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BEFORE AND AFTER EDITING Technical Skills Gabriella Soon

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  • Technical SkillsGabriella Soon

As you can see from the first photos, thepicture is looking a little bland and lifeless. Iboosted the colour, enhanced it, and adjustedthe exposure and contrast. I then straightenedthe photo a little as it was a little to the side. Ialso gave it a yellow tint as my client says thathe really wants the food to look bright andglowing I cropped the photo to get rid of the spoon inthe background, I also gave it a boost becausethe image of the vegetables at first didnt lookappetizing at all. I then adjusted the exposure,in this case I didnt need to adjust the contrastas the photo was already really bright. I thenenhanced the colours by pressing the enhancebutton at the bottom of the page. From the first photo, the crispy dumplingsdont look crispy, therefore I had to boost theimage using the enhanced button. I tried tomake the product look really appetizing andappealing to the customer. I had to edit this alot as you can see, including adding a tint andadjusting the exposure. I had to crop my photo as I didnt want thesilver plate to be shown. I also had tostraighten the photo as you can see, the originalphoto was tipped at an angle. I didnt do toomuch editing on this one, as I didnt want thechicken to look any browner than it should do.I just enhanced the image, giving my morevibrant and appealing colours. I cropped the photo and I zoomed into thefood. I didnt do much editing on this oneeither, I only enhanced the colours. I think thatthe enhance button is so useful as itautomatically enhances the colours making theimage look better quality and appetizing. Mostof the food from this restaurant is fried,therefore I mostly had to give the photos abrown/yellow tinting. Again, I didnt want the spoon in the photo, soI had to crop the photo to just show thenoodles. The noodles were already yellowtherefore I didnt have to edit or give it a tint. Ionly brightened up the photo using a techniqueI found on a youtube tutorial by increasing theamount of shadowing in the photo.