photobook of government resthouse, ipoh perak

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  • School of Architecture, Building and Design

    Methods of Documentation and Measured Drawings Practicum 01

    January - March 2014

    The Government Rest HouseBatu Gajah, Perak

  • THE WALLFLOWERA wallflower blends in with its surrounding, invisible to most. Observing the changes that take place around it but never takes part. Once deciphered,

    however, the wallflower has more than meets the eye.

    The Government Rest House.

  • See what I see. Feel what I feel


  • My view of the Kinta Golf Course assures me of life

  • The serenity of Jalan Changkat complementsthe vast greenery of the golf course

  • My only neighbor ,The Kinta Golf Club

  • My only neighbor ,The Kinta Golf Club

  • The rest of them are merely hollow, lifeless structures

  • The pathway from Jalan Changkatleading up to my entrance

  • Whats on the outside does notdefine whats on the inside.

    But it counts.


  • My front facade facing Jalan Changkat

  • My rear walls that face the carpark

  • One of those friends whom stick with you till the end, that is The Extension

  • To welcome guests with open arms,The Porch

  • Protect me from the elements.Keep me safe from harm.


  • The different layers of the roofensure that I am protected, always

  • Give me strength to stand on my own feet.


  • The timber and concrete columnsgive stability and support

  • The eyes are the windows to the soul.


  • Twelve different windowswith a common function

  • Eighteen different doorseach one framing the spaces

  • To understand me,understand my spaces.


  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • The living room and dining roomexude luxury and regality

  • All these little details form a major part of the space

  • First Floor Plan

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • The guest room was built to fit for royalty

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home,it provides the fuel for life

  • I am not just one part,I am many.


  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • Rising to entirely different spaces,the staircase amplifies this transition

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • The Rumah Ibu once hosted the Sultan of Perak

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • The Sultans Room is the biggest bedroom on the second floor

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • Resembling his fathers bedroom,the Raja Mudas room is almost similar

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • Built on both sides of the house,the verandahs lookout into the garden

  • Take a closer look,what do you see?


  • The air vents allow my spacesto breathe

  • Bring me back to life.THE HOPE

  • Lecturer: Mr Izwan

    Group Members:1. Ahmad Ajmal Syahir 03044592. Brandon Ang Ee Shen 03029553. Cynthia Lee Siaw Wun 0306112 4. David Koo Mei Da 03111815. Gan Chin Bong 03137386. Izzat Amir Nasaruddin 03127777. Khoo Chee Mei 03031258. Koik Pei Yi 03012469. Loh Yee Hern 031467410. Loo Giap Sheng 031039011. Nadia Othman 0303423 12. Oh Keng Yee Alexis 031250113. Sean Hiu Ji Ren 030987414. Soh You Shing 030801015. Surayyn Selvan 030981816.Teo Kean Hui 031016517.Yeoh Pik Qin 0303357

  • Metaphorically, The Government Rest House is much like a wallflower and this photobook documents a day in its life. This photobook is also a journal to document all the measured

    drawing activities that took place in the rest house during our stay in Batu Gajah.