photography classes, workshops, & lectures

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Photography Classes, Workshops, & Lectures. HDPC. Mutual Education and learning in the Science and Art of Photography . Photo Story & Short Films. Digital Film Making Techniques. Tech Meetups. SHARING Work, Stuff, Knowledge, Books. TECHNIQUES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Photography Classes, Workshops, & Lectures

Mutual Education and learning in the Science and Art of Photography.

HDPCPhoto Story & Short Films

Digital Film Making Techniques

Tech Meetups

SHARINGWork, Stuff, Knowledge, Books

TECHNIQUES1 light, 2 lights, Flash, out door, Reflectors, Backgrounds etc.

DIY - Kits Making

EVENT PhotographyWeddings, Parties, etc

Photography OutingsPractice your photography skills at various locations and events in and around the region

Making available necessary equipment to conduct its programs

Photography Shopping