reason why this market has registered a robust growth in the past few years.
'tabe "ar%et
;eople like to preserve their memories in the form of images but images get worn out within one or two years and therefore, they have to be retouched for bringing back their lost glory. 'ow, this is a perpetual process and therefore, you will not have to care for recession or slump in the economy.
It can be said that it is a sun rising industry and therefore, you will find endless
opportunities here to utili9e and exploit.
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+o!'rig#t Alert and Disclaimer
LLComprehensive Guide on Photo Editing BusinessLL ( the ;hoto *diting e$book by
WebGuru-India  is all rights reserved. -ur intellectual property is an asset to our company and we have the sole right to utili9e it for the benefit of an individual or for a social cause. e will take strict measures for any issue of copyright violation, third party infringement, scams or illegal publication6use of any part of the book without our prior permission. 2egal actions will be taken for violating any of the above mentioned cases.
The information provided in this ebook does not necessarily reflect the view or the opinion of
eb+uru India or that of its management. WebGuru India will not be responsible for any errors, omissions contained in this ebook and it reserves the right to change or update this
ebook whenever it wants.
e have analy9ed various facets of some leading photo editing service providing websites based on the data available online for free. 'o private data of any organi9ation has been included in this e$book. e have used mainly Googe Adword, Ae0a  Ghttp66www.alexa.com6 and Googe Trend for this purpose. #he research work was completed on FulyJ, 4DD and therefore information may differ from that of the present.
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