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  • 1. PHOTO SHOOT 2

2. CAMERA TEST SHOTS 3. PHOTOS THAT WOULDNT WORKFOR AN EDITORIAL SHOOT 4. PHOTOS I COULD USE AND EDIT 5. EVALUATION OF THE PHOTO-SHOOTI felt my photo-shoot went a lot better than last time but still lacks some skills.The images all look the same and are shot in a boring location. This would not catch the readerseye. The model is pulling the same position every time and seems as if she is bored and notmodelling. In order to improve, she could be wearing more interesting clothes, will interestingmake-up, hair and a more impressive back drop. In a sense, the model is selling the magazine sothey have to be interesting and eye catching. The lack of imagination in the photo-shoot alsoshows a lack of theme. The theme of my magazine is Pin-Up girls and she looks nothing like apin-up girl. This would suggest that the photos I have taken were taken in a hurry and notthought through. The images themselves are off high quality and I would use this camera againbut the technical skills (using different shot types and shot angles to get different vibes) did notreflect through my images. I know I can take better shots in different locations and this will helpme to improve my overall grade.